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From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays
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  1. From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays


    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-chester-fc-2010-logo-300x300.png
    Chester Football Club have hired a 25 year old Irish Fish Monger Barry Manilow as their new Manager this morning. The Irishman is said to of come straight off his boat to the interview for the job, wearing nothing but wellingtons, cargo pants and a wife beater.

    No one quite knows what it is he said in his interview, but word around the club is that they have the next Roy Keane in their midst.

    "I'm so happy to be here at Chester, I've been a Liverpool fan all my life and to be honest this is the closest thing I could get. I am extremely grateful for the faith that the fans haven't shown, because they would be very silly to show any at this point. It was a very tough decision to leave my current career and go into football, but I'm sure it will turn out fine for everyone."

    With no past-experience except for watching Liverpool on a tiny television on his boat, the decision to employ Manilow has caused outrage among the fans, and Manilow himself has backed the fans outrage, stating that "I finds it completely ridiculous myself". One angry supporter said "Who the hell is this guy? I've never even heard of him. Things were starting to look up for us recently and then we hire an unknown fish monger? The clubs higher-ups have gone mad!".

    Chester chairman Chris Pilsbury has said "I can see why the decision to hire such a unknown and strange man as manager is being seen as a lack of clear judgement, but we are very optimistic about Manilow's future as manager and he made a lot of good points during the interview which impressed us."

    Many people in the world of football are doubting any sort of success under
    Manilow's reign, but I guess we'l just have to wait to find out who we're really dealing with here.

    I'm writing this story about Chester Football Club, I'm going to try to take them all the way to the Premier League from the Blue Square Bet North. Hope you enjoy whats to come! Pre-season update to follow.
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  2. Just started a Chester save myself. Interested in this.

  3. Pre-Season

    Upon arrival at the club I had my first meeting with Mr. Pilsbury, we chatted a little and he offered to send me some information on the clubs history, to which I declined. He then informed me about the financial constraints I would be under during the coming season;

    Wage Budget: £7.13k
    Transfer budget: 8k

    I was a little flabbergasted to say the least, but I had no choice but to hide it and told Mr. Pilsbury that these were in line with my expectations. He then asked would I like to hold a press conference as this is a custom for new managers, to which I said yes and then thanked him for the introduction.

    Afterword I was introduced to my new assistant manager Gary Jones. He suggested I arrange an intra-squad friendly for the first team and the reserve team to get a good feel of things and I agreed.

    Jones then gave me his own team report which I found incredibly helpful to get a second insight to the team, because realistically he probably knows more about football than I do. The rest of the meeting was pretty mediocre as we discussed who would take care of what responsibilities. I asked him to handle friendlies as I have absolutely no interest in them.


    I left them to my assistant Gary Jones. I feel we did very well in the last 3 friendlies with the bad beginning just being down to feeling out the new tactics! Here's how we got on -

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-pre-season-friendlies-chester.png


    There wasn't a whole lot of transfer activity due to lack of funds and because I feel the Chester team already had what I needed to gain promotion.

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-pre-season-transfers-chester.png
    • Adam Dawson - Loan(Wigan)
    • Scott Phelan - Free
    • Alex Hay - Contract Termination
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  4. August

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-august-results-chester.png

    With 3 wins and 1 draw out of our first four games it looks like the team has great chemistry and they are adapting very well to the fluid attacking style I have put in place and with these results I have been able to maintain the clubs unbeaten record to 20 games -

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-unbeaten-chester.png

    Player of the Month

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-img_4ef38e126f1d0.jpg

    My player of the month is without a doubt, Scott Phelan. Signed for the club on the 12.8.2012 on a free transfer, I saw a lot of potential in Scott as an advanced playemaker and it has really paid off.

    Av Rating - 7.77
    Assists - 1
    Goals - 1
    MOTM - 1
    Appearances - 3

    League Position - 2nd

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-leaguetable-august-chester.png

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Micky979 View Post
    Just started a Chester save myself. Interested in this.
    Cheers man, hope you keep reading!

  6. Looks good mate you're opener was rather funny also am just started an eastleigh save. Good so far keep it up.

  7. Does anyone have the Chester Fc club logo's?

  8. September

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-results-september-chester.png

    We started off september with an absolute trashing at Solihull Moors, two hatricks and an overall great team performance which lead to 6 of the team getting into the team of the week!

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-teamoftheweek-september-chester.png

    We slowed down after this with a 1-1 draw to our rivals which was an acceptable score seeing as most of the team were very tired !
    The lads showed no imagination or motivation when we played Guisely at home and the fans were left very aggrivated, this was our first loss of the season.After a rousing team talk I picked up the morale of the squad and we went on to draw a game, and win two in a row.I'm hoping that this means a run of good form and the team can continue to feel more comfortable with one another and the style of play I'm trying to employ at the club.

    Player Of The Month
    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-241546d1335298324-kidderminster-harriers-journey-football-league-beyond-dave-hankin.jpg
    Dave Hankin

    Rating - 7.56
    Goals - 4
    Assists - 4
    Appearances - 7
    MOTM - 1

    Hankin has been a superb player all season but in particular during September! He's really adapted very well to the inside forward role for the team and I can see him being one of the best players to come this season. Plenty more to be seen from this guy!
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  9. Will follow this intently mate, I'm also managing Chester FC, I had to sign a few players and let loads of the youth go. Mostly cos of the formation I'm playing, a little suggestion for everyone else is that Stern John is out of contract soon during 1st season - my main striker - immediate impact

  10. October

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-results-october-chester.png

    3 WINS
    3 DRAWS
    1 LOSS

    F.A CUP:
    Through to the first round!

    The team aren't playing exactly as well as I'd like them to be in the league, we are letting too many games go to draws where we hold most of the possession and have plenty of chances on goal. The only thing I can put it down to is fatigue and having to constantly rotate the squad, something I'l have to look into improving!

    League Table

    From Blue Bargains to Premier Paydays-octber-leaguetable-chester.png

    We're currently lying in 5th place with a somewhat large gap between us and 1st position, which is where I in-vision my team being come end of the season.
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