A scotsman down south

  1. A scotsman down south

    Well bascially going to start in the bottom English Leagues and work my way into the premership and onto European Glory, However during the challenge I will maybe switch teams (only if i get offered the job) but not to a big one just until i find a team i can achieve my goals with.Also will try to become a great international manager with scotland ofcourse and try to win the Euros and world cup with them.

    Also would like help/advice with any job offers or players to buy.

    So now what team to choose hopefully to get people involved i am going to ask for suggestions for where to start so please comment.

    So hopefully people will follow this and please give suggestions on where to start.

  2. Well their is Boston United from the BSP and that's literally the only lower league team I know. Or you could take Accrington as they are as bad as they get from npower L2

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