Newcastle, a year in charge

  1. Newcastle, a year in charge

    As you will probably figure out, i'm new here and have never done this before, so i apologies if the layout isn't adequate or i come across a tool!

    Anyway, after downloading numerous different tactics and tips and failing i decided to put some effort in and create my own and get the satisfaction out of that. Every