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My Pentagon Challenge.
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  1. My Pentagon Challenge.

    Decided to stop posting updates. It was too much of a drag to keep posting pictures etc, when all I really wanted to do was play the game. Plus, much more experienced and generally better members are doing the challenge, so my thread in comparison, looked, well, awful. Cheers for all the views, I just wont be updating anymore. Peace x

    Attempted this on FM12 but gave up well before winning any of the Champions Leagues. As I much prefer this game, expect me to finish it, regardless of how long it takes. Ill post updates at the end of every season and ill post anything that anyone requests in the comments - such as regens/players and how other clubs are doing etc.Wish me luck

    Africa - Pending
    Asia - Pending
    Europe - Pending
    North America - Pending
    South America - In progress

    Club History
    2012/13 - Plaza Colonia
    2013/14 - Plaza Colonia
    2014/2015 - Plaza Colonia/Velez

    Season 1
    Being unemployed, I applied for every job that became available - Bearing in mind only Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, S.Africa, S.Korea, Australia, Holland and Portugal are playable (I tried not to pick the biggest leagues). Luckily, Plaza Colonia of the Uruguayan Second Division opened up talks and we agreed on a contract, with the expectation that i finish mid table.I did more than that.
    Not just promotion, promotion as Champions. Here's the fixtures...
    A bit of a shaky start but we pulled ourselves together. The only thing I was disappointed in was the lack of cleansheets, despite my defence being the strongest area of my team. However, I made up for the dodgy defence with an amazing attack force. As you can see, I had 2 players in each the goal and assist stats.
    And lastly, here are the transfers. I doubt you will have heard of anyone, they're all average players and cost zilch - I had no budget. But they did the job.
    And thus, that concludes my first season. As I said, Ill post a full, possibly half, season update, which depending on my spare time could range be anywhere between a few days to a week or so. I must say, I LOVE the Uruguayan league. There was no cup games (don't know why), and on top of a midseason break, there was no midweek games. Every player was fresh and injuries were rare. Whether I stay at this club or move to a more prestigious one is yet to be decided. And Ill post anything on request if you drop me a comment. Cheers lads.
    Season 2
    After an unexpected promotion, I was fighting against the big boys of Uruguay. And I was one of only 3 clubs not to play my home games in the city of Montevideo - Uruguay's capital. The board set me the target of consolidation but my own personal target was simply to have a half decent season, but ensure I bring in the necessary players and funds to ensure I challenge for the title the following season. Now, before I post the league tables, this is how the structure of the First Division works...
    After 1994, the competition was divided in two stages, called the Opening Championship (Torneo Apertura) and Closing Championship (Torneo Clausura), with an end-of-season two-legged final match between the winners of these two tournaments.In the 2005/06 season, the winners of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments played a two (or three) legged playoff; the winner of that playoff played against the best team in the aggregate table to decide the 2005/06 season champion.In the 2006/07 season, the competition was reduced to 16 clubs. *credit to wikipedia*
    So anyway, here is the league standings.
    So yeah, an AWFUL start which resulted in me changing my tactics and bringing in some fresh faces. And all that topped off with a relaxing break midseason for my players, we came back stronger than ever - and won the Closing Championshp. That set us up nicely for a game against Cerro, a game I could only hope to win, but, we lost over 2 legs. Still a magnificent season.And here is the fixtures.
    I let a lot of players go during the break between the first and second season, and while bringing in so many new faces can be unwise, here is the squad that started season 2, and the transfers I made throughout.
    And lastly, here are some selected player stats for those interested.
    And season 2 comes to a close. Another overachieving season I have to admit, and now I believe I have qualified for the Copa Libertadores, so we may only be 2 or 3 seasons away from switching continents, here's hoping!
    Season 3
    As you may have saw in the comments. I left the post at Plaza Colina midseason for a venture into Argentina, with the club Velez. Ill post what I had achieved so far in Season 3 with Plaza, albeit there isn't alot. And I shall update at the end of my Velez season, which will be season 4.Here's the league table, followed by the fixtures. In comparison to last season, I was underachieveing. It was the string of poor results that ultimately left me applying for another job.
    Dont really feel it's necessarily to post anything else from that season as it obviously ended prior to what I expected. But yeah, My wage budget at Plaza was like 17k, and at Velez (Who are sitting bottom after 5 games) have a budget of 70k+. So it was a no brainer to why i took the job. Will update again soon. Sory if your a Plaza Colina fan
    Stay tuned
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  2. Brilliant start, love pentagon challenges good luck!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic View Post
    Brilliant start, love pentagon challenges good luck!
    Cheers mate!

  4. ok cool will follow this hope you manage to do it

  5. gd luck i would try it but probs the rubbish leagues would annoy me lol

  6. Updated with Season 2

  7. Just thought I'd bump the thread. Season 3 will be done sometime tomorrow, it doesnt take long to finish a season in Uruguay. Remember, any other pictures you want just ask

  8. keep it going mate doing a cracking job.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by EndaDC View Post
    ok cool will follow this hope you manage to do it
    Quote Originally Posted by White army View Post
    gd luck i would try it but probs the rubbish leagues would annoy me lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Trotty View Post
    keep it going mate doing a cracking job.
    cheers, cheers and cheers!

  10. Figured since the whole thread is about winning the Champions Leagues I would post them as they happen, instead of making you wait for the end of season update.
    So anyway, its my first ever season in it, and its only been 2 years since I was a mediocre Second Division side. So I dont expect to win it or anything, not with the likes of Santos and Lanus etc :p
    Just glad the preliminary draw was kind to me, got some much needed funds.

    Anyway, into the group stages.

    Sao Paulo scares me Not too sure about the others though.
    Ill post my CL conquest as it happens. Cheers.

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