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The Start Of Something Great
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  1. The Start Of Something Great

    Chapter 1 – The Beginning
    22nd June 2012:

    “Ok, thanks the boys will be ecstatic!” I said, slamming down the phone. I was the manager of a college football team. Well I am a teaching assistant at the college; but football is a big passion of mine, so I decided to give coaching a little try, with football being in my blood.

    This opportunity arose a couple of seasons ago, and well to be honest the squad was a complete and utter mess! No doubt the quality was there but the lads lacked hunger and desire and were quite lethargic. But now the players are mature athletes who could give any college team a good hiding, whether it was in the cup or the league.

    With most of the lads in their final year of college, I jokingly told them to apply for the football league; with certain teams folding. That phone call was it. It was David Bernstein, from the FA, and he offered the team a place in the Blue Square South. Can you believe it, from college football to actually playing in the BSS! It’s no Premier League buts it’s a big step up for the lads. There was one problem though.

    I looked at the picture on my desk. My smiling wife and children. They needed stability. I went from job to job supporting them but it was never enough. It was heart wrenching, the look on my son’s face when I told him I couldn’t get him a Christmas present this year. I would do anything for them.

    Last week I got offered an amazing teaching job in Newcastle, paid accommodation and a decent pay check. As much as I love coaching, I had to take this job; for the sake of my family. I looked across at the other picture on my desk. My first picture of the team. Armitage pulling funny faces, Morgan standing uncomfortably. I call them by their last names out of a sign of respect. I held the picture in my hands and sighed.

    Off to tell the lads, the good news and the bad news.
    Hope you enjoy the story and leave comments! This will be a proper story with no screenshots. But I was wondering if I should post a screenshot of the team and player reports? Obviously, it won't be part of my actual writing it would just be there to give you a better understanding of the team. But I will develop the characters throughout anyway. Just let me know if you need to see them and I will post them up!
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  2. Good luck with the story, keep it up!
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  3. oh this sounds like it will be cool very different take. hope to read many updates, i for one would like to see some screen shots but if you decide not to will still be reading this. good luck.
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  4. Chapter 2 – Back where it all began
    15th August 2011:

    My first match in charge of the boys. I remember the heavy rain battering my face, the brown muddy pitch and the smell of stale grass. Obviously, this wasn’t Wembley. It was just an old pitch opposite the college.

    “Alright lads this is our first match of the season,” I said, walking back and forth past them; like a general ready to lead them into battle. I look at the boys who were all nervous and shaking in the cold weather. “I want you to give it your all! Remember quick passing and find space.” That’s when I heard a snicker from one of the lads.

    “Something funny Theobald?”

    “No boss,” he replied; but the big grin on his face told me otherwise.

    Alright you’re on the bench!” I hissed showing my dominance. No player is bigger than the club. My first rule of coaching. If Balotelli was here he would be quaking in his boots.

    I saw as the other team lined up, ready for the match. “Alright lads get out there!”

    Line up: Morgan (GK), Colyer (DR), Pook (DC), Fall (DC), Ali (DL), West (MC), Mahmoud (MC), Hooker (AMR), Ford (AMC), Valder (AML), McDougall (ST)

    The match kicked off. I could sense the nerve as the players gave the ball away straight after kick off. Sloppy passes here and there as the opposition began to dominate possession and force an early save from Morgan.

    Twenty minutes had passed and the boys were playing awful; not showcasing their talents. The opposition got a corner.

    One of their wingers drove the ball in with Fall half clearing the ball. It fell to one of their players who drifted the ball back in. “Clear it!” I screamed. But it was too late. The defence failed to clear it on multiple attempts and it fell to their inform striker. 1-0 to them. A disappointing way to concede.

    Suddenly, we had our chance with Valder bursting down the left hand side, jinxing a right back in the process. Only for him to fail to get the ball into the box. He reminded me of Walcott: he’s quick, can beat his men but would sometimes lack the final ball.

    The opposition quickly countered, playing the ball around our half before a thundering strike by their right winger. 2-0 down at half time and the lads were looking miserable.

    “Alright boys what’s happening? You’re better than this. The passing is sloppy, you’re playing lethargically and no one is providing the service for McDougall. I expect much more from you guys. Look at their team.”

    Everyone’s head bobbled around, “Yes their college is much bigger than ours but we’ve got a bond. You guys all know each other. I’ll be realist; you guys are miles ahead of them and I’m not kidding! Go out there and play with no fear.”

