Rot-Weiss-Essen - A Bumpy Road Back Up!

  1. Rot-Weiss-Essen - A Bumpy Road Back Up!

    I thought i'd try me on a story again (last one is 2 years ago and i never continued it here)
    Hope you can understand everything(German obviously ) and please leave comments

    //Everything written down below is in the perspective of Manager Marco Matisz!//

    Evening folks!

    First off, let me introduce myself.

    My Name is Marco Matisz
    Born in Essen, West Germany, 31 years ago, my dream has always been to play football for my local Club:

    Rot Weiss Essen

    Today, I'm one of the latest Football Stars my city produced. I followed the path of the likes of Helmut Rahn, Willi Lippens, Otto Rehagel and Horst Hrubesch.
    After i played for the Team i always dreamed of, I even played for Bayern Munich and the German National Team.
    Unfortunately 2 years ago a bad injury kicked my out of my playing career and i moved back to Essen.
    Not wanting to get out of Football i made my Coaching License and promptly had an offer on my table.

    My Home Team in Essen were struggling ever since I left them and so I didn't even hesitate to say yes.

    So here I am:

    Coach of Rot Weiss Essen

    • Playing in the Regionalliga West (4th League of Germany)
    • Founded in the year 1907
    • Won the German Championship in 1955
    • German Cup in 1953 and Runner up in 1994
    • Fierce Rivals are Schalke 04, Wuppertal and Düsseldorf
    • Other Rivals are the local Clubs in the Ruhr-Rhine Area
    • Media Prediction 4th

    But that's enough about the clubs past. Lets see what they have to offer me today!

    The current Team Leaders are league standard but not the best.

    Christian Telch (DR)

    Max Dombrowka (DR)

    Kevin Grund (DL)

    Holger Lemke (AMR)

    Markus Heppke (AMC)

    I'll definitely have to get some players for the Central Defender Role and a lot of backups as my reserve bank is quite bad.
    After that I need to hire new coaches. I almost fired all of the current coaches.

    Well that's it for this week. A lot to take in for me and for sure for you.

    I'll text you next time when the pre-season and all my transfers are done!


  2. Pre-Season

    Hi there!

    As promised I'll keep you updated how its going after I finish my pre-season.
    Lets start with the transfers I made:

    Albert Alex - 21y - DC - Free
    Tim Hagedorn - 26y - MC - Free
    André Schmidt - 23y - DC - Free

    Maximilian Schreier - 25y - MC - Free
    Jan Jensen - 28y - DM - Free
    Sebastian Jansen - 24y - DC - DC - Free
    Maik Rodenberg - 23y - DC - Free
    Phillip Kunz - 25y - GK - Free

    With the transfers sorted out lets go and have a look at our matches.

    [2nd League Netherlands] (Friendly)
    RW Essen vs FC Emmen
    3 - 1
    Pires-Rodrigues, Ellmann(2)

    [4th League North Germany] (Friendly)
    Meppen vs RW Essen
    1 - 2
    Soukou, Lenz

    [2nd League Germany] (Friendly)
    RW Essen vs SC Paderborn
    1 vs 2

    We weren't brushed aside, it would be even fair to say we managed to stay in control of the match,
    but they showed us why they are in the 2. Bundesliga and we're not! 10 to 5 shots on target in favour for us
    and they won.
    We even failed to score from a penalty.

    [3rd League Belgium] (Friendly)
    Geel-Meerhout vs RW Essen
    0 - 2
    Grund, Hagedorn

    [4th League Netherlands] (Friendly)
    Quick '20 vs RW Essen
    0 - 3
    Wagner(2), Soukou

    7 God-Like Chances and 3 Goals. Again, we need to learn how to score. Another curiosity: Vincent Wagner, who just scored 2 Goals is our super backup(Maybe even starting?).
    He plays best as Central Defender but is equally adept at playing Striker. How weird is that? He even scored 2 Goals!

    That's it for pre-season. Would've liked to sign more quality players but our reputation and budget unfortunately didn't allow anything else.
    Got to make-do with what I have and we can be confident to play for promotion.

