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Spennymoor Town: On The Up!
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  1. Celticthroughandthrough88

    Spennymoor Town: On The Up!


    Hello all, this is my first attempt at an FM story so here goes. I decided to download the additional leagues database in England down to level 9 because if you are going to do lower league management why not do it on a grand scale? The obvious aim of the challenge is to get my team to the top of the pile, the Premier League and the Champions League, and I am hoping you will follow my journey.

    I will be doing monthly updates using screenshots etc, this was just an introductory post.

    *Just another thing I looked up the team on Wiki and it turns out they won this division three years in a row 2010-2012, yet never "applied" for promotion, so hopefully this will not be a stumbling block!

  2. Celticthroughandthrough88
    July 2012:

    Just the one friendly this month against the reserves which ended disappointingly. Obviously no new signings played in this match so this was the performance of the team I inherited.

    We were quite busy in the transfer market, bringing players in where they were needed. Unfortunately I lost a 5* player (Gareth Waite) but I have brought players in who are capable of filling his boots :

    For anyone who is interested I am going to be using three very simple tactics in which I have tried not to over-complicate any of the player instructions:

    Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-tactics-overview.png Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-tactics-overview-2.png Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-tactics-overview-3.png

    * When the competitions start player of the month and league table will be included.
    * Don't know how to get rid of the thumbnails, hopefully none will appear on the next post!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-fixtures-schedule-july.png   Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-fixtures-schedule-july.png   Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-fixtures-schedule-july.png  

    Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-transfers-history.png  
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  3. Celticthroughandthrough88
    August 2012

    The League kicked off and we got off to a great start. The month of August was good, although some injuries were picked up and obviously there was the one defeat about which I am very unhappy.

    These results leave us second in the table so I am confident about they year ahead:

    I was busy in the transfer market and signed a bunch of new players:

    Anyone who watched Football's Next Star will notice that I signed one of the finalists I believe, Hicham Abdellah. A bit of a step down for him, Inter Milan to Spennymoor Town FC but from his first few games I can see why he did not win!

    Player of the Month:
    Steven Richardson did exactly what a striker should do, he scored important goals. He scored the winners in two games and for this alone he merits the award.

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  4. Celticthroughandthrough88
    September 2012:

    The league is well and truly underway now and my team have hit the ground running. A series of impressive victories have propelled Spennymoor Town F.C into first place. Also there was a cup victory over Liverpool! (AFC Liverpool)

    The League Table: (Notice recently relegated Darlington and also a team called Celtic Nation, if I had seen them earlier I would have gone them but Spennymoor found me first!)

    I have been striving to constantly improve my squad and also offload any players that earn money in any form, that is why I had to let my class striker Steven Richardson go, he had a £250 appearance fee, so 40 games would cost me £10000!

    Player of the Month- Oliver Forsyth
    This boy was signed in September and yet made an incredible impact. He has scored 7 goals in 5 games and also sets them up for his team mates, at just 19 years of age! Who needs Steven Richardson?

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  5. Celticthroughandthrough88
    October 2012

    Mixed bag this month, advanced in both cups which brought in some cash but lost the chance to extend the gap at the top of the league. The last minute defeat to Newcastle Benfield was tough to take.

    Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-spennymoor-town_-fixtures-schedule.png

    Which leaves me with a 3 point gap:

    Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-northern-league-division-one_-overview-stages.png

    Player of the month:
    Romone McCrae, midfield dynamo, played every minute this month and put in some huge performances in the cup and also stood out in the poorer performances.

    Spennymoor Town: On The Up!-romone-mccrae_-overview-profile.png

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  6. Interesting read so far keep it up mate

  7. Celticthroughandthrough88
    Quote Originally Posted by Trotty View Post
    Interesting read so far keep it up mate
    Cheers mate!

  8. Celticthroughandthrough88
    November 2012


    Wow! We went on one of those dreaded FM 2013 winless runs, and picked up just 1 win in November. It was not even in the league. I need to sort my team out or we risk slipping really far down the league. We were 2-0 up in three of the matches and let those leads slip, dominated matches with 6 clear cut chances compared to 3 shots of the opposition yet we lose! Something needs to change...

    League Table:
    We lost our lead, and let other teams back into the race. Shocking form, and we got what we deserved.

    Player of the Month:

    Romone McCrae- once again he impresses, scoring goals in games but we just couldn't keep the lead. Still a good individual month.

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  9. hi m8

    really interested in this story. would also love to open these leagues up but am a complete techno phobe. can you possibly give me an idiots guide on how to do it please buddy

  10. #10
    Good Luck! Keep updating

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