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San Marino- Attempting the Impossible

  1. San Marino- Attempting the Impossible


    I've decided to attempt the infamous San Marino challenge and to share it with all of you. For details on the challenge and what it's all about, check out this thread. If you're looking for a story that involves success and unbelievable accomplishments, please move on and check out the many other wonderful stories here. I predict that I will fail miserably at this challenge and that this story won't be half as entertaining as you or I would hope.

    With that out of the way, let's check out the backdrop of what will surely be many years of pain and suffering. I started the game as an American with Automatic experience, managing both San Marino the club and the country. I loaded leagues from USA, England (BSN/BSS), Italy (C2 & above), and San Marino (custom database downloaded from link on OP of thread linked above).

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-game_-_san-marino-challenge__-game-status.png

    Next update, including pre-season transfers and such to come shortly.
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  2. Pre-Season 2012/13

    Club- My goal here is to win promotion to Serie B. San Marino won promotion from C2 last season so this might be a lot to ask, but I'll give it my best. First order of business was to get rid of my Chief Scout, he was Sammarinese but only JA/JPA of 4 so he had to go. In to replace him is this guy:
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-moreno-mannini_-overview-profile.png

    The rest of the staff will remain the same for now, as they're decent for this level and really don't care to search for improvements. Next I needed to improve the squad to hopefully challenge for the league title. I'm satisfied with the players brought in and think we can achieve promotion.

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-san-marino_-transfers-history.png

    There weren't any players from San Marino the country that caught my eye, but that was to be expected. I also got rid of Polettie for a club record $90k as I just don't have any use for wingers with the tactics I'm using.

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-mario-kirev_-overview-profile.pngSan Marino- Attempting the Impossible-matteo-lunati_-overview-profile.pngSan Marino- Attempting the Impossible-pasquale-maiorino_-overview-profile.png

    These guys are going straight into the first team and are players that I believe will have to step up and be key in any promotion bid.

    As far as youth goes, which this challenge demands I focus on long term, I was surprised to see that we have a ST that at 16 can challenge for a first team spot not only at the club but also for the nation. He's a long ways from lighting up the world, or even Italy, but according to my scout can develop into the top Sammarinese ST in the future.

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-jacopo-gualandi_-overview-profile.png

    So, overall a good feeling about the start but anything can happen.

    Country- At this point my only goal is to not lose EVERY game by more than 2 goals.

  3. Good luck, following with interest!

  4. Friendlies & Italian Cup

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-friendlies-cups.png

    I have no idea what the Competzione Amichevole is, but a trophy is a trophy so I'm glad to have won it. The two friendlies went as expected, Levante drilled us which is no surprise. In the Italian cup, we got a comfortable win over Sorrento but couldn't achieve a fairy tale run against Virtus. That was a disappointment as their only goal in regulation came from a mishandled ball from our keeper who then decided the best play would be to stand and watch as the Virtus ST passed it into an empty net (who says the ME is flawed?). We also had a penalty that their keeper bravely saved, but in reality the match should have ended with Fogacci's stoppage time goal. Oh well, we were never going far in this competition so on to the league.

    Players of the Month (Or pre-season/cup run/whatever)

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-jacopo-gualandi_-stats-overview.pngSan Marino- Attempting the Impossible-pasquale-maiorino_-stats-overview.pngSan Marino- Attempting the Impossible-stefano-olivieri_-stats-overview.png
    I couldn't separate these three. Maiorino was extremely impressive in the Amichevole but poor in the Italian cup. Olivieri was good all around, and Gualandi, the Sammarinese youngster, scored in both of his starts.

    Idiot of the Month

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-mario-kirev_-stats-overview.png

    His 3 mistakes all coming in the Italian Cup cost us any chance of advancing. So picture this, you're a Bulgarian keeper who has just dropped a ball that falls to your feet. You don't speak English or Italian, the languages that your boss and your teammates are screaming at you. If you had to pick, what are they yelling:

    A)Pick up the ball and don't let them score!
    B)Let that guy 5 yards in front of you run past and kick the ball into the empty net!

    No Mario! It's not B, it's A!

    Next up we'll kick off league play with 5 matches in the month of September.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    Good luck, following with interest!
    Thanks bud!
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  6. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the National Team had a friendly against Turkey that we lost 0-4. Next up is World Cup Qualifying.

  7. will keep an eye on this, good luck with the challenge!

    it is possible, keep it up

  8. September 2012

    (Proving that drinking and managing don't mix)

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-september-2012.png
    After an abysmal start to the campaign, losing the first two, we went on to come back from two goals down in each of our next two matches. Then, in the final match of the month against Como, we dominated the game and were looking to finally get our first win before they took a page from our book and equalized late.

