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Man City goes English
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  1. Man City goes English

    Man City goes English-200px-manchester_city.svg.png

    Sheik Mansour was unhappy. He'd been the owner of Man City for four years now and last season finally saw his team win the Premier League, but he still didn't get the respect he was due. The fans were happy with their FA Cup win two years ago and the title this season, but everybody else just said they'd bought the title. Rather than respect his creation, they mocked it for being a team of mercenaries, footballers with huge salaries and huger egos. He had learned the hard way that the English just didn't like what they thought was unearned respect.

    Something needed to be done.

    Opposite him his chairman, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, looked worried. He too was annoyed with the fact that the football press still didn't take his club serious. But he was less than happy with the idea his boss had come up with.

    "We're doing well, you know. This season we can go far in Europe, finally get to the Champions League final, maybe even win it. The squad is strong, Mancini is doing well as coach and they're finally into a team, yet you want to throw that all away?"

    "Yes. I know what I want. The only way to get the english to respect us is if we play the game their way. I'm sure. Man City needs to go English."

    "Sell all the foreign players, replace them with English ones, then win the title again? Can't we at least keep Mancini?"

    "No. We get an English manager. Somebody new, somebody unknown, somebody... ours. Somebody like Nathan Adams"

    Cue dramatic music.

    Sky News: Mancini fired from Man City. Who will be the new boss?

    In a surprise move, Man City boss Roberto Mancini has left the club. According to the chairman the City hierarchy thought it was time for a new approach and Mancini no longer fits the profile. With him gone, speculation is rife as to who will replace him. There are several possible candidates, including Real Madrid boss... - the Rumour Mill: Unknown English manager new City gaffer?

    While the smart money has been on Pep Guardiola to succeed Mancini, speculation amongst City watchers has been about the role relatively unknown manager Nathan Adams might play. Adams, who only started his coaching career two years ago, is an ex-England international whose sole appearance was as a substitute against Andorra several years ago. He was previously mentioned as a possible candidate for the role of League 2 Plymouth coach before the club decided to stick with Carl Fletcher...

    Daily Mail: Adams is new Man City boss shocker!

    In an surprise move, Man City have appointed unknown Nathan Adams as boss. He has promised to turn the club upside down. In his press conference he vowed to turn the club English again, with the full support of rich owner sheik Mansour

    Daily Express: What Diana would think of the new Man City

    If our Diana was still alive, would she have been shocked or surprised to see the new Man City? Our psychic reveals all.
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  2. To summarise the challenge:
    • Start with the current (July 2012) Man City squad,
    • Replace every non-English player
    • Get English replacements
    • See how far I get in the league with them.
    When I started, Man City had the following English players in its team:

    1 GK Joe Hart
    2 DF Micah Richards (injured)
    6 DF Joleon Lescott
    7 MF James Milner
    11 MF Scott Sinclair
    17 MF Jack Rodwell
    18 MF Gareth Barry (injured)

    Everybody else needs to be sold and replaced. Who would you get?

  3. Kyle Walker, Ryan Bertrand, Gary Cahill, Phil Jagielka, Jermaine Defoe, Darren Bent, Jack Wilshere, Nat Chalobah(Youth Investment), Ross Turnbull(Cheap backup, Chelsea accept £500k), Adam Johnson(Buy Him Back, hes a decent winger), Aaron Lennon
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  4. Raheem Sterling, Martin Kelly

  5. Jack Butland, Martin Kelly, Caulker, Baines, Wilshere, Sterling, Walcott, Rooney (just to be controversial).

  6. Luke Shaw. Young, promising Southampton left-back, who came on as a sub against West Brom.
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  7. Gibbs. Walcott, Wilshere, Chamberlain.
    Keep up the Man City tradition and buy Arsenal players.

  8. Suso, sterling, Wilshere, Baines

  9. Hmm. Butland, definately. Raid the U21's.

  10. Jagielka, Wilshere, Walker and Cahill are decent prospects but I say that for back-up for Hart you could get Butland, Kean or Steele and get a strikeforce of Agbonlohor and Defoe maybe?

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