What's up lads? Back again, this time it's with a long term save Fulham.

People that don't know me, I do a youtube series with FM, was very successful with my series in FM12 and now after a few "trials" I am ready to start my main series for FM13.

As previously mentioned, it's Fulham. Not looking for any "immediate" success, just going to take it a season at a time and see where it take's us.

First season, is all about meeting season objectives. Anything above this is a bonus, nice cup run would also be nice.

Second season, possibly challenging for a European place? Europa League being more likely, + another cup run.

Third season, finish in european place + cup win

Etc etc.

So as you can see, this isn't going to be an immediate success story/series! However I ain't going to complain if I do have success early on!

It's going to be a long series and hopefully you guy's will come along for the journey. Will be monthly updates, with a live com on each episode (apart from introduction episode).

Hope you will enjoy, my channel is below and the introduction video is below!

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