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Red Devils Domination

  1. Red Devils Domination

    MANCHESTER UNITED Attachment 284914

    This is my first story so be kind, not sure if this is even in the right place, been a long time reader but never done a story of my own.
    Broke my arm 3 weeks ago which coincided with FM 2013 being released( I know drastic action) so i have plenty of time on my hands to get into this.
    I decided to go for Man Utd as i have heard that people are having a tough time with the game so far this year and felt they would be a good challenge yet still enjoyable. They certainly have been as im in the year 2021/2022 season so have a big story to write up one handed.
    My aims were to use my Youth system
    Bring in mainly youngsters
    Win as much as possible
    First off get the League Back off City

    Transfers out ; mainly youth players on loan and Bebe as nobody wanted him even for free! Jonny Evans joined AC Milan for £9 Million
    Anderson went to Everton for £4.2 million
    Finally Ashley Young joined Tottenham for £15 million

    Transfers in;
    Gareth Bale for only £24 million a steal at that price, they bought Ashley Young with the proceeds!
    Davide Santon was the other for £12 million as a good prospect as Buttner is shocking and i dont like Evra

    Pre Season

    6 - 0 Man Utd Reserves
    Rooney 2 Hernandez 2 Van Persie 2

    3 - 0 Port Vale
    Hernandez Rooney Powell

    2 - 0 Jiangsu
    Cleverly Giggs

    0 - 1 Beijing Guoan
    First loss of pre season, used a completly reserve side and it showed big time
    4 - 0 Benfica
    Scholes Bale Giggs Nani

    Next up is my first official game in charge against Fulham


    My first team is as follows
    De Gea GK
    Rafael DR
    Vidic DC
    Ferdinand DC
    Santon DL
    Fletcher MC
    Carrick MC
    Valenica AMR
    Kagawa AMC
    Bale AML
    Van Persie ST

    Jones and Smalling will both get game time to help them develop, Nani will rotate with Valencia and Hernandez will get some game time, Rooney will play in Midfield , attacking midfield and upfront depending on injuries and fatigue.

    2 - 0 Fulham A
    Van Persie 36 Nani 75

    3 -1 Wigan H
    Rooney 56 Van Persie 65 Hernandez 86

    Good come back against Wigan was 0-1 down at half time had a massive go at the team brought Rooney and Hernandez on and they reacted superbly.

    Player of the Month
    Red Devils Domination-van.png

    Had to be Van Persie new to the club yet scored in both games he has played in.


    Champions League group is not tough but i was hoping for one easy team to use my reserves in, instead i have a group where any of these teams can spring a suprise on me;

    0 - 1 Swansea A
    Terrible result, had a first team out aswell due to the international break but they won it at the death.

    2 - 2 Stoke H
    Van Persie 26, 43

    Took a 2 -0 lead into the break yet still managed to only come away with a draw, tired legs of older defence may be the cause, Vidic, Ferdinand and Evra all being the wrong side of 30

    Champions League Group B
    1 - 1 Galatasary H
    Santon 24

    Lost another lead late on, not the start i had in mind

    2 - 3 Chelsea
    Bale 75 Nani 86
    Tried to mount some sort of a comeback late on but its a big lost to one of our main rivals for the League.

    Capital One Cup 3rd Round
    2 - 0 West Brom
    Van Persie 56 Rooney 89
    Played the reserves for this cup game but had to put the big guns on for the second half to get anything from the game

    1 - 0 West Brom H
    Van Perise 45 P
    Just glad to get back to winning ways even if it was a lucky win.

    All in all a poor month 2 wins in 6 is not Champions Material hopefully bounce back next month with some better results.

    Player of the Month

    Red Devils Domination-per-2.jpg
    Had to be Van Persie again 4 goals in 6 games even though we played poorly.

  4. October
    Won 5 out of 6 this month and am back on track in the league aswell as europe and the cup

    2 - 1 Schalke A
    Van Persie 38 Rafael 56

    Good win to start the month off they could only manage a consolation goal in injury time

    4 - 1 Liverpool A
    Bale 14 Valencia 46 Suarez o.g 48 Valencia 52

    Best win this season so far not only against fierce rivals but in their own backyard. Everything happened in the space of 6 mins in the second half then not even a highlight!

