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The Belgian next talent. Can feminine intuition work?
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    The Belgian next talent. Can feminine intuition work?

    This is one of two stories I will be running in this version and is a special one in the ways I will be playing it.

    I'm making a woman because I've been curious whether machism exists within the game or not, though my bet is in not, I think it would be good to see it (let's keep it out of reality and confined to fiction!).

    I had a small peek with the beta to see what teams available would hire so I'd start in a low team that was a believable start.

    But now to the point that makes it special: Knowing stats is something that would come with time working with the players, so the only way I'm looking at somebody stats is if they've played with my team enough time to make an estimation myself of what I expect them to be or in case of players to buy, if I go to watch enough games to do that... but then when the player has been signed.

    Signings, selection and all that will be, in the meantime, done by scout/coach reports.

    I start with having no other responsability than team selection and tactical direction of the team, with the ability to point to the director of football my interests or lack thereof about players. If I get enough success, some responsabilities may be taken into my hands, but it must be earned.

    ************************************************** *****************************************

    Aurora Schmied is a Belgian girl who's just got her manager certificate and is looking for a team.

    She has applied to several teams, defying the looks of disbelief at sending her curriculum to even a Portuguese's second division team.

    Two teams approach her: a professional team from England and one local amateur.

    I don't speak English and I wouldn't be respected in a professional club, while Bleid-Molenbeek is only two divisions below top instead of four or five. English team?. I don't know, once I decided I threw the English letter away, it's absolutely meaningless. And I still have my regular job

    The team she finds is, according to the backroom staff, one of good quality for the division, having as weakness the leftback with just one player, which is quickly addressed by asking to hire their first choice of the shortlist they've presented her (Luyten) and weakness of central midfield. A loan report was asked for, without positive results, though there is one player that's being dealt with.

    At first a 4-2-4 (defensive midfielders and wingers) balanced and standard, using counter attack is tried with fairly decent results, though in the end it is decided to use the coach reports as a guide and begin by tailoring the tactic to the players. These guys will NOT trust a new manager who's both a novice and a woman, first get results in a way they'll like and then they'll be more willing to follow

    With that thought, two alternatives are added: a lopsided 4-2-3-1, DMs, MC, MR, AML, ST in which depending on selected player can switch AML to ML and MR to AMR that is of attacking mentality and fluid, with aggresive closing down and man marking system. The second alternative comes from pulling the wingers up to the striker position to build a front three, set to counter attacking, rigidm standing back, zonal marking with fast tempo and little time wasting in which all but the front three are meant to defend, with a little leeway for the midfielder and less to the leftback.

    The preseason, that is made of six matches against bigger opposition, sees the three systems utilized, the 4-2-4 giving one result of each kind, being the win against our youth side. The 4-2-3-1 provides us two comfortable wins. The 4-3-3 is played against giants Standard of Liege. It produced a heavy 0-4 loss, but the performance pleased me; we dominated the first 20 minutes, during which they had no shots at goal, they needed 43 mins to score their first goal, we were balanced and back to a little superiority in play for the last ten minutes and we got two shots narrowly wide and forced their goalkeeper to four big saves, having ours making two. That was more than I could expect before the match. Still some left the stadium with shouts of "we had to be managed by a girl, this is pathetic". Pfffft, idiots, I'd like them getting that performance against a Champions League side with an amateur team

    Finally I chose captains based on expected playing time I plan on giving and what I was told was their personalities. ((Actually I lost concentration and did it on the two I had chosen at the start when, during set pieces setup, I saw their determination and influence, d'oh!))

    Curiosities: The image is a drawing of "Kara no Kyoukai" character Aozaki Touko (surname name, which is the Japanese ordering). An anime thriller with supernatural elements, not for kids. It's good, though it would improve withOUT a few hollow pseudo-deep phrases.

    The name Aurora Schmied was chosen because of vowel/consonant coincidence and because Schmied is German for smith and Touko is Japanese for Swordsmith.

    In the beta peek I saw I could get job from the Portuguese or the Belgian, decided lower would be better and so made a Belgian. Don't find too believable for first job being chosen in a foreign country or for a second tier team.