    Winner of the pre-season:
    Cebio Soukou! AMC (19 years old)

    Impressed me on the field and will start in the first season game.

    Current Squad and most likely Starting line-up for the first game:

    Thats it for the pre-season. See you next month when I keep you updated how august went for us!

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  3. Sehr gut. Haven't seen many regional German stories here, so hope you'll update regularly.

  4. August

    Quote Originally Posted by kewlwarez View Post
    Sehr gut. Haven't seen many regional German stories here, so hope you'll update regularly.
    Planning on doing so

    __________________________________________________ _____

    And again, here I am!

    August 2012

    Lets get straight to business.

    Our Captain came to me and told me the players wanted to play another friendly before the season starts.
    And with the season still 3 weeks away i agreed and arranged a game against Fortuna Köln. They are in the same league as us but we play them in 2 months. So no problem there.
    Also, the board accepted my plea for a Link with Borussia Mönchengladbach! Lets just hope they will send us players down.
    Right after the contract was signed they told us they planned to send us Maik Odenthal,
    a 19 year old prospect on the left hand side. He's not the best but free!

    At last i changed our captaincy to Vincent Wagner with new signing André Schmidt as his co-captain.

    [4th League Germany] (Friendly)
    RW Essen vs Fortuna Köln
    2 - 4 loss on penalties

    After the Match Gladbach sent us 4 players on Loan. Lets hope they'll be able to help.

    Maik Odenthal - 19y - AML - Loan
    Muhittin Bastürk - 21y - MC - Loan
    Alexander Bieler - 19y - DMC/MC - Loan
    Martin Kompalla - 19y - GK - Loan

    Let's start the season then!
    By the way,
    some of you may know that we just build a new Stadium with a capacity of 20,650 people. It's build to be upgraded and this weekend is our first official game in there!
    Let's go!!!!

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    RW Essen vs Sportfreunde Siegen
    4 - 1
    Koep(2), Ellmann, Dombrowka

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    FC Schalke 04 II vs RW Essen
    2 - 1

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    RW Essen vs SC Wiedenbrück 2000
    1 - 0

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    FC Köln II vs RW Essen
    0 - 3
    Pires-Rodrigues, Lenz(2)

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    RW Essen vs Wuppertaler SV Borussia
    2 - 0
    Lemke, Soukou

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    Borussia Mönchengladbach II vs RW Essen
    2 - 5
    Bastürk, Koep, Dombrowka, Heppke(2, 1 pen.)

    So that was it for August.
    I'm pretty happy about the way we performed. 5 wins and a loss is a great result.
    Although we lost away against our bitter rivals Schalke we managed to win in good fashion against Wuppertaler SV, our other rivals.
    The biggest downside is our loss of Marvin Ellmann who is out injured for 2 to 3 months.
    Time for Lukas Lenz to get into the starting line-up.
    Other than that we're looking good and ready to face September!

    Player of the Month:

    Benedikt Koep

    He scored 3 Goals and assisted another 3. Hope he will continue to play like this. Heppke was close behind him.

    At last the league table.
    Cya next week!


  5. September

    Aaand on it goes!


    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    RW Essen vs SC Rot Weiss Oberhausen
    2 - 0
    Koep, Wagner

    Double yellow for Koep, and Lenz is out for around 7 weeks. What great start into the new month.

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    SC Verl vs RW Essen
    2 - 2
    Bastürk, Lemke(pen.)

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    RW Essen vs SSVg Velbert
    4 - 1
    Koep, Soukou, Hagedorn, Lemke

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    Sv Begisch Gladbach 09 vs RW Essen
    0 - 0

    Koep got sent of again. What is wrong with him?

    [Regionalliga West] (Official)
    FC Kray vs RW Essen
    1 - 2
    Heppke, Telch

    Definitely feeling we could've won against Verl and Gladbach. Those 4 Points should have put us to the top dammit.
    Anyway, we are unbeaten since the Schalke game and can dream of great things to come.
    But the dreaming has to go on without Kompalla and Bieler who I both sent back to Borussia Mönchengladbach.

    Player of the month this time is Cebio Soukou


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