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The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.
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  1. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee

    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.

    "Side Note - I have been playing Football Manager for over 10 years now, but have only just decided to sign up to FM-Base. I am going to be sharing my Manchester United story, in my 4th month so I will post them separate and then every month after that. As many other United fans, I was hurt when Aguero's scored that last gasp winner. So now I am aiming to wrestle back the Title of Manche$ter City, whilst fighting of the upcoming challenge of the new Chel$ki."


    In a shocking press conference, Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his decision to step down from the helm of Manchester United, saying "With a new challenge for Manchester United to compete against, I think a new manager, who is hungry and understands the pain the fans feel, should talk charge"

    Sir Alex also commented on how he will still be in the background, helping new manager, and ex-player, Shaun Popps.

    "I am excited to take charge of my boy hood team. There will always be pressure taking over such a job, especially from someone of the caliber of the boss. But with him still around, I think we will be okay."

    Sir Alex Ferguson hasn't left Popps with an awful lot to do, with the recent signings of youthful Nick Powell, and Talented Shinji "Red Samurai" Kagawa. But the signing that has grabbed the headlines was Robin Van Persie, from Arsenal.

    "In these situations, when you have to make a hard decision in your life, I always listen to that little boy inside me. What does he want? That boy was screaming for Manchester United."

    "Everyone knows me by now. I love football. I am quite principled in that perspective. It is always difficult to find the perfect match but I do feel this is the perfect match for me."

    In another shocking announcement, Shaun Popps has been unveiled as the man who will lead England down the road to Brazil.

    With such little experience, the are questions over why Popps has been given such high profile jobs, but if Sir Alex has confidence in this kid succeeding then I think we can at least give him a go. Who knows, maybe we have waited 46 years for Popps to come along, only time will tell.

    Popps, who has played 32 times for England and scored 12 goals, has signed a 1 year contract worth £60'000 p/w at Old Trafford.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________


    FOUNDED 1878
    Champions League/ European Cup:
    1968, 1999, 2008

    Premier League:
    1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999,
    2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011

    First Division Title:
    1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957
    1965, 1967

    FA Cup:
    1909, 1948, 1963, 1977, 1983, 1985
    1990, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2004

    League Cup:
    1992, 2006, 2009, 2010

    European Cup Winners Cup:

    European Super Cup:

    Intercontinental Cup:

    World Club Champions:

    Charity/Community Shield:
    1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1965
    1967, 1977 1983, 1990, 1993, 1994
    1996, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

    Manchester United have enjoyed their most successful spell during Sir Alex Ferguson, winning 12 Premier League titles and 2 Champions Leagues in that time.

    Also know as "The Red Devils", United share rivalries between:
    Leeds, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal with their biggest being Manchester City.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________


    The board have given me the aim to challenge for the title. I believe this is where the team should be aiming, saying we will win the title could backfire in the future, with competition such as Champions Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. My own personal aim is to finish in the top 3 and secure Champions League Football.

    I have also been charged with the tasks of
    1/ Reach the final of the FA CUP
    2/ Reach the Semi Final of the Champions League.

    I also want to win the Capital One Cup, and will use this as a chance to play some youngsters, players not getting much play time, and players regaining fitness.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________

    NATIONAL EXPECTATIONS (Rank 4 in world)

    With one manager resigning just months before the Euro 2012, England were led to by Roy Hodgson to the quarter finals, where defeat on penalties against Italy was inevitable, Roy announced before the tournament that he would be retiring from Managerial duties one the Euro was over, but expressed his pride in managing his home country.
    Within the candidates to take charge for the World Cup Qualifiers were; Stuart Pearce, Jose Mourinho, Alan Pardew and Arsene Wenger. But to every bodies surprise, the man who took charge of Manchester United just weeks before has pipped up the stack and landed the "Most Difficult Job In the World".

    The FA have given me the task of easily achieving qualification in the group stage.

    After looking though the group I have pinpointed my rivals to be Ukraine and Poland, with maybe Montenegro having a decent run.

