Gladly going Bach to the Top

  1. Gladly going Bach to the Top

    I've been reading these Forums for a while; and having got FM13 last night, have been inspired to write my own story - on the back of reading the 'Aitor Herrera' story from FM12. The club I have chosen is Borussia Moenchengladbach, largely because I had a save with them in FM12 in which I took them to the top of the Bundesliga. The Challenge with them has been complicated somewhat by the fact they lost Reus and Dante in the transfer window, however I love Luuk De Jong, Ter Stegen and Alvaro Dominguez IRL so this seems like a natural choice to start with - just for note; we started with about £500k in resources; which after a while I fully piled into the Wage Budget as there was a lack of talent available for this in the market - with the overall Wage Budget eventually coming to £525k p/w. For the time being; I will simply be posting a description of general activity & results etc; as opposed to actual 'story' like form.

    Welcome, to Borussia Moenchengladbach.
    Die Fohlen.

    As a man of wildly football dreams, it was an honour to be appointed Gladbach manager - with our targets for the first season being Mid-Table mediocrity as told by the board. The only condition with my appointment was that I had been forced to promise attracitve football. This objective may seem slightly low for a team which secured Champions League Football last season however, a revolving door had occured over the summer and the squad was much changed - with the introductions of Granit Xhaka and Luuk De Jong most notably making up for the departure of Marco Reus to Dortmund.

    July & August


    First things first, having turned up at the club I got used to squad (having bought in many trialists; none of whom we would sign due to mediocrity) with a number of friendlies as highlighted below:

    Gladly going Bach to the Top-pre-season-fixtures.jpg

    Pre-Season, in terms of matches went exceptionally well - however this was not necessarily the case in the Transfer Market. Having reviewed the playing staff two things became clear a) The defense was aging; and not necessarily of great depth although Jantschke & Dominguez gave hope and b) We would be relying on a number of inexperienced players this season. However, largely our forays into the Transfer Market were failed as our main target Royston Drenthe chose to go to another Bundesliga club (Freiburg I think) whilst we could only secure Cristian Zanetti (a 36 y/o DM) as a permanent signing of sufficent quality - mainly to replace Thorben Marx (a £14k wage drop) whilst we search for young talent abroad. However, the loan signings for our defence should prove useful for the future. We also made a number of staff changes; to 'aid' our development.
    Gladly going Bach to the Top-pre-season-transfers.jpgGladly going Bach to the Top-staff-transfers.jpg

    Therefore, this was our Squad Report (oddly the stars seem to correspond to Potential, whilst the players are listed in Current Ability order):
    Gladly going Bach to the Top-squad-report-2012.jpg
    With this collated; our first fixtures were to begin - we had been given a tricky CL Qualifying Draw against Dynamo Kiev.

    The Season Begins
    August's Competitive Fixtures

    Erfut 2 v 5 Gladbach
    (German Cup 1st Round)
    Scorers: Juan Arango, Patrick Herrmann, Alvaro Dominguez, Luuk De Jong, Igor De Camargo
    Our player of the Match: Patrick Herrmann (8.2)

    We played a fairly strong team here; and whilst they scored two late goals after Tolga Cigerci was sent-off, this was a good start to the season.
    Dynamo Kiev 1 v 0 Gladbach
    (3rd Quali Round CL)
    Scorers: None
    Our Player of the Match: Ter Stegen (7.1)

    This was a disappointing performance from the boys; playing our fluid 4-2-3-1 formation we had developed in Pre-Season we passed abysmally and were lucky to still have a sniff going into the 2nd Leg.

    Dusseldorf 2 v 0 Gladbach
    Scorers: None
    Our Player of the Match: Ter Stegen (7.2)

    A horrible start to our season; we conceded two early goals and created very few chances. Considering they were promoted last season; we should have done better than this.

