Portsmouth Reborn

  1. Portsmouth Reborn

    I have made several edits to the database, mainly to remove the club from administration (as has almost happened in real life), add the new chairmen and adjust the budgets to make them accurate with the real figures, as well as the wages of several players who were on wages way higher than in real life.

  2. 2012-2013 Summer Transfers

    The Squad

  3. Season 2012-2013 Fixtures


    Top Scorers
    Aaron McLean, 54 apps, 34 goals, 13 assists
    Luke Rodgers, 48 apps, 29 goals, 10 assists

    The board expect a mid table finish for my first Championship season, but only gave me a £80k wage and £63k transfer budget.

  4. Summer 2013-2014 Transfers

  5. Looking at 13-14 signings, you've got a good chance of mid-table plus

  6. In a bit of a crisis. Bottom of the table after 10 games, picked up 2 points. Score 17 goals but conceded 32. I can't seem to get a win for anything

  7. Super Brentford FC getting promoted of course.
    Good story so far will follow this.
    might have to start a save with them aswell.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by harry350 View Post
    2012-2013 Summer Transfers

    The Squad
    Hi, How and when did you get Mclean and Obita in? They wont come to me at start of game, there clubs still want them.
    Also what did you start your past experience to?

  9. How are you doing now, are you off the bottom yet? I'm interested to know what its like getting 13-14 players in at start of season.

  10. 13.3

    I was managing Pompey with default database back in november and in first season i got promoted (2nd), in next i won Championship and in 3rd finished 4th in Premier league. I was out of administration by the end of august and thus able to sign new players. Now i started with 13.3 database and in the first week there was board takeover from Portugal, i was given 1M for transfer but club is still in administration at the beginning of september. When will administration end?

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