    Group 8


    I plan on trying to bring young players through, especially in friendlies. I have upcoming friendlies, which are

    Romania 15/08/2012

    Bosnia 14/11/2012

    Spain 05/02/2012

    Brazil 11/06/2012

    I chose to have some difficult friendlies in order to see where my team is at after the first year or so.

    I will from no on, have new posts to show how England are doing, with updates and news on players/ matches/ and a screenshot of the other groups, with look ins into the worlds to 5 and how they are doing.
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  2. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee



    After meeting the staff, and listening to their view on the team, I looked more in depth to analyse what formations would work best and who my key players are going to be.

    Key Players

    Wayne Rooney - ST
    Nani -WG
    Nemanja Vidic - DC (Captain)

    Hot Prospects

    Nick Powell - AMC
    Angelo Henriquez - ST
    Micheal Keane - DRC

    My key players will be starting every game in the League and Champions League, where as my Prospects will start every COC game and teams below premiership in the FA Cup.


    I will be using Raikan007'2 Amazing amc tactic for my team, as I think it best suits the players I have. I will be making tweaks through out, and hopefully get some consistency going.
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-030707.bmp.jpg

    I will be retraining Rooney to a Midfielder as I think he has more to offer than just goals, and with the arrival of RVP, and Chicha + Welbeck coming through, I am okay for strikers.

    Looking at my team I feel some areas need improving especially Central midfield, because I don't think there is enough bite in the center, someone who can knock a few players around and win the ball for me.


    I will be looking to offload some players, to free up my wage budget and bring extra money in, so I can minimize the cost of players arriving. Here are my transfers:
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-031502.jpg
    I wanted to try and bring more money in than I spend, which I somehow managed to do. I sold of Young to Arsenal for £27m so I could fund a move for Gareth Bale, as I needed a Left footed winger, and Bale was my top target. Surprised to get him so cheap. Brought in Fellaini, to add that bite in midfield, swapped Ando and £7.5m, which I thought was a bargain, as Fellaini is a awesome midfielder who can cover every defensive roles, and can drop to defensive mid if needed. I also bought a few young players, Adryan for £875k, as he looks like one for the future, and for pretty much free. Jack Butland, as I wanted to sell off Lindergaard to free up wages. I also bought Thomas Ince for £6.5m but left him at Blackpool till end of season to gain more experience.
    Managed to free up some wages and bring in a nice transfer for Johnny Evans and Kiko Macheda.

    Starting Eleven
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-032517.bmp.jpg
    I have my 2 wingers who will feed the crosses for my striker, Rooney will arrive late for anything bouncing out and will also act as my main playmaker.
    I am quite happy with my squad atm, have a good mix of experience and youth, will eventually try and get Phil Jones and Tom Cleverley cemented into the first 11. looking forward to seeing Bale on the wing.

    Next update will be England Squad, aim and tactic. Feel free to tell me how I am doing, feedback is always welcome, as is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism
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  3. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee


    23-MAN SQUAD & Tactic

    I will be using my usual tactic that I use for United, in hope I will learn how to tweak it depending on the situation at hand. My main squad for the coming friendlies, barring injuries ofcourse, will be:
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-033815.jpg
    I am very happy with this squad, I want to implement youth into the team, so my back four isn't the strongest it can be, but I hope that will improve during the next 2 seasons, before Brazil, Rio. I will eventually be working Wilshere into the DLP position, as I think Frank is getting to old now, and I will hope to have either Adam Johnson or Daniel Sturridge playing plenty of first team football, as I need a left footed, winger. Tempted to play Baines there.
    My Captain for the campaign and hopefully Brazil aswell, Will be Steven Gerrard, with Wayne Rooney being handed the Vice Captaincy.
    I will be trying to keep the same squad, but will always look to bring in players who are on good form, and keeping my eye out for youth.

    Key Players

    Joe Hart - GK
    Ashley Cole - DL
    Steven Gerrard - AMC
    Wayne Rooney - ST

    Hot Prospects

    Jack Butland - GK
    Steven Caulker - DC
    Jack Wilshere - MC
    Danny Welbeck - ST

    My first game is a friendly against Romania, hope to play a full strength team, but will make changes where need be.