    Photobucket is away not working the best way, not autocopying, I may well look for anothe rimage host.
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  2. Great start very interesting
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    Well, that was disappointing. In the cup we had a big win against a inferior side, which was followed by a defeat against a team from the other group of Third division. There was a clear issue with the way the team played in that 4-3-2-1 formation, and it was that it lacked sharpness in front, creating very little chances. Seeing that second cup game, it was clear not a wise idea to keep it during the season, as Coxyde proved it wouldn't be as effective defensively as it should be from preseason performance and it would have too much problems to produce goals.

    The season began with a more canonic 4-2-3-1. There is no use earning their confidence playing them when they like the most if that will not bring results. Problem is, that didn't bring results, either, as there was not much improvement with creating chances and the defence became more vulnerable, specially to the counter attacks, which was the main source of the goals we received. Therefore a return to the initial 4-2-4 with defensive midfielders and wingers was decided, which provided results in the attacking phase, seeing us score in several games in a row. However, the defensive performance, while the team seemed to have a better shape and less vulnerable to counters, didn't see enough improvement at first, though it gave the team a first league victory that would be the only.

    The reason for such poor performance of the team has been twofold: in one hand the poor performance of key players, the main of which was Triantafilidis consistency on bad performances, who would often be caught in a bad position and forcing to field less than optimal players in the centreback position. There we had to rely on Boubsi to partner Mununga, and it was so bad that of all the players used there, Boubsi, the one with a youth contract was the best performer there. Then Alageyik, who had been our star player of preseason got injured and didn't perform again. Seddoh has been the only player to perform consistently and well from preseason to season, and Cédric Tuta started with the season as soon we made him the center of our attack with the 4-2-4, but two players and one youth can't sustain a team when every other member fails to deliver. Only goalkeeper Hatefi can be added to the trio of players who deserves some respect, as he's consistently contributed with a good amount of important saves and allowed us to get those four points. It didn't help almost everyone had joined the team in summer before my signing.

    The other point that leads to such position is that after that poor start, the teams' morale dropped and we encounter first teams who were overachieving and their morale boost was enough to manage wins (which despite what's been said, were not so easy, those by one goal were not gifted) and then when we met a couple teams that were low, they were bigger teams underachieving and then it was their quality that came over to win the matches for them.

    Whatever the reason, such results are only enough to be bottom of the league and with no notable stats other than team bad form.

    Seeing how the board members treatment is starting to change, I've decided to resign. I don't want to be the one such a low club, amateur club, sacked. Had I stayed... I might have saved the team from relegation, but it's too far from doing anything in that division to progress my career. Leaving is for the best.

    And so, Aurora became unemployed footballistically speaking and returned to her job in the lawyer firm. But it was not to be the end of her career, for she keeps checking on job availability and applying to any that she feels has a shadow of chance to accept. Belgian preferred. Will she get another job? When? Wait for the next update.

    I played most in full match mode, but if one doesn't set it too fast for one's liking, then it takes long to play each match, which coupled with having started another game, played normally, for possibly a second story and my work on the Spanish Complete database means the speed of updates is not too fast. I'm considering adopting the idea of making an update each X games/months. Probably it would be around two months, which means about an update each ten days (this is a rough guess, may be less or more).

    If you click in the image, not the yellow see full 640*480 from forums, you should see the full size in a new tab

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    It was over a month of applying to all lower division jobs that became available, and the stupid press questioning my seriousness. How do they expect to find a new job once they lose theirs? Twiddling thumbs?. I finally found one. Some, like the third division Belgian sides that become available declared to feel flattered, but it was just a lie. Finally Fafe was to take my application seriously and offer it to me. However I got this intuition that another team from a bit higher, Fafe were the bottom of one of Portugal's third level groups, would give me the job. So I rejected and I was to be proven right only two days after, when AC Viseu came calling.

    This is the set of responsabilities for the staff, leaving Schmied to just manage the tactics and team selection:

    And here the situation of the team up to her taking over:

    The view over the squad isn't one to be very happy about the future, though the team position gives some reassurance.