    I have mixed feelings about this start. For one, we have done well in possession and have had more chances than our opponents even in the two losses, we just couldn't put them away until we were behind. Also, we had two first team CB's injured for the month in the first match, then in the second had our third CB banned for three matches for a reckless two-legged challenge (although it looked to me like he got all ball and the opponent dove). So, overall not a great start but it could have turned out worse.

    The injuries exposed our lack of depth on the defense, so I went hunting for a free transfer and found this guy:
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-david-habarugira_-overview-profile.png

    He's another that might have a problem with communication, but he did spend some time in the US so I'm hoping that will help (since I'm American, maybe we can learn Italian together!). He comes in as cover for the first team at the CB position as well as both WB spots.

    Player of the Month
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-salvatore-del-sole_-stats-form.png
    Del Sole played in all 5 matches, scoring 2 and creating 2 goals on the way to picking up a MoM award in the final game of the month.

    In a previous post, I posted a screen of a native of San Marino who was only 16 that my ass man thought could develop well. In my drunken haze, I took his word for it and completely overlooked another youngster that is actually somewhat promising. Looking back now with a clear(er) head, I don't think that Jacopo Gualandi is going to light anything up (though he did do well in the pre-season). Below is a comparison of the two:
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-jacopo-gualandi_-overview-profile.pngSan Marino- Attempting the Impossible-mattia-stefanelli_-overview-profile.png

    Touted by the national ass man as the best striker from San Marino already, Stefanelli looks the more likely to develop into a decent player. I'll be getting him as much first team experience as I dare. Who knows, maybe the two of them can develop something of a partnership and go on to be international heroes (hahahaha).

    League Table: San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-sept-table.png

    The one good thing about our standing is that we can only look up! With only 32 games in the league however, we're going to have to start winning matches (and soon) to have any shot at promotion.

    San Marino the Country

    No surprises here as we lost both WCQ matches, 0-5 to Ukraine and 0-2 to Moldova. Ukraine even had two goals disallowed and probably should have won by even more. In the Moldova game however we looked the better side but just couldn't get it done.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by kandersson View Post
    will keep an eye on this, good luck with the challenge!

    it is possible, keep it up
    Yeah bud, you proved that it was possible last year! I followed that for a while until life stuff got me busy, and I gotta say that coming close to your achievements would have me grinning ear to ear. Hopefully I'll stick with it that long.

  10. October 2012

    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-oct-2012-results.png

    Finally some good results! We kicked of the C cup in fine fashion picking up a much deserved 5-1 win against C2/A side Savona. However, the next cup match against Pro Patria from the same C2/A division was a real disappointment. We let an early goal in then fought back to a 2-1 lead, only to concede a late penalty and have a player injured after all 3 subs were made to play all of extra time a man down. Despite this we held out only to go crashing out on penalties, which is frustrating because we had 5 ccc's in regulation but could only put 2 in the net.

    In the league we finally got our first win 2-0 over Alto Adige due to a fine brace from San Marino youngster Stefanelli, who unfortunately was twisted his ankle late in the match after scoring a hat trick in an amazing 6-2 victory over Carpi away from home. He won't be back until early December. I decided to spring a tactical surprise at home against then league leaders Trapani to impress the viewers watching at home from their couch by coming out much more attacking. However, we won only 2-0 but a win's a win (funny because I tried playing defensively in our 6-2 away win over Carpi).

    Player of the Month
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-pasquale-maiorino_-stats-form.png
    This was close, but had to give it to Maiorino, who played in all 5 games in Oct and showed some lethal passing with 7 key passes on his way to scoring 3 and adding 2 more assists.

    League Table
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-october-2012-table.png

    Not where I wanted to be at this point, but more months like the last and we'll soon be at the top.


    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-angelo-righi_-overview-profile.png
    He's from San Marino and with my scout giving him a 5 star recommendation I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try and develop this youngster into something. Looks poor but hopefully that determination will see him develop quickly. We agreed a deal and he'll be joining us come January.
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-massimo-perna_-overview-profile.png
    Signed for cover and because of his experience and high determination. Hopefully I can get him to tutor a youngster and rub that determination off on him.

    And now, for the shock signing of my career (drum roll, please...)
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-ada-lton_-overview-profile.pngSan Marino- Attempting the Impossible-ada-lton_-reports-coach-report.png
    I was absolutely floored that he was willing to listen to an offer from us, and even more surprised when I could afford his wages! Granted, he's old and probably won't be with us for more than a year or two, but this man has played for Parma, PSG, Verona, Genoa, Bologna, and now evidently wants to lead San Marino to glory!

    San Marino the Country
    Lost to England 0-4 and Montenegro 0-3 in WCQ. Both dominated us but England really should have done better with an incredible 8 ccc's. For those curious, here's the group:
    San Marino- Attempting the Impossible-world-cup-european-qualifying-section_-overview-stages.png

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