    2 -2 Sunderland H
    Fletcher 26 Ferdinand 56

    They came back with 2 goals in 4 minutes with 80 minutes gone and i was raging to say the least, Adam Johnson running about 80 yards then running into the net!

    1 - 0 Udinese A
    Vidic 12

    Good away win in the Champions League and second in a row meaning qualification should be easy to come at Old Trafford.

    2 - 0 Reading H
    Van Persie 42 Hernandez 82

    Capital One Cup 4th Round
    3 -2 Aston Villa A
    Fletcher 36 Valencia 92 Bale 108

    Lucky win in the end with Valencia coming on to bag the goal to bring it to extra time and Bale scoring a similar goal to win it, I have been drawn against Brighton in the next round so am confident of going far.

    Player of the Month
    Red Devils Domination-bale.png
    Could have been either winger really Bale or Valencia, Nani isnt getting a look in at the moment and these two are scoring for fun and setting each others goals up with crosses to the far posts.

  5. November

    5 wins in 7 sounds good but the draws were against weak teams i would expect to beat easily, im wearer of using my reserves in any games as i struggle just to win let alone win with any style.
    2 - 1 Arsenal A
    Hernandez 48 , 82

    Good result after going behind just before half time, Van Persie was having a mare against his old club but bringing on Hernandez sorted that out!

    1 - 0 Udinese H
    Valencia 4

    Booked our places into the knockout stages but was a very boring match zooming past without even so much as another highlight.
    2 - 0 Southampton H
    Bale 18, 53

    Bale comesback to haunt is former club with a brace and two similar goals both set up by Valencia

    3 - 0 West Ham A
    Kagawa 14, 46 Evra 66

    Kagawa deciding to show up today was a suprise i was about ready to drop him for Rooney.

    1 -1 Galatasary A
    Ferdinand 46

    0 - 0 Norwich

    Two poor results in a row were i got to confident after the 4 back to back wins and used reserves which backfired big time.

    Capital One Cup Quarter Final
    3 - 0 Brighton A
    Giggs 11 Hernandez 46, 69

    Good win in the cup as the reserves finally show up and do something another big help in the cup draw as i face Burnley in the Semi Finals

    Player of the Month
    Red Devils Domination-hern.png
    The Little Peas 4 goals in 2 games was enough for him to win it, Van Persie has been terrible recently failing to score in 8 games now, Hernandez may be the way forward!

  6. December

    5 wins in 8 but no losses is not bad as fatigue hits bad over Christmas with 4 games in 9 days stretching us to the limit

    3 - 0 Aston Villa H
    Rooney 27 P Evra 28 Valencia 32

    We just exploded in the space of 5 minutes going 3 up then doing nothing for the rest of the match

    1 - 1 Schalke H
    Jones 51

    We do enough to win the group meaning we hopefully get an easier tie.

    3 - 0 Everton A
    Bale 73 Valencia 78, 85

    3 -1 QPR A
    Rafael 1 Hernandez 78, 84

    1 - 0 Man City A
    Valencia 72

    4 - 0 Newcastle H
    Van Persie 9, 47 Ferdinand 51 Hernandez 89

    What a run of results 4 wins in a row in the league and 3 were away from home, The Man City game has to be the biggest result leapfrogging them and going top. Valencia is on fire at the moment and was nice to see Van Persie get a brace

    0 - 0 Tottenham H

    3 - 3 Wigan A
    Hernanadez 3 , 11 ,42

    Two poor results i put down to fatigue, nice to see Hernandez get a first half hat trick but we came from behind all 3 times against a Wigan side fighting relegation not Champion stuff.

    Player of the Month
    Red Devils Domination-val.png
    Had to be Valencia he has been one of the stars of the season so far along with Bale, 4 goals this month along with 3 assists means he showed us why Nani has played since September!