    Gladbach 1 v 0 Dynamo Kiev
    (Gladbach win 5-3 on Penalties)
    (3rd Quali Round CL Leg 2)
    Scorers: Juan Arango
    Our Player of the Match: Ter Stegen (7.6)

    Considering the aptitude we had shown for passing in the previous matches, we changed to a direct 4-4-2 for this match; but ironically it was a 'tippy-tappy' goal on the edge of the area that got us back into the match. We were solid defensively in this match; and I was delighted to get through the group stage of the CL on penalties considering how undeserved it was - but concerns remain about our lack of attacking potency.

    It was marvelous news for the club that we got the £7M which comes with Group Stage football and that as the 'unseeded' team we went through - however being the 4th Seeds for the Group Stage draw would hit us hard into the group of death:

    Gladly going Bach to the Top-cl-draw.jpg
    All in all, a pretty unsatisfactory start to my role as Gladbach manager aside from the obvious positive - there is much hard work ahead though.
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  2. Oh, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is the first story I have done!

  3. Great start and good team too

  4. Welcome to Borussia Moenchengladbach
    Die Fohlen

    September Update
    • Solid start to CL campaign
    • Struggling for goals, shows in league form
    • Injuries to Key players hit the side hard
    We ended last month on some what of a high, however that good fortune didn't carry over ino September itself as it was not to be an entirely successful month. Part of this was down to some key injuries; having played one match following injury Granit Xhaka was to get injured once more, whilst Patrick Herrmann got himself ruled out for 6 weeks halfway through the month. Additional injuries to Alexander Ring (2-3 months) and Thomas Jantschke meant that we were unable to name a full-strength line up on a number of occasions. Combined with busy mid-week schedules following the international break, the side was pretty tired throughout which may account to our poor form. One thing which struck me this month was that we need another striker; I thought Hanke/De Camargo would be good enough to play the Deep Lying Forward role that suits the new direct style of play I have however this seems not to be the case. Additionally, whilst Attacking football is what the board demands it seems that counter-attacking direct football is the conditions under which we play best, somewhat of a conundrum. Anyway, on to the matches.

    September's Competitive Fixtures

    Gladbach 0 vs 1 SC Freiburg
    Scorers: None
    Our Best Player: Ter Stegen (7.2)

    Another insipid performance where we failed to keep the ball well enough, and thus there was a lack of chances created. To be fair, the defence performed reasonably well - they were only beaten by a wonderstrike.

    Hoffenheim 0 vs 1 Gladbach
    Scorers: Luuk De Jong
    Our Best Player: Oscar Wendt (8.1)

    The Hoffenheim attack was well snuffled out by our defence in this game with Erin Derdiyok barely getting a sniff, and it was a good piece of opportunism from De Jong at a corner that grabbed us the win. That is the sort of finishing we need. I was delighted to have our first win in the league with a rotated side ahead of the CL fixture midweek.

    Gladbach 1 vs 1 PSG
    (CL Group Stage)
    Scorers: Luuk De Jong
    Our Best Player: Luuk De Jong

    Obviously to go ahead and not win is disappointing but I was delighted with our display of counter-attacking football here as the defence held firm for the majority of the match - Ter Stegen was only beaten by a class Nene free kick. De Jong seemed to be finding his range, and this was a positive start to our CL campaign.

    Gladbach 0 vs 1 Werder Bremen
    Scorers: None
    Our Best Player: Alvaro Dominguez (7.1)

    We seem to have developed a liking for low scoring games, however it may just be a ponchant for not scoring ourselves. We failed to create anything for De Jong to feed off; it was a typical post-European performance.

    Leverkusen 1 vs 0 Gladbach
    Scorers: None
    Our Best Player: Ter Stegen (7.8)

    We were beaten by an unjust penalty; however in reality we deserved to lose. Again, we had no spark going forwards - which was frustrating considering Leverkusen came into this came without a single point.

    Gladbach 2 vs 1 Schalke
    Scorers: Branimir Hrgota, Tomas Hubschman
    Our Best Player: Ter Stegen (8.2)

    Maybe we should play with 10 men all the time? After Daems was sent off in the 4th minute I held no help; however the boys put in a superb counter-attacking performance to take our 2nd win of the season and somewhat salvage our month - although, questions are being asked in the media about my leadership with 5 defeats already. Also, Hubschman deserved MOM don't know why Stegen got it.