    Qualifying Campaign

    Groups 1-8 European

    Name:  WC A.jpg
Views: 667
Size:  17.8 KBName:  WC B.jpg
Views: 613
Size:  16.0 KBName:  WC C.jpg
Views: 611
Size:  17.7 KBName:  WC D.jpg
Views: 606
Size:  15.2 KBName:  WC E.jpg
Views: 609
Size:  16.7 KBName:  WC F.jpg
Views: 601
Size:  15.6 KB

    Name:  WC G.jpg
Views: 638
Size:  18.7 KBName:  WC H.jpg
Views: 614
Size:  17.4 KBName:  WC I.jpg
Views: 600
Size:  13.1 KB

    World Cup South America (This will be the only other group I will update on)
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-040017.bmp.jpg
    I will give updates about Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland, France, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. Brazil will only play friendlies though, as they are automatically in the World Cup. I will update after each England Squad Get Together.

    Next Update Manchester United Pre-seaon and England Friendly.
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  4. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee

    PRE-SEASON & Transfer Activity

    Manchester United Pre-Season

    Brilliant pre-season, 5 wins and unbeaten. Particularly the game against Benfica, absolutely dominated them.

    Tom Cleverley 2, Anderson 1

    Beerschot AC 1- MUFC 1
    Gareth Bale 1

    KV Mechelen 0 - MUFC 1
    Javier Hernandez 1

    Lierse 0 - MUFC 1
    Tom Cleverley 1

    Antwerp 0 - MUFC 2
    Wayne Rooney 1, Adnan Januzaj 1

    MUFC 3 - Benfica 0
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-104535.jpg
    Gareth Bale made a few good appearances and looks a real killer going forward. Tom Cleverley impressed, raking up 3 goals and 2 assists in three games. Will look to try and replace Carrick with him, if Carrick looses form.


    sign Stevan Jovetic £19M, Lisandro Lopez £18M and Martin Kelly £8.5M,
    Man City splash the cash on Leighton Baines £18.5M and Yohan Cabaye £17M,
    Whilst Tottenham used Bale's money to bring in Douglas Costa £12M, Andriy Yarmolenko £27.5M, Didier Yo Konan £13M and Christian Fuchs £12M.

    Expecting these 3 to be my main challenges, with Tottenham bringing in some top class players.


    England 4 - Romania 0
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-110653.jpg
    Excellent first game, dominated all aspects of the game, resulting in Romania have 2 shots. Steven Gerrard led by example as Captain, scoring and assisting 2 from AMC. Tom Clev once again looks like he has stepped up his game this year, alot to think about in terms of team selection. The sort of headache I enjoy tho.

    ​Next Update, Community Shield Result, and Opening 2 games to finish August of.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-103337.bmp.jpg  
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  5. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee



    Chelsea win Community Shield
    Good Start to Campaign
    Champions League Draw

    Community Shield
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-112401.jpg
    Eden Hazard and Oscar looking good in their first outing, whilst Jovetic is already proving his worth, aswell as Lisandro Lopez, could this be and exit point for Fernando Torres? Whilst City new boy Baines had an awful game against Oscar. Chelsea looking dangerous at first look.

    Wigan <H> 3-0
    Rooney (2), Cleverley (1)
    MoM - Rooney

    Stoke <A> 0-1
    Chicharito (1)
    MoM - Vidic

    Very happy with the result to Stoke, tough game going to the Brittania, was fouled countless times, but eventually Chicha's pace was too much for them.

    Player of the month
    Has to be Wanye Rooney, 2 goals in the opening game, and slotted to through ball to Chicha, for his goal against Stoke. Making that AMC spot his own.

    Champions League Draw
    Name:  Fullscreen capture 27112012 113823.bmp.jpg
Views: 588
Size:  13.1 KB
    Hardest Group I have had playing FM. Will do good to get out on top. Two of the richest sides in football, and the champions of Germany.


    Manager of the Month
    Roberto Di Matteo - Chelsea
    Wins against Tottenham and Southampton , along with 2 cups already, Communtiy shield and Euro Super Cup. Excellent start for the Spaniard.

