Everton - For Love And Toffee

  1. Everton - For Love And Toffee

    Moyes Leaves Everton

    Everton FC have announced that their manager David Moyes has left the club today. The club hasn't stated what the reasons are, but it's assumed that this decision has been made after a heated exchange between Moyes and the Everton chairman Bill Kenwright. Moyes has also issued a statement to Sky Sports stating that although he had wished to keep his departure private, there had been issues over money within the club. This has been further speculated by the press and it's suggested that Moyes hadn't been happy with his summer spending money.

    Round Leads Everton

    Steve Round has been promoted to Everton manager from his position of Assisstant and has stated that he is eagerly anticipating the upcoming season. He added that he had learned alot from Moyes and that he feels now is the perfect time to get into management especially having the advantage of knowing the club inside and out. He spoke about hanging on to key stars such as Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini explaining that they are key individuals the squad needs to progress and reach it potential with.

    Transfers In/Out


    Alan Dzagoev - £4,400,000 - CSKA Moscow
    Alexander Kacaniklic - £6,000,000 P/Ex - Fulham


    Jan Mucha - £1,5000,000 - Man Utd
    Darron Gibson - £3,5000,000 - Swansea
    Vellios Apostolos - £1,000,000 - Huddersfield
    Magaye Gueye - £3,000,000 - Lille
    Tony Hibbert - P/Ex - Fulham

    With Steve Round completing his summer Transfer Deals he now looks foward taking them into Pre-Season and then on into the Premier League.

  2. One of the favourite teams in England, trying to watch all Everton's matches IRL. So will certainly be following this one! On my way to start a save with them aswell.

    Love the transfers in, and the fact that you were able to keep players like Marouane Fellaini(keyplayer), Leigthon Baines, Phil Jagielka and Nikica Jelavic. Bright future aswell with Ross Barkley and George Green at the ranks of Everton.

  3. As a life long Evertonian I'm definitely following. Glad to see the back of Mucha . Looking forward to this one mate

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