The Story of one man

  1. The Story of one man

    The Journey begins

    hey guys i have struggled to find the right team on Fm13 so i have decided to do a manager's journey...i did a random select and it gave me Swansea so i will start with them and the aim will be there as long as possible..also i will hopefully take international jobs too and try and learn as many languages as possible..i hope you guys will follow me on this journey..

  2. I'll follow................good luck

  3. I woke this morning and put my computor on and looked at thee bbc football my suprise and then fits of laughter i saw an Azerbaijan team had appointed a guy who got the job because he play football manager i said to my self this is not april the 1st...i had my breakfast and put sky sports new and first thing i noticed was MICHAEL LAUDRUP RESIGNS AS MANAGER OF i thought as a laugh i would apply like the bloke did in Azerbaijan....

    3 days later

    My phone rang at 5pm it was Hew Jenkins the chairman at swansea

    Hew: good morning mr barber how are u today
    Me: good morning i am good thank you
    Hew: i will be blunt... i want u to come for a chat about managers job here at the liberty.
    Me:errrm yeah thank you i will b there in the morning

    so i packed an over night in my car and drove from hartlepool to swansea thinking is this real

    after the meeting with hew he came to me and said i like your ideas of passing football and i want to offer you the job,but

    my mind thought noooooo i really wanted it now and i aint gonna get it cos i aint done me badges

    Hew: but we will pay for you to complete your badges so what do you say..

    Me: yes of course where do i sign

    2 days later i was introduced to the heart was in my mouth beacuse i knew what the questions would be..

    Press: who are you
    Me: my names is Chris barber and i am 25 years old
    Press:Hew have you gone mad this guy has no coaching badges and said he only applied for job because he played football manager.
    Hew:i would not have made the appointment unless i believed in him and what he wants to do. i think this press conference is over as all you will do is as these stupid questions..

    so i sat down with Hew and we discussed transfers...

    Hew: you will be given 10m to buy players
    Me: thank you i will spend it wisely..there a 2 players i want Ademielson and Anderson
    Hew:ok we will contact the clubs

    Players IN
    Ademsilson for 5.25m
    Anderson for 4.2m

    Players OUT
    Leroy Lita Loan-Ipswich
    Kemy Agustien laon-Blackpool
    Dernell Situ loan-Notts County

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tommytorres View Post
    I'll follow................good luck
    thanks i will try and make this gd for u all and 1st months results coming bout 12 as i have to pop out

  5. August update

    so i approached my 1st game in charge i was so nervous but Larsen came to me and said he believed in me and if i need any help to ask him...i felt much better after our chat because he was laudrups assistant i thought he may not want me here goes.

    Swansea 2 vs Spurs 2

    " A very good draw against the team that will be challenging for title this year and i a, proud of ademielson getting his 1st goal"

    Aston Villa 1 vs Swansea 1
    " i am devastated with this the ref added 3 mins of injury time and Villa scored in the 95th min the ref has explaining to do"

    Capitol one Cup
    Yeovil 0 vs Swansea 2
    Ademielson x2
    " a good solid win here with a 2nd string side and showed we have some very good Squad players if we need to change

    "A Good opening month in which i hope i will win over some of the doubters and with southampton next hopefully i can get my 1st league win and show what i can do"

    So League position--10th
    Capitol one Cup round 2 draw--Reading VS Swansea
    Top League scorer--Danny Graham..2

    With next update i will include:
    Job news
    Biggest transfers in england
    Capitol one cup draw(if still in)...

    Hope you guys enjoy

  6. September/October monthly review

    Top Ten Transfers
    1.Felliani-Chelsea 21m
    2.Baines- Man City 18.75m
    3.Benet-Man City-17.5m
    4.Gaitan-Man Utd-15m
    6.Ben Arfa-Chelsea-12m


    Swansea 2 vs Southampton 0

    My 1st win as manager man i am pleased i thought it was coming and the lads delivered for me and showed that they trust what i am trying to do.

    QPR 1 vs Swansea 1

    Man Utd 2 vs Swansea 1

    Capitol one cup 3rd round

    Reading 3 vs Swansea 2


    Swansea 1 vs reading 2

    Swansea 0 vsSunderland 1

    Fulham 3 vs Swansea 1

    Arsenal 3 vs Swansea 2
    Graham x2

    A very Poor month in which i feared for my job i have to admit but we were playing a lot better than the results show,but i kno that i am in a results business..the 2 highlights of the 2 months were the 2-0 win against southampton and actually the 2-1 loss to man utd as we nearly got the draw but for a fergie time winner...i hope things will get better in the coming months

  7. Also i signed a Spanish DM called Borja on a free as back up

  8. Seems like u had a bit of trouble with reading

  9. yeah mate i know i just could not handle them...they will hopefully be an update later on however this may include my sacking at swansea tho but i will apply for other jobs if that becomes the case

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