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Time to break the Old Firm Stranglehold - Greenock Morton.

  1. Time to break the Old Firm Stranglehold - Greenock Morton.

    (INTRODUCTION) ~ Alright lads! Welcome to my new story with Greenock Morton where I will be attempting to "break the old firm stranglehold". With Rangers down in the third division and Celtics attention focused more on Europe, then there's never been a better time to attempt to break it, however that being said we need to get promoted first! Hope you guy's will enjoy this story as much as I will have playing it. Anyone unfamiliar with the side I've chosen, then don't worry - I've put some basic information below. Would like to give "Stone Cold" a lot of credit as it was his Aberdeen story which inspired this, which is why the layouts may look similar. Hope you don't mind.

    Name - Greenock Morton
    Nickname - The Ton
    Stadium - Cappielow Park (11,612)
    Season Ticket Holders - 1,200
    Fierce Rivals - St Mirren

    Summer Signings ~
    Jackson Irvine
    (MC/DC) from Celtic - (Season Loan)
    Robbie Thomson (GK)from Celtic - (Season Loan)
    Nicky Low (ML) from Aberdeen - (Season Loan)
    Richie Towell (DR/MR) - (Free Transfer)

    We had no transfer budget to play with, so I had to work on loans and free transfers. Even though four signings, doesn't look a lot for a team that is hoping to challenge for the title, I am happy with what I've done. I didn't want to bring in players which wasn't needed and spent wages on players we really didn't need. We already had very capable players to get us up in my opinion, just needed a few extra more to give us that boost.

    Friendlies ~
    Mussleburgh Athletic 0 - 2 Morton
    Ayr United 1 -
    1 Morton
    Morton 1 - 1 Dundee
    Irvine Meadow 0 -
    2 Morton
    Morton 2 - 4 Middlesbrough

    Our pre-season went pretty well as well, with a few good performances. Nothing really to complain about, sure we maybe should of beat Ayr and as a Kilmarnock fan myself, I would of loved to have beaten them. But that's just nit picking in my opinion as our performance was very good. We even put up a good showing against Middlesbrough and if we had taken more of our chances, then I'm sure we would of got at least a draw out of that game. All in all, we look ready for the new campaign to begin.

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  2. August
    1. Early exit from Challenge Cup

    2. Undefeated start in the League

    3. Surpass expectations in League Cup, rewarded with home tie v Hearts

    (Challenge Cup 1st Round)
    Partick Thistle 2-1 Morton
    Peter Weatherson

    (League Cup 1st Round)
    Morton 4-1 Elgin City
    Peter Weaterson x3
    Peter MacDonald

    Patrick Thistle 3-3 Morton
    Peter Weatherson
    Jason Naismith
    Peter MacDonald

    Morton 2-0 Dumbarton
    Nicky Low
    Andy Graham OG

    Livingston 1-2 Morton
    Peter Weatherson
    Peter MacDonald

    (League Cup 2nd Round)
    Morton 2-1 Livingston

    Richie Towell
    David Graham

    League Table

    Superb start to the season, well above expectations. Only been three games in I know, however we've picked up some fantastic results against Partick Thistle and Livingston.

    Player of the Month

    Peter Weatherson

    Average Rating - 8.0

    Superb start to the season from Weatherson, who has scored six goals in all competitions already. If we can keep him scoring the goals, then we should have no problem continuing to get points throughout the season.

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  3. Rangers. Follow Manchester United Modern Day Legend
    Impressive start, good luck.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    Impressive start, good luck.

    Thanks mate.

  5. September

    1. Our undefeated start to the League continues.

    2. Pushed Hearts to Extra-Time in the League Cup

    Falkirk 2-2 Morton
    Peter Weatherson
    David Graham

    2-2 Raith Rovers
    Peter MacDonald x2

    4-1 Hamilton
    Jason Naismith x2
    Peter Weatherson
    David Graham

    Morton 3-0 Aidrie United
    David Graham
    Nicky Low
    Richie Towell

    (League Cup 3rd Round)
    0-1 Hearts (AET)

    Dunfermline 2-3 Morton
    Nicky Low x2
    Richie Towell

    League Table

    What a great sight, after eight games in to the season we sit top of the league by two points. It's been a superb start to the season and have yet to taste defeat in the league. All the players are chipping in for goals and it seems our defence is starting to become harder and harder to break down every game.

    Player of the Month

    David Graham
    Average Rating - 7.90

    A superb month by my winger, who had 5 assists throughout the month and even chipped in with three himself as well.

  6. October & November
    (October only had 3 games, so I did two months for this update)

    1. Unbeaten run comes to an end

    2. We remain top of the league

    3. Hearts broken by a 5th minute injury time goal by Rangers

    Morton 2-0 Partick Thistle
    Peter Weatherson
    Kevin Rutkiewicz

    Morton 3-4 Cowdenbeath
    Peter Weatherson
    Peter Low
    Jackson Irvine

    Dumbarton 1-1 Morton
    Nicky Low

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round
    Morton 2-3 Rangers
    Tony Wallace
    Peter MacDonald

    Morton 2-0 Livingston
    Martin Hardle
    David Graham

    Morton 3-1 Falkirk
    Tony Wallace x2
    Nicky Low

    Raith Rovers 2-0 Morton

    Hamilton 0-0 Morton

    Airdrie United 2-3 Morton
    Peter MacDonald
    David Graham
    Kevin Rutkiewicz

    League Table

    As you can imagine, I'm very happy with our performance this season. The unbeaten run may be gone, however that wasn't really a goal from the start. Sitting top of the league and looking strong. Even with the dropped points we'still have our two point gap.

    Just a quick mention regarding the Rangers game in the Scottish Cup. Absolute gutted, was 2-0 down at half-time and then a superb fight back in the 2nd half brought it back to 2-2. We played brilliant the full game and could even argue we deserved to win the game, however a goal in the 95th minute took it all away from us. Very proud performance, but we deserved better.

    Player of the Month(s)

    Kevin Rutkiewicz
    Average Rating - 7.66

    This seems to be changing every time, but that's a good thing ~ is it not? Superb performances from by big centre back. Being tight at the back and even popping up the front now to score a few goals. Overall commited to the team.

  7. Following as im from Greenock haha

  8. Rangers. Follow Manchester United Modern Day Legend
    Good result against thistle, Looking good for promotion.

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