    League Table:

    Gladly going Bach to the Top-league-table-september.jpg
    Player of the Month: Ter Stegen - Truly epic all month; kept defeats small and in our victories kept us ahead. A terrible shame that he doesn't seem to want to sign a new contract - although we have hold of him until 2015 at least.

  5. I was going to do a Gladbach story once I get FM13! Apparently they were the team located closest to me when I was born and to be fair they are underrated

  6. They are underrated; massively to be fair.

    It's just a disappointment that in the first window you can't take the chance to sign some of the v good players available due to a low budget - perhaps I should have sold someone like Nordtveit/Hanke to finance some moves.

  7. Welcome to Borussia Moenchengladbach
    Die Fohlen

    • Steady climb up the League table; with mixed performances
    • Disappointing results in the CL and the German Cup
    • Promising youth talent Hrgota continues to show his worth
    This was a tricky month for us; as once again our lack of chance creation bore through. The essence of the direct attacking football I am implementing (somewhat of a compromise between my conundrum last month) is quick movement from back to front with the Deep Lying Playmaker and Deep Lying Forward linking play; however we don't possess the quality in the later to truly connect midfield with attack meaning movement's often break down. Despite this, certain players have continued to impress - with Hrgota being asked to play out of posistion at LW when we are forced to rest Arango being particularly notable. Somehow however, this strikes me as a season of some consolidation before I can truly invest in the squad.

    Competitive Fixtures

    Man Utd 4 vs 1 Gladbach
    (CL Group Stage)
    Scorers: Martin Stranzl
    Our Best Player: Martin Stranzl (7.2)

    Perhaps the most disappointing part of this somewhat expected defeat was the fact that three of their goals came from set pieces - however saying that, despite bringing it back to 1-1 we were never in the match.

    FC Nurnburg 0 vs 2 Gladbach
    Scorers: Luuk De Jong, Mike Hanke
    Our Best Player: Tomas Hubschmann (8.2)

    Playing the team who were 2nd in the table left me concerned; however this was a good performance - the almost perfect implementation of my tactics; its not how much of the ball that you have but rather what you can do with it.

    Gladbach 0 vs 2 VFL Wolfsburg
    Scorers: None
    Our Best Player: Alvaro Dominguez (7.0)

    This was a particularly disappointing result as two late goals sunk us to stop the momentum we had begun to build up in the lead - I don't think we managed to create a significant chance of note, though.

    Gladbach 0 vs 0 Valencia
    (CL Group Stage)
    Scorers: None
    Our Best Player: Martin Stranzl (7.1)

    This again wasn't our best performance, and we will need to improve if we want to reach 2nd/3rd spot in the group (after this we are 2 points off of 3rd) however the resolute defense once again impressed against Valencia's attacking might.

    HSV 2 vs 3 Gladbach
    Scorers: Branimir Hrgota, Luuk De Jong, Sabri Sarioglu
    Our Best Player: Sabri Sarioglu (8.2)

    This game was won by a brilliant opening thirty minutes; and whilst they made a comeback as we got tired following our midweek excursions it was good to see some intent going forwards throughout the match - particularly considering we had a few players out of position due to injuries.

    Hertha Berlin 0 vs 0 Gladbach
    (Hertha win on Penalties)
    (German Cup 2nd Round)
    Scorers: None
    Our Best Player: Roel Brouwer (8.0)

    Ter Stegen had saved a penalty in normal time; in a match where the number of changes we made ended up costing us as the team wasn't very coherent in midfield. We took it to Penalties and despite chucking everything at the recently relegated side went out of the Cup. A blow, but not a massive surprise.

    League Table:

    Gladly going Bach to the Top-league-table-october.jpg
    Player of the Month:

    Sabri Sarioglu - The Right hand side player on loan from Fenerbache's versatility came in very handy this month and in a month with no stand out performers this edged it for him.

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