    There is an obvious black hole in the back of the team. There's enough up front to score and make a serious challenge for promotion; but the back line is completely understaffed, with no backup whatsoever and no decent full backs (the decent left is injured for several months); plus the good goalkeeper being injured for ten months more. Luckily the stats achieved by his replacement, which happens to be my chosen on account of his strength point, seem to be more or less on par or even a little better, having as many clean sheets in half the amount of games and no mistakes. A few players from the scout reports have been marked as transfer targets in hope the director of football will do something to get them. Hopes are minimal, though, considering the team budget is already surpassed, which the only wanted player, Joao Ricardo, has been given to the director of football as a player to try to sell for money.

    I may not have been given that task, but I may be forced to try to take things into my own hands to sell some non first choices for some decent full backs and goalkeeper, though first I'll wait to get a good feel of how this squad works

    But whatever happens in the market, there is the squad that is in Schmied's hands and her task is to make them play the best way to get results. There is patching the weaknesses or trying to maximize the strength. Three sets of tactics are ellaborated to be used.

    The first is a 4-2-4, but unlike the one used with Bleid-Molenbeek, this pushes the central midfielders forward to the center, with one defending to provide some kind of cover to the back four and one attacking minded playmaker. One winger to the left and one inside forward in the right, the side of the target man, to provide more effective target area for the winger's crosses and an advanced forward to pick on through balls. The back four are all ordered to concentrate on defence and worry for nothing more, hence a rigid philosophy. The mentality is standard so as to not get overly focused on pumping the ball forward and passing through the flanks. Man marking, more discipline and less roaming.

    The second is a 4-5-1 V shape with a central midfielder on attacking duty and supporting deep playmaker, winger and inside forward. This one sees the fullbacks with the task to bomb forward. This will use the reported inclination toward the attacking duties of our fullbacks and accepting their lack of defensive prowess, trying to place a central shield to the defence and overload the enemy's flanks while trying to keep our centre somewhat safe. Fluid style with the intention of seeing the foward players more implicated in the defensive phase, again standard mentality so as the central midfielders don't forget working on the attack. Passing mixed as to use all the width and the central trio. Zonal marking so the centrl players will not be abandoning their task of shielding the middle chasing players to the flanks.

    The third is more of an experiment for the future, when our decent right winger recovers from injury to try Silvio in a more natural position, see if he can be better used there. A standard 4-2-3-1 that's a kind of a mix between the other two, with short passing as the part that deviates from being an hybrid.

    Two games have been played since then. The first saw the 4-5-1 used as I anticipated a 4-2-3-1 by Benfica CB, though they fielded a 4-5-1 like mine. It ended with a 2-2 draw when the right back came inside away from his mark, letting it free for a late equaliser. The second was expected to be tougher and saw the 4-2-4 in action, I had tipped Anadia as title favourites to put pressure on them. The match went not too far from the previous; both had a high amount of chances, with some great saves from both goalkeepers. They drew to 2-2, but this time not as late and, though we saw a goal disallowed, Ribeiro scored with a very precise shot between the goalie and his post to give us a win that brought us back up to fifth and four points from the fourth.

    The main note would be the positive surprise of Augusto's performances, where he was close to a MoM performance in both games. Some superb saves that reveal a keeper of great reflexes. He also has not dropped any ball, which points to good handling. From the four goals he received, I think only in one could perhaps be asked a little more from him and in none there's been a mistake from him. I am willing to accept not bringing a new goalkeeper if the director doesn't provide it. But definitely I need a new right back, the mistake he had that cost us the first win was unforgivable.
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    The start of the job was looking bright but there's been the same problems as with Bleid in that there's not much creation of chances.

    The 4-2-4 has been providing decent results with a string of unbeaten matches, half of them just draws, that kept the side at six points from the top for a while; but when playing weaker sides, it's not enough to break their defences, cause of several lost chances to approach on to the top. Some alternative has been attempted, but a first draft of 4-2-3-1 didn't solve any problem. It is clear what the team needs is to play a direct game with bodies ahead, so the 4-2-4 seems like the tactic to build from, rather than make any further big change. Probably the better direction to go is to allow one of the fullbacks to make more runs forward and his winger to tuck in to overpopulate the center and have more players near dangerous positions.

