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Cash strapped Birmingham City.
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  1. Cash strapped Birmingham City.

    I've started a new save with Birmingham and rather than posting loads of screenshots and typing a load of information on a thread, I've decided that it'll be a lot easier if I just record my screen and voice with FRAPS and just render and upload it to YouTube. It'll give me a lot of satisfaction to know that I'm getting subs, so even if you never watch one of my videos again, it'd mean the world to me if you subscribed. I'd like to see a few regulars though of course, but that's completely up to you. I tend to go through seasons quite fast so I will be uploading very regularly. Give me tips by all means and if you'd like to see any players' stats after a few seasons, then just post them here and I'll put them in the latest video (keep in mind though I've only just started). Thanks guys!
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  2. Keep me up to date with this mate blue nose myself , i usually start off in the league brilliant, then it all goes to pot close to the end of the season so id like to see how you get on !!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Reidyno1 View Post
    Keep me up to date with this mate blue nose myself , i usually start off in the league brilliant, then it all goes to pot close to the end of the season so id like to see how you get on !!
    Uploading 2nd episode now. It's all going to pot! Remember to leave them likes as it helps me out more than a lot of people can understand!

  4. Pre-season - August 31st 2012/13

    Very poor start to the season after 2 panic buys - which turned out to be my only 2 of the whole window. Managed to offload Zigic who was on 50k p/w - but I still have to pay 34k of his wages until July 2014 as Sheffield Wednesday couldn't afford him - but it's still 16k off the wage budget so it's all good! Loaned out 5 youth players and loaned in 2 AML's from Torquay and Halifax Town - both poor players, but I needed some squad depth, and with no money money whatsoever and at the time being my wage budget was -29k p/w so I panicked and took the players I could see! I won't wreck the scores of the 2 signings I made, you'll have to watch the video for that

    Episode Overview:
    • Brought in 2 players.
    • Loaned out 5 players and sold 2 big wage players for free.
    • Poor start to the season - knocked out in the league cup 1st round.
    • Lying 19th in the league after 3 games played.
    • £0 transfer budget and -3k p/w wage budget.
    Like I will always say guys, If you have any tips for me on how I can improve the team in any way please do say so as I would love to make the series where I gather as much input as possible from the viewers and implement them in to the game. If you have any tips for the videos, maybe you want something added in or taken out of the videos, then also say so!
    Thanks guys!

    Episode Link -

    I'm unsure as to why the video has the black areas above and beneath it and the previous video doesn't because I rendered them in the exact same format as each other. I'll look in to it.
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  5. At the start off mine i offloaded Gomis for 1.4m to monaco , sold doyle for 800k to fulham , spector for 2mil to bolton , Ibanez for 500k to ipswich and wade elliott to crystal palace for 300k . For players in i signed Tom Hateley from motherwell 200k upfront then 775k over 48 months , wellington nem 0 upfront then 3.5mil over 48 months , adryan 0 upfront 875k over 48 months and a defender from betis i cant remember his name 550k ooohh and oskar hiljemark 400k upfron and 800k over 48 months ,, Might seem alot but the monthly installments help so much , these players should help promotion a little easier as the money is ridiculous in the prem , but if you fail to make it out first attempt then your pretty much stuffed lol !! Hope if you start as blues again this helps.

  6. I'll be hopefully bringing this save through until FM14 comes out. I've finished my first transfer window now, but I'll definitely take a look at those players you mentioned. I'm always reluctant to sell my best players (Gomis, Elliot, Spector and Ibanez if Caldwell or Davies get injured) because I never think I'm going to sign anyone else and I'll just have to bring in youth players, which is what I'll have to do soon if I keep getting clustered with injuries in every game. I think that in FM14 they should introduce emergency loans for when you only have 1 player in your first team and reserves that can play in one position.

  7. I think I've fixed the black borders issue with the second episode. I must have accidentally selected an option that stretches the video, so I've deselected it and it's now re-rendering. Will upload in about 30 mins.

  8. yeah i was reluctant to sell but i could never get anyone to buy zigic so i had to think of another way of gettin rid of the wages , plus if you play zigic upfront with an amc and select zigic as a target man an set it to play balls to his head the amc will get you at least 15 goals a season easily ! im going to start a new save tonight and ill let you no how i get on .

  9. Okay!
    Sounds good. Maybe we could have a little competition between us? First to win the Champions League with Blues or something? :L

  10. I've deleted the stretched version and uploaded the full version now. No problems with it whatsoever.
    FM13 | Birmingham City | Episode 2 - It's all going to pot! - YouTube

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