    “Come on lads!” Pook, the captain, called out; trying to lift the squads’ spirits. The boys looked pumped and I was expecting them to go into the New Zealand Haka. Theobald and Barakat on for Fall and Valder.

    We started immediately. West picking up a loose ball in midfield before playing a crafty through ball to McDougall who calmly slotted it into the net.

    We began to dominate possession in the middle of the park. The midfield trio of West/ Ford/ Mahmoud reminded me of Xavi/ Iniesta/ Busquets; exchanging passes, winning the ball back and dominating the middle of the pitch. They made the oppositions centre midfielders look awfuland out of place! But these three still had a long way to go to become as good as the Barca trio.

    5 minutes later we equalized. Theobald heading in from a Ford corner. He’s got the right qualities, but can sometimes be arrogant. Being disciplined, by having to sit on the bench through the first half, meant he would all fired up when he came on!

    The momentum continued into the seventieth minute when Ford rocketed a shot into the back of the net, from the edge of the box.

    Finally came the fourth goal, Hooker drove a cross in for McDougall to finish them off with a poachers finish.

    Full time. Even in the rain and having a mighty crowd of 6, the boys look overjoyed and I knew they would only get better.
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  5. Chapter 3 – Back to reality
    23rd June 2012:

    I took the long, dreaded walk towards the dressing room. I loved coaching and this was killing me inside. The thought that this was the last training session and probably the last time I would coach the lads.

    I opened the door, to see all the boys pumped and ready for their training session. I overlooked them all, they weren’t boys anymore they were men.

    “Alright lads sit down, I’ve got some news.” Pook, the team captain, immediately hushed the crowd with his authority. The loud chatter quickly turned into an awkward silence; wondering what the news could be.

    My mind muddled for a second. What should I tell them first? Should I even tell them the bad news? I suddenly blurted out, “The good news is you will be playing in the Blue Square South next season!”

    I watched as the whole room erupted into joy as the lads celebrated this achievement. Even West, who was quite a timid character, burst out with joy! However, these moments were only premature as the lads realised there was bad news.

    I looked around at the room. Everyone was nervous and anxious wondering how bad this news could be. My teeth were almost chattering. I had to tell them the truth, I owed them that much. “I’ve got a teaching job in Newcastle. Looks like you would have to find a new coach.”

    The boys’ mood quickly changed. I knew this hurt them; we’ve been through a lot together. I was expecting angry comments. But none, just silent disappointment. I quickly scurried out of the room. I knew it was the end for my football journey but it was the start of theirs.
    Now I need a new manager for this story. The only one I can think of is Harry Redknapp who sees this as a challenge and wants to take the club up to the Premier League. If anyone has got any better suggestions let me know. They can be made up just provide me with details on who they are. I will reveal the new manager later in the story!
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  6. #6
    can i be the manager ??

    also on a side note, are you gunna be using home grown talent if this story goes on ? i think it would be god
    you would probably struggle though

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Bradlad9 View Post
    can i be the manager ??

    also on a side note, are you gunna be using home grown talent if this story goes on ? i think it would be god
    you would probably struggle though
    Possibly, it depends if anyone gives me a better option or not!

    Most of the players are 18, so have a good 10 - 15 years. But I will try to use home grown talent, but also make signings depending on whether or not I get much finance.

  8. Chapter 4 – The selection process
    25th July 2012:

    Pook, Colyer and Valder were slouching behind a desk, holding x factor style, manager auditions. Pook and Colyer were the captain and vice-captain, so had high credentials in selecting the manager. Valder was the intelligent side and offered insight on the manager selection. All the boys wanted some part in the selection procedure but with their only being 2 candidates, there wasn’t really a need for the extra players.

    “So it looks like it is Mr Jenkins,” Colyer said. Mr Jenkins was the R.E. teacher at the college, which none of the boys’ was particularly fond of.

    “He doesn’t even know how to play football. He thought we used a tennis racket!” Valder blurted out.

    “Ok then that leaves Mahmoud.” Pook quickly declared.

    “But he’s already part of the team. How can he be both manager and player?” Valder replied.

    “This is useless. Looks like we not going to have a manager. No stadium, no owner either. We are going to be a joke!” Colyer said.

    That’s when it happened. The doors sprung open, as a shadow erupted over the whole room. The boys looked up to see this figure standing in the room, their new manager?
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  9. What about Guardiola!?
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic View Post
    What about Guardiola!?
    Thats actually a good idea!

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