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Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine
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  1. Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine

    Cádiz first reached La Liga in 1977–78, after having spent two decades in the second division. Relegated after just one season, it returned in 1980, managing a further 13-year stay.
    Often led by the skills of Salvadoran Mágico González, the club managed to miraculously maintain its top flight status in the 1990–91 season, thanks to youth graduate Kiko (and 25 minutes of his inspiration against Real Zaragoza), who picked up the offensive burden after González left. During the late 1980s and early 1990s the club became known as "The Yellow Submarine", due to its capacity of "coming afloat" every year at the end of each season and remain in the top division, despite having been "sunk down" during most of the campaign.
    However, in just two seasons, Cádiz dropped down two levels. After a long spell in Segunda División B the club was finally promoted in 2003, spectacularly returning to the top level in 2005, after taking the championship with a last-day victory at neighbours Xerez CD.
    However, Cádiz was eventually relegated back to the second tier, in the 37th and penultimate matchday of 2005–06. For the following campaign, former Spanish international Oli took the reins of the team, being sacked after only a few months.
    In June 2008, Cádiz dropped another level, returning to the Second B. However, after just one season, it managed to return to the second division, but was immediately relegated in the 2009–10 campaign.

    This is my challenge, Cardiz S.A.D to La Liga and emulate their stay in the top flight. It’s gonna be tough and I don’t expect a promotion every season or success in the medium turn, but it will be fun trying.

    I have had success in FM12 with Empoli winning Serie A twice, Serie B Once, Super Cup twice and Coppa Italia Once in my three seasons in charge. BUT THIS IS A WHOLE NEW ANIMAL!!!!!!
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  2. On appointment i sacked my Assistant Manager and hired four new coaches and two under 19 coaches. My Team is not great but i have some talent to use.

    Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine-c-diz-c.f.-s..d._-report-squad-depth.png
    Playing a 3-5-2 that i have had help with from TBH (Thanks if you are reading). I have got a ZERO transfer budget
    and 26.5k wage budget.... That i have gone over OOoops!!!!

    Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine-lex-zambrano_-overview-profile.pngTrying to raise the Yellow Submarine-juan-villar_-overview-profile.pngTrying to raise the Yellow Submarine-pablo-s-nchez_-overview-profile.png
    My Best Trio of players, looking for Zanetti to influence my younger players and play a holding role if i can keep
    him injury free. Sanchez is my best first team player and i will use him as my AMC and Villar on the right wing.

    Christiano Zanetti (DMC) - Free
    Bruno Giordano (DC) - Loan
    Nestor Del Rio (AMC) - Loan
    Alex Zambrano (DMC) - Free

    Dead Wood, not worth mentioning

    Other News
    I have requested the board to upgrade the training facilities and youth training facilities which they have granted
    and i also have Getafe as a Parent Club as well as Udinese.

    If you are following i would love some feedback and please be patient with the updates, i will try and do one every day or two.

  3. Not the yellow submarine i expected but good idea and look forward to following!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by stonecold View Post
    Not the yellow submarine i expected but good idea and look forward to following!
    Not just me expecting Villarreal then

  5. Only one game this month so not mush to report, ironed out a few tactical creases so hopefully
    an improvement in September.

    Spanish Cup First Round

    Villa Santa Bridiga 2 - 3 Cadiz S.A.D
    Belencoso, Zanetti, Sanchez (p)

    Not a great start against a weaker side, poor finishing as we out did them 18 - 4 but our main problem
    was defensive concentration

    Transfer In
    Malvino (DC) - Season Loan

    Player of the Month
    Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine-pablo-s-nchez_-overview-profile-2.png
    Juan Sanchez

  6. September
    A good month in all only one defeat and my team felt my wrath for it, my Uruguayan
    loan signings have geled well, looking forward to October, Unlickily dumped out of the Spanish Cup too.

    Cadiz S.A.D 1 - 1 Cartagenda
    Defensive concentration fell again in the 73 min, lead from 14s with the fastest Second Div B4 goal.

    Arroyo 0 - 4 Cadiz S.A.D
    Zanetti, Sanches (3)
    Sanchez managed to miss a penalty and on the rebound get fouled, he then slotted the second penalty home for a hat-trick.

    Spanish Cup Second Round
    Alaves 2 - 1 Cadiz S.A.D
    Took the lead after 8 mins and lead until the 22 min, down 2 - 1 at half time and there keeper was awesome second half.

    Cadiz S.A.D 3 - 1 Cacereno
    Giordano, Malvino, Belencoso
    Three up at half time and cruising, they got a conselation after an hour.

    Linense 1 - 3 Cadiz S.A.D
    Zambrano, Torres, Giardano
    Team really controlled this game well, still gave a late conselation away again Grrrr!

    Melilla 4 - 2 Cadiz S.A.D
    Belencoso, Sanchez
    Two up and we fell apart the second half, they got a [email protected] roating for this.

    Cadiz S.A.D 1 - 0 Real Betis "B"
    Clean sheet at last!

    Player of the Month
    Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine-pablo-s-nchez_-overview-profile-3.png

    Juan Sanchez

    League Table
    Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine-spanish-second-division-b4_-overview-profile.png

    Other News from around the world
    Real Madrid loose first two home games too Granada & Valencia
    Belarus stun Spain 3-1 in Misk (Euro Qualifyer)
    Celtic Make Champions League
    Juventus sitting 17th after 6 games with 3 points possible 18

  7. If Anyone has any player, staff or any other advice at this level then please share constructively

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend
    Good luck mate - I dont have much of an idea player wise except maybe try and loan Markel Etxeberria off Bilbao u19s and Guillermo Fernandez off their B team

  9. will follow

  10. Who needs Messi when iv'e got Zanetti?????


    Cadiz S.A.D 3 - 1 Almeira "B"
    Sanchez (2), Belencoso
    Captain Marvel hit another brace, late concelation given away again.

    Loja 0 - 0 Cadiz S.A.D
    25 shots on goal, 10 on target and they had a man sent off after 70 mins but we could not score.

    Cadiz S.A.D 2 - 1 Ecija
    Varela, Villar
    Neede them to go down to 10 men before we could score, got two in the last 13mins.

    San Fernando 1 - 2 Cadiz S.A.D
    Abraham, Zanetti
    We cam from behind to win for the first time this season, Abraham(18) got his first senior goal to
    equalise, neede Zanetti to come on and change the game.

    Player of the Month

    Juan Villar
    Bossed the midfield

    Other World News
    Despite reducing our wage bill we have made over €1m loss season to date
    Athletic Bilbao loose 1-0 to Real Sociedad in derby
    Rangers win 8 from 8 in Third Division
    Tony Pulis under pressure at Stoke City (currently 18th)

    League Table
    Trying to raise the Yellow Submarine-spanish-second-division-b4_-overview-profile-2.png
    Sitting Pretty
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