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Tush's Pentagon Challenge
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  1. Tush's Pentagon Challenge

    Hey mates.

    I decided to take on the Pentagon Challenge. As I don't want to spend really long time on forum, the news will be kind of simple, posting about important news (new club, season end, other news I think I consider worthy of sharing) and so on.

    As I don't have a high-end PC at the moment, and feel I should go for simulating just 1/2 countries at a time, I decided to get South Korea. Got offered jobs from 3 clubs in N-League and I took Gangneung City.

    Board expects me to get mid-table finish. The squad needed an improvement, so I scouted few players and offered them jobs, while releasing around 10 players who had half-star rating.

    Will keep posting about status through season, and some important matches (cup for example).

    Oh, I forgot to add, while saying I don't have high-end PC at the moment, that meant I am going to have one really soon. Opened bet365(no advertising intended) account with 50€ and through tennis it grew into 400€, allowing me to upgrade my old PC, which should be able to run atleast 3x faster, making FM more faster & enjoyable

    Next post is about my current status!
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  2. Status:
    Gangneung City:
    N-League - 26/26 games played, 38 points, finished in 6th place (Reached playoff, Overachievement)
    N-League playoff - 1st Round won, 2nd Round won, Semifinal won, Final won.
    FA Cup - Knocked out in 3rd Round (Board expectation)
    National League Cup - Knocked out in Group Stage (Underachievement)
    Manager of the Year, Promotion to K-League, Turned Professional

    Gangneung City:
    K-League - only until 5.5.2013, then I expressed interest in another job, got ultimatum and decided to resign.
    Rest of the season was spent on some sunny beach, occasionally applying to arising opportunity, unsuccessfully.

    No club
    As year before, this whole year was spent enjoying the money I made while being Gangneung City manager.
    Of course, I was looking for a job, but again, unsuccessfully. Probably had to lower my standards.

    Chongquing FC:
    Chinese National First Division - had little success in first few games, but stayed only until 25.4.2015.
    Then I joined my next appointment,
    Joined when 8 games were played with only 10 points allocated. Board expects Continental comp. qualification.
    Chinese Super League - 30/30 games played, 62 points (finished 2nd, as expected)
    Chinese FA Cup - 4th Rnd won, Qtr Final won, Semi Final won, Final lost against Guangzhou.
    Asian Champions League - knocked out before I came (the reason previous manager was sacked).

    Chinese Super LEague - 0/30 games played, 0 points
    Chinese FA Cup -
    Chinese Super Cup - Winners against Guangzhou
    Asian Champions League - Currently at Group Stage.
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  3. Will follow, would appreciate it if you could check my Pentagon challenge! Good luck

  4. I already did before you posted :-)
    Best of luck to you

  5. Played 4 games so far, Won all of them!
    10 goals scored, 2 goals conceded.
    Topping the table luckily, maybe I could get into K-League while being semi-professional this way?

  6. Got approached by Incheon Korail. Declined the job, as they are lower than us in the league, and technically the same as my team. (also, lower wage ). At least I unlocked the "Headhunted" achievement.
    Sitting in the middle of the table now, few games left, just as the board expected, well we were very unlucky while playing against weaker teams.

  7. My Gangneung board offered me one-year extension for the same wages...Well I built this squad so I am definitely continuing with them, as I think we could get into play-offs regularly and eventually into K-League.
    Let's see what the play-off brings.

  8. As I reached the playoffs, I was drawn with Goyang Kookmin Bank.
    It is a team I played twice during league and lost both games, so naturally we were considered big underdogs.
    We took the lead very early, and manager to hold it till half-time.
    Then they equalized, BUT my striker clenched a last minute winner, in 93rd minute.
    2-1 win

    We proceed to the Second playoff Round.

    In the Second playoff Round we were drawn with Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.
    Again, 2 defeats to them during the league, again underdogs.
    They shot an early goal. Then added another near the 20th minute mark.
    Our striker managed to get one back before the half-time whistle. What happened next I was amazed of, as we managed to turn this match around and add another 2 goals, making the score:
    3-2 win

    We proceed to Playoff Semi-Final

    In it, we were drawn with Suwon City.
    The games in league were 2 draws (2-2 each time). They are a team that finished second in league.
    The match ended in 0-0 draw, making us proceed to Extra Time. Then Suwon hit us hard, as they scored. Luckily, we manager to get it back, even though it did cost me one of my most important players, as he injured himself while shooting the goal.
    All in all, as a surprise outcome, we won on the penalties, after Suwon missed two, and we missed just once.
    1-1 draw --> 5-4 penalty shoot-out win

    We proceed to Playoff Final (2 legs)

    If I understand it correctly, then when 2 teams get relegated from K-League, 2 teams are to be promoted. I am in final ... that probably means I got MY team promoted
    We are drawn with Daejeon KHNP.
    6 of my players are unavailable, due to injuries and suspensions. Let's see if we can become champions of the lower division, and whether we are getting really promoted.

    We beat Daejeon 1-0, while scoring on 44th minute. One of my players got injured, and I already had low number of substitutes. I sorted it out, only for the coming player getting injured a whole minute after coming on the pitch...lucky, had to change formation as I only had defenders and goalkeeper left, while I needed to sub another midfielder in. Nevertheless, we won.
    1-0 win

    Second leg:
    The half-time ended up as a draw. We took a lead at around 70th minute, which gave us 2-0 overall lead, and as we were playing home in the first leg and conceded no goals, we were also leading on away goals, making Daejeon having to score 3 goals in order to beat us. The scored on 90th minute, making it into a
    1-1 draw
    Together Final result: 2-1 win
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  9. Good luck Tush! Keep it up

  10. Achievement You're up speaks for itself, we achieved a promotion in the very first season, into K-League.
    Also, I won the Manager of the Year award, and 2 of my players got into Team of the Year.
    Job status: ​Untouchable

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