    Despite the late poor form and the poor league position, the average ratings of the side are actually good, with more than half being around 7, including Augusto, who is being quite a satisfactory man in goal, making regularly good saves that have been vital to get many of the points. Definitely his reflexes and positioning, as well as jumping, are decent at the least. We do have one man, Pedro Ribeiro, among the players who've been man of the match more times.

    When it comes to the squad, it's not been any help losing our starting right back Filipe for three months in the Sousense game. That is aggravated by the failure in getting any of the fullbacks I asked for. That is, however, no surprise, as the wage budget has been surpassed and the team can hardly offer enough wages. I am satisfied enough that the director of football has managed to sign Bruninho. Sadly, the players I could make without, didn't produce interest or were finishing their contracts and won't be off the budget until next season.

    There's also been an injury problem in the midfield, where Fontes was injured during the Nogueirense match. We surely paid during the Lusitània Açores his injury and Ibraima being out suspended, as that forced to use a completely new midfield partnership.

    He's already been placed on the field and his performance has been decent, including a 1/1 shots on target and one assist. One of the tactics ideas I am considering is a 4-4-2 diamond (narrow) using him in the rightback position and use Serginho, who is able to play as winger, in the left. Focus the play through the middle, creating a clear numerical superiority there with the fullbacks providing width. And to use playmakers in the tips of the diamond to provide two focus between lines to work from.

    Not too happy with how things are going; we definitely could and should be higher up the pitch. I couldn't resent if the board comes asking more than this. If only I could have a more decent right back signed we could be challenging for promition. I'll be content with keeping the goals and get a parent club that allows us to live next season off loans. Then we should have a real chance, as long out key players stay.

  6. Liking this

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    Glad you do!.

    For now updates are slow because part of the usual FM playtime is going to my Spanish Complete database plus I'm making the Crewe story as well, but later it should pick some speed.

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    The first season has come to an end to Schmied's team

    The fist thing that Aurora did after the update was to request the board to look for a parent club. The answer was positive, however, when the board met to decide upon one they rejected it. That was very annoying, the way the team economy is, loans that don't require payment is the only chance to provide for a future with a decent chance of success, this is something to present an ultimatum over or even resign.

    That added to a poor run of form, in which the 4-2-4 showed again the lack of ability to create chances, to move Ms Schmied to see the vacancy at AlbinoLeffe as a great chance to take an step forward, as was the vacancy at Tenerife a little later. AlbinoLeffe was in Serie C1/A, first of the relegation play off places, but that was considered a very good status to jump in, as the team was no more than six points off promotion play off spots and was penalised by a 10 points deduction. Tenerife, on the other hand, had been vacated when on top of Segunda B4 through manager taking another job. Her enemies celebrated, but though Tenerife declared they'd consider her, the job went to other, as did AlbinoLeffe's. And by then Aurora had learned Portuguese, too.

    Meanwhile, the 4-2-3-1 formation was put into work. With attacking fullbacks, AP-A/CM-D in the middle, W-A in the wings and AM-A in the center plus an AF-A or TM-A depending on whether David Nunez or Pedro Ribeiro played. Though some roles change with players, the wingers can become IFs, and the AP-A into AP-s. Initially the AP-A was DLP-S and the AM-A was AP-A; but after a couple of games it could be seen that Silvio, the player in advance central midfield, worked better as attacking midfielder, keeping his passing to something more reasonable. In that role he excelled as our best player providing goals and assists, making the tactic a success that served to turn the tables, getting the board satisfied when two matches before they were in the verge of sacking Schmied. The key feature of the 4-2-3-1 was that it finally could create chances and from hardly getting 5-7 shots per match with it the team could constantly (with one exception) shot more than ten times, reacing 15 in one match.

    Cinfaes match deserves special mention, as we were 2-0 down at half time and we managed to turn things around completely with a return to the 4-2-4. That sets that tactic as one worthy of keeping for such cases in which the 4-2-3-1 doesn't cut it.

    That final string of results, which was the consequence of the new tactic, carried the side from tenth to fourth position; though it was sadly too late to get back on challenging for promotion.