    Player of the Month
    Djibril Cisee - QPR
    Scoring 4 goals in his first 2 games. Looking like QPR's talisman.

    Young Player of the Month
    Eden Hazard - Chelsea
    Goal on his debut and a rating of 7.6 in 2 games.

    Next update, September and Champions league/ COC openers

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  6. Decent signings there mate. Adryan is class!

  7. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee
    Cheers man. I know couldn't believe his release clause with them stats, unreal. Looks to be a future star to me. Thanks for dropping in

  8. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee



    First defeat
    Started Champions League
    Stared Capital One Cup
    World Cup Qualifiers Underway

    Name:  Barclays Premier League.jpg
Views: 575
Size:  8.8 KB

    1.09.2012 Tottenham <H> 2-0
    Bale (2)
    MoM - Bale

    Bale played brilliantly against his former club, leaving Walker eating his dust at times. Scored a cracker for his second, dribbling the ball from the half way line and slotting home from a tight angle.

    15.09.2012 Chelsea <A> 2-1
    Oscar (2) - Cleverley (1)
    MoM - Oscar

    Couldn't get hold of the game after scoring the first goal, Chelsea has possesion all game and didn't give me a sniff. Class act by Oscar.

    18.09.2012 Champions League
    PSG <A> 0-4
    Cleverley (1), Welbeck (3)
    MoM - Welbeck

    22.09.2012 Sunderland <H> 2-0
    Fellaini (1), Nani (1)p
    Valencia Injured
    Mom - Fellaini

    26.09.2012 COC
    Blackburn <H> 2-1
    Fletcher (1), Chicharito (1) - Rhodes (1)
    MoM - Fletcher
    Happy with the win, played my kids and players needing fitness. Fletcher played well on his first game back for me. Nice to have him playing.

    29.09.2012 Southampton <A> 3-0
    Kagawa (2), Shaw OG (1)
    MoM - Kagawa

    Player of the month
    Has to be Gareth Bale, played astonishing against his former club, and has racked up 5 assists and 2 goals in only his third month with United. Worthy for my player of the month accolade.

    Manager of the Month
    Roberto Di Matteo - has Chelsea sitting top of the table after that win against us.

    Player of the Month
    Edin Dzeko - Helped City win 5/6 games this month with a decent return of 5 goals.

    Young Player of the Month
    Phil Jones - Some cracking performances this month, vastly improving and looks to be a first team starter for me, with Ferdinand not put in very good displays.

    Overall, I'm happy this month, didn't expect anything from the Chelsea game, and managed to get both my cup campaigns of to a flyer. Good month considering RVP and Rooney were out injured

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    ENGLAND - World Cup Qualifiers
    07.09.2012 San Marino <A> 3-0
    P.Jones (1), A.Carroll (1), S.Gerrard (1)
    MoM - Steven Gerrard

    11.09.2012 Moldova <H> 3-0
    Gorbunoz OG (1), Welbeck (2)
    MoM - Phil Jones

    Great start to the qualifiers, considering we were missing key men in Wayne Rooney and Scott Parker. Welbeck seems to be enjoying his football this month, hopefully signs that English youth is coming through in first teams. Jones is already looking to be my first choice CB along with Cahill, both playing very well.

    Player of the Month
    Phil Jones - Goal in his first game, and MoM in his second. Always Improving his game and looking confident in the first team for England.

    Other Results include:

    Italy 2- 0 Bulgaria
    Italy 2 - 0 Malta

    Germany 2 - 0 Kazakhstan
    Germany 6 - 0 Faroe Islands

    Holland 4 - 0 Andorra
    Holland 5 - 2 Hungary

    Portugal 3 - 1 Israel
    Portugal 2 - 1 Russia

    Spain 3 - 0 Georgia
    Spain 2 - 0 France

    France 3 - 0 Belarus
    France 0 - 2 Spain

    Argentina 0 - 2 Peru
    Argentina 3 - 2 Columbia

    Nothing Out of the ordinary so far, Spain beating France was a given. But Argentina seem to be struggling, 1 loss and A close win over Peru and Columbia respectively. Spain looking the strongest team in the first 2 games.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-27112012-114144.bmp.jpg  
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  9. Poptastic's Avatar Poptastic
    Manchester United Trainee



    Hard Champions league games
    Good EPL run
    COC Cup Game

    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-champions-league1.jpg

    03.10.2012 !!!CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!
    Dortmund <H> 1-3
    Bale (1) - Lewandowski (2), Gotze (1)
    MoM - Lewandowski
    Dissapointed to lose like this at home, better team first half, could have been 3/4 up but failed to convert chances. Second half, Dortmund came out and didn't give me a chance.

