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West Auckland Town - Northern Lge Div 1
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  1. West Auckland Town - Northern Lge Div 1

    With no money in the bank (-450,000) I've taken the job at West Auckland Town in the Northern League Division One.
    With only 2 players in the squad it's been an hectic pre-season bringing in players, amateurs i might had, but myself and my backroom staff have assembled a tiny squad of players in time for the big kick-off. First game of the season and it's a biggie! Darlington away..........And it's a WIN! 3-0 what a start. Can we do the impossible? You'll have to keep watching!
    Updates will appear here.

  2. Home to Billingham Town.
    Lost 2-0 with nine men. held on until 88th minute. Gutted!

  3. At the end of August we are 5th in the league just a point off the top spot.
    Beat Billingham Synthonia 2-1 away
    Drew with Newcastle Benfield at home 1-1
    Beat Penrith 2-1 away

    Not a bad start to the season.

  4. The end of of September sees us at the top of the league by 1 point.
    5 out of 6 wins in the league but an early exit out of the northrn league cup disappointed the fans.

  5. End of October and we are 7 points clear of our nearest rivals Durham City. A thrilling 4-3 victory over them saw us open up the gap. Good victory in th FA Vase saw us through to the next round aswell.

  6. Best thing for you to do is..

    Always do your Backroom Advice meetings
    Do a Team Report get rid of all the players with Low Star Ability for your team.
    Then Search for players that are 4-5 Star Current Ability!

    Then make sure you click Assistant Manager exclude Unrealistic Targets!.

    Then it will show the top players you can get for your wage budget.
    Do that then you should get a very good team.

    That's my experience from Scarborough Athletic last FM

    Its a shame I do not have the Full Game yet! Can't afford it, still playing FM 2012

    But did the editor for this using a friends, can you link my Database you downloaded in your opening post?
    And give me credit?

    Thanks mate

  7. I'm trawling through amateurs cos theres no money for wages, luckily so far they've jelled really well and nobody has signed any of them for nowt.
    Will do bud.

  8. btw my copy was only £ 21.99 del free from Grainger Games! Bargain!!

  9. Well done Geoff, always good to see a non-league thread.

    BTW - Northern League Division 1 is Step 6 right? How are you able to play it, because I thought the add on to play below Step 2 wasn't available yet?

  10. Thanks Simon. Voasy (see above) kindly added an add on down to level 9 and its awesome bud! Well worth downloading!

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