    Looking at the performances, you can see the top player of the team was Pedro Ribeiro, with the most goals and assists thorough the season, Silvio being the best during the last sting with the new tactic, as he made most of what he did in the season during that sting; out of his five PoM awards, three were during that sting. Best average rating, though, belongs to one of our centre backs, who no doubt helped to the great performances by Augusto. Teamwise, we got the best final form, which was not a surprise, as it wasn't too much to see the team among the top in goals scored.

    The youth intake was as bad as one could expect, I'll show you the message and the report of the player who the assistand considered the best (though there is another with one and half star potential).

    With the season closing to and end, there was a need to check on the players contracts.

    The look at that screen isn't at all inviting to optimism. Most of the key players are ending contract this season, including winter signing Bruninho, who's done decently as winger and wingback (fullback position). Specially it's worrung that among them there's Augusto, Silvio and Serodio's loan. Those that are wanted for next season (the mentioned ones plus Telmo, Ibraima and Bruninho) have been set to indispensable to the club, Rui Dolores as important, as he's a very decent second choice who was giving signs of deserving being first choice.

    I'm awaiting impatiently news about the renewal of those players. Honestly, if they go out without replacement, I can very well consider resigning, for I don't wish to waste my years in a team without future. Unless they bring me worthy replacements, which would be hard. I'm tempted to overstep the assigned boundaries to my role

    Two have refused attempts to sign on permanent basis: Ibraima and Serodio. Replacement has been already provided for one of them, sadly the less important.

    Nuno Ricardo would've been considered key; but after how long his injury has lasted and how more it remains to recover, he's been set to non needed, as with the facilities there's no much trust on the shape he'll be out.

    __________________________________________________ _______________________
    As you've seen, I've changed skin again and went back to the default. Steklo seemed to cause some CPU load in the first change of screen, I moved to OPZ. I found then that when I accepted a player talk suggested, that skin misses the colour of the suggested words to say (though I don't necessarily will accept it), then seeing that the search field for the news items has black text over black background that makes impossible to see what has one typed, I changed back to Steklo and found the same, then to CARBON and yet again, so I moved back to the default. The only con of Steklo and CARBON is that, but since I very rarely search among the news items, it's a very minor problem.

    Now, I know many of you don't like playing with the default because of all the white, and this has and will have a good deal of screenshots, so your comfort has to be counted for; so here's my question for you: do you want me to not use default skin, use one specific skin (say what) or you don't care?. I'll go with whatever you guys prefer, since the issue with the others is really a minor thing. In fact I'm changing to one of the others right now for next updates of my stories until anything is said, because I figure the default you won't like much.
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    The season 12-13 finished with a fourth position that meant a new record for the team's position that served the board to trust Aurora enough to offer her a new deal with two months left. She accepted, given the lack of any interesting team in sight and the fact there was still hopes of leading the team somewhere.

    The last superb run of form served to have Silvio, who got in the last month the player of the month award, earning the Player of the Year for our side. The best eleven had no surprises.

    The only downside of the success was that the board was encouraged enough to ask for promotion as the next season's goals. Something that at the moment was too much to ask, given a number of key positions being threatened by contracts running out; chief of which was the goalkeeper, as Augusto's contract had not been renewed. And his contract ran out.

    That was the main issue for the team, several key players for the project were finishing their contracts and it was a matter of whether the director of football would listen to Ms Schmied. He did with several, though two like Seródio and Ibraima had already been confirmed failures. But the director of football made his work well enough as Silvio (the most important of all), Telmo and Bruninho signed renewals. Schmied had to go over him and offer a contract to Augusto herself. Luckily the board allowed it to go through.

    The team reached the summer with a big need for central defenders, as there was only Campinho left, not counting the only centreback (Pereira) in the youth team. There were lesser need for a back up rightback and right winger, plus a second goalkeeper to be prepared inc ase of an injury of Augusto.

    The failure of signing the first targets made clear the need to letting go some players even if considered important, the two relevant names being Calico and Hélder Rodrigues.

