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World Class Team

  1. World Class Team

    I'm at the top of the table and I can't beat a team at the bottom of the table, i've tried restarting and I've used every strategy possible, and just to troll me, the one time I win 3 of my star players get injured, one already being injured before. I think I broke the record for most swear words said thanks to this game that I will continue to play, how they make a game like this I don't know...

  2. Post Your Frustrations

    Thats the thread you want, but seriously get over it. Losses like that happen all the time IRL and in game. Losing is something you have to accept not just Restart the game. Why do that? Losing is part of life and football and gaming. Accept it
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  3. Losses like that are what makes football football. Otherwise you'd know who was going to win before each match happens.

  4. What they said. THIS IS FOOTBALL! Manchester City, Real, or Barca don't win every game, and you won't either. It is what makes football fun, and is a fact of footballing life.

  5. 10/10 Fantastic read. Great story mate, please give us more!!
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  6. But look at their tables, they lose rarely, and that's against top teams not division 3 teams lol

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