    Red Devils Domination-pre.png
    Premier League 2012
    Team Played Won Lost Draw Pts
    Man Utd 20 13 2 5 44
    Man City 20 12 2 6 42

    Chelsea 20 11 1 7 40

    As you can see only a 2 point lead with just over half the season gone but happy to still be in all the Competitions next month is the big month for the Capital One Cup

  7. January 2013 Transfers

    Transfers in Stefan Jovetic for £13.5 million and Leighton Baines as a part exchange for Tom Cleverly! I couldnt believe that one either.
    Red Devils Domination-jove.pngRed Devils Domination-baines.png

    Transfers Out Danny Welbeck to Chelsea for £15 million, Buttner to Swansea for £2 million and Evra to Leverkusen for £7.5 million
    Red Devils Domination-da.jpgRed Devils Domination-but.jpgRed Devils Domination-evra.jpg

    All in all a good transfer window Baines will play ahead of Santon in the side now, Jovetic has not got a definite place but was transfer listed and too cheap to even think off passing up.
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  8. January

    8 out of 9 wins this month with the other being a draw so very productive, Baines has fit in well and Jovetic has had some game time. Made it into the Capital One Cup Final and kept up with Man City in the league.

    2 - 0 Fulham H
    Kagawa 34 Hernandez 59

    FA Cup 3rd Round
    3 -1 Bournemouth
    Ferdinand 13 Valencia 18, 85

    Capital One Cup Semi Final First Leg
    3 - 0 Burnley A
    Kagawa 35 Fletcher 55 Hernandez 81

    3 - 0 Swansea H V
    Van Persie 10 Bale 34, 37

    Stoke 2 - 1 A
    Bale 17, 78

    5 wins in a row has helped my teams confidence go sky high and its nice to see that the goals are getting around the whole team so were not dependant on 1 player.

    1 - 1 West Brom A
    Bale 26

    Capital One Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg
    1 - 1 Burnley H
    Win on Agg 4 - 1

    Glad to be through to my first Cup Final and hopefully get my first silverware, we face Tottenham who are currently fourth but have Europa League commitments either side of the Cup Final

    FA Cup 4th Round
    4 - 1 Arsenal H
    Kagawa 11, 71 Nani 18 Valencia 29

    3 - 0 Chelsea H
    Van Persie 14 Bale 59 Kagawa 89

    Two good wins to finish off the month especially the Chelsea win in the league as they are currently 3rd right behind me and Man City.

    Player of the Month
    Red Devils Domination-ka.png
    Kagawa getting 5 goals and 5 assists this month, he has been on fire playing in that central role just behind van Persie.

  9. Febuary

    4 wins in 6 games and the most important was the first chance for silverware. Not only winning the Capital One Cup but winning it in style against a very good Tottenham side.

    2 - 0 Liverpool H
    Bale 6 Nani 93

    2 -1 Sunderland A
    Jovetic 1 Kagawa 36

    FA Cup 5th Round
    0 - 0 Sunderland H

    Champions League 1st Knockout Round 1st Leg
    0 - 3 Shakhter A

    Capital One Cup Final
    3 - 1 Tottenham N
    Kagawa 7 Lloris o.g 20 Bale 32

    FA Cup 4th Round Replay
    2 - 4 Sunderland A
    O shea o.g 20 Ferdinand 43

    Strange feeling winning the Capital One Cup in between effectively going out of the other two competitions i was gunning for.

    Red Devils Domination-ca.jpg
    First trophy to go in the cabinet but definetly not the last.

    Player of the Month
    Red Devils Domination-kag.jpg
    Second Player of the Month award for Kagawa as everything goes through him he bossed the midfield in the cup game and started the scoring

  10. March

    4 -1 Reading A
    Fletcher 36 Federici o.g 38 Jovetic 41 Kagawa 91

    Champions League 1st Knockout Round 2nd Leg
    3 - 1 Shakhter H
    Van Persie 22 Fletcher 35 Bale 64
    Lost 4 -3 on aggregate.

    0 - 1 Southampton A

    4 - 0 Arsenal H
    Van Persie 6, 24 Vidic 49 Bale 86

    4 - 0 West Ham H
    Bale 21 Rooney 50, 59 Nani 54

    4 good wins out of 5 funny how the team i lost to you would have said were the worst team currently in 20th in the league, glad to get some pride back with the Shakhter win and thumping Arsenal is always pleasing, despite winning a lot of league games since Christmas i am still neck and neck with Man City
    Player of the Month
    Red Devils Domination-baled.jpg
    3 goals and 4 assists mean that their was no other choice than Gareth Bale this month

    Next month is a big month in the league as i am out of other cup competitions and Man City are not and they have to face Chelsea and Arsenal away in the league so hopefully i could wrap the league up

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