    Everton <A> 1-2

    Rooney (2) - P.Neville (1)
    MoM - Rooney
    Something about players scoring against ex-teams this year

    West Brom <H> 2-0

    Welbeck (1), Fellaini (1)
    MoM - Evra

    24.10.2012 !!!CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!
    Zenit <A> 2-3
    Chicharito (2), Rooney (1) - Danny (1), Lazovic (1)
    MoM - Chicharito

    West Ham <A> 1-4
    Bale (1), Welbeck (1), Rooney (2) - O'Neil (1)
    MoM - Bale

    30.10.2012 COC
    Stoke <H> 1-0
    A.Henriquez (1)
    MoM - Fellaini

    Player of the Month
    Wayne Rooney has racked up 5 goals this month, 1 assist and a MoM performance at Goodison. My key player so far this season, no one can budge him from that AMC posistion, bar injury.


    Manager of the Month
    Shaun Popps - 3 good wins for us giving us a 5 point lead at the top of the table, only 9 games in.

    Player of the Month
    Wayne Rooney - 4 goals in 3, talisman for us this month.

    Young Player of the Month

    Phil Jones - Second month running, been a rock at the back paired with Vidic. Bright future.

    Very Happy with my league form this month, cracking results so far. If I had to be critical, I'd say wee need to work on our defense as we are leaking goals to often. VERY disappointing loss to Dortmund.

    Table Updates
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-28112012-234111.jpgThe War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-28112012-235209.jpg

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    ENGLAND - World Cup Qualifiers

    Ukraine <A> 1-2
    Pyatov OG (1), Welbeck (1) - Garmash (1)
    MoM - P.Jones

    Montenegro <H> 2-0

    Welbeck (1), Rooney (1)
    MoM - A.Johnson

    Another 6 points keeps me top of the table on GD over Poland who also have 4 wins. Danny Welbeck grabbing goals in both games, looking good in front of Rooney, with Gerrard on the right, playing some top crosses. Think I have a good balance in my team atm, with Jones and Cahill playing well together. Jones, again, is playing exceptional.

    Player of the Month
    Has to be Gerrard, putting in some top performances, Getting 2 assists and being a constant threat down the right wing.

    Table Update
    The War of Manchester - Taking Back The Title.-fullscreen-capture-29112012-000456.jpg

    Other Results:

    Italy 5-0 Armenia
    Italy 1-1 Denmark

    Germany 2-0 Sweeden
    Germany 1-0 Austria

    Holland 0-2 Turkey
    Holland 3-2 Romania

    Portugal 4-1 Azerbaijan
    Portugal 1-0 Luxenbourg

    Spain 2-1 Finland

    France 4-1 Georgia
    France 2-2 Finland

    Argentina 3-0 Venezuela
    Argentina 2-1 Paraguay

    Couple of Odd results, Especially with France, 4games 2wins, 1loss, 1draw.....Not so good. Holland also dropping points to Turkey. The mighty Spain rally on tho, as do Germany and Portugal. Germany still looking the most deadly, 4 wins and yet to concede.

    Excited about this England team, looking good with some good youth coming through.

    Going strong with United aswell, RVP looking off the pace, either getting injured or not putting in good displays. Will give him more chance throughout the season.

    Coming up - Long month with 5 EPL games but could qualify for europe with 2 games at home.

    Finally up to date with my story, would really appriciate any feedback, and will post my next update once November is completed.

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  10. going nicely mate

    post screenshots of the league table and fixtures, squad as well

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