    Enough to consider promotion an attainable goal. The preseason was programmed mainly for fitness and profit, with a series of matches against teams of lesser or simillar reputation. A series of six matches that produced very good results and very good play, though there was little as to point where the team is. A first round of the Taça de Portugal provided a similarly easy rival, allowing to progress to the next round, where we pick another easy team. But who cares of that?. The cup is a very minor preoccupation. While it may provide some cash, it can't compare to achieving promotion, the cup is only a drain to my team. It will only be used for fitness and give time to unused players, maybe from the youth team.

    The first match of the season, though, didn't go along the lines of the preseason. It was against Cinfães, the side we went 2-0 down at half time with the tactic chosen as main this season and then we weant back to a 2-5 win. The 4-2-3-1 was fielded and this time Ac Viseu dominated, however, it didn't serve for much. They got ahead with a run behind our defense, not long after we had shot the crossbar. Later Nunez equalized and ten minutes later he had beaten the goalie in the six yard box... and missed!. Around the 70th minute Filipe made a violent tackle and with 10 men the team had not better luck attacking, while Cinfães benefitted from a rebound in a corner in 83th minute to mark a disappointing start to the league season. It was also a match where our new goalkeeper, who may be better than Augusto, and Bruninho missed through injury and where David Nunez, our preseason topscorer, picked one for up to five weeks.

    Promotion is an urgent goal to achieve for this team. The bank balance is negative and projected to get worse in time, the only good side being this season the wages are within the budget. If the team is to remain in this division, it won't get the required budget to retain enough quality to challenge again and be forced to see his squad reduced to a minimal strength one that will be lucky to stay here.

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    I take lack of replies to the question as total indifference (or absence of readers), so I take I can go back to the default. I've tested Alavanja and Umbra, and like the others, they're good but both have something that I don't quite like; in these cases some transparent part (header of news items umbra, post match stats and so forth Alavanja).

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    Start of season 13-14

    Disappointing start of season. The team opened with two poor results in two matches that should've been won, a loss and a draw. They were followed by a series of wins interrupted by a draw, then the crazy third round of the Taça de Portugal arrived.

    Nacional de Madeira was drawn. A team from the top flight that left no possible hopes for Ac Viseu. Schmied had left it clear in the press conference that it was a match without a chance and all that would be made would try to not get embarrassed.

    A team was fielded with the players that had had less minutes in a very defensive setup. Ac Viseu got 1-0 up in 24th minute!. The first half finished 1-0. In the 57th minute Madeira drew level gaining Álvaro José's back. In 77th Ac Viseu got one up with a João Ricardo precise strike! 2-1. Two minutes later Madeira scored with a through ball. 2-2. Then in injury time Carmo neglected his mark in a corner and Nacional de Madeira scored the winning goal.

    That was definitely a great success. We were up twice, keeping one of the leads for more than half an hour, when we were expected to loss heavily. I understand a last minute goal always hurts, but there is no way anyone in their right mind can be unhappy!. Yet the board and the fans are not happy. And saying stupid things because we didn't win that. "Letdown of a performance"? It's absurd. And to top it the press conference was all about how disappointing that result was!. People are crazy!. I don't know why I didn't storm out during that outrageous press conference. Stupid board, stupid fans.

    That result seemed to affect the players and it was followed by a very poor run of form, which could only be aggravated by the long term injury of the main rightback, Filipe, as Álvaro José has shown to be too slow and poor marker. Not so long injury, caused during the same match, the one against Sporting B, who are clear leaders of the group.

    As a result of that, the team dropped to eight position and any chance of promotion was clearly lost from the half way of the poor run.

    So the board decided to sack Schmied without any previous warning, as they were satisfied (barely) just before the last match. Good riddance, I say.

    It is now time, then, to start looking for teams for Schmied. Her preference would be some team in Spain or France, pick up a new language. However, the few vacancies in the lower teams of that country don't seem to be at all interested in her. Maybe resigning from Bleid wasn't the best idea.
    I've seen that Portuguese Second Division's prestige rating is half star, while the lowest of the other countries are two, so I'm going to load Norway (or was it Finland?) and Ireland that begin in January to increase the chances of finding a job

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