Alright guy's and welcome to what's sure to be one hell of a story. The aim of this story is to take a "junior" football side to the top division and even get them into Europe. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the word "junior" then it's a term in Scotland used non-professional sides, pretty much like part time but worse (I think, not sure myself. Better just Google it!)

Now this journey is going to take place in Scotland. I've downloaded a new league formation from this site, if I could remember who did it then I would give you credit it but if you read this then you will know who you are! There is now 13 leagues in Scotland with this edited data and a lot more money has been pumped into our game. However I'm going to be beginning my journey with Auchinleck Talbot. A junior side in Scotland which has been put into the "SFL Second Division" in the edited data. That's the 5th league in the new system.

Name - Auchinleck Talbot FC
Year Founded - 1909
Nickname - The 'Bot
Stadium - Beechwood Park (2,600)
Fierce Rivals - Cumnock Juniors
Honours - 9x Scottish Junior League Cup

Alright, so we're currently sitting in SFL Second Division, with the new League System there is 13 leagues. Shown below -

Clydesdale Bank Premier League (16 teams)
Clydesdale Bank Premier Leag
ue 2 (16 teams)
Scottish Football League Premier League (18 teams)
Scottish Football League First Division (20 teams)
Scottish Football League Second Division (20 teams)
Scottish Football League Third Division (20 teams)
Scottish Football League Fourth Division (24 teams)
Scottish Football League Fifth Division (24 teams)
Scotia Super League (24 teams)
Scotia Premier League (24 teams)
Scotia Championship (24 teams)
Scotia League One (18 teams)
Scotia League Two (16 teams)

So out of the 13 leagues, we're in the 5th domestic league. It's not the lowest I know, but it wasn't myself who put Auchinleck in that league. I never took screenshots of all the leagues because there was so many but I'm sure above still get's the point across. Our league table is below however.

Alright, that's the introduction of this story done. It's time to get into the game! Not really sure how Im going to update this, maybe every couple of months or so until we hit the bigger leagues. However I don't mind doing monthly updates. I'm sure you guys can let me know what you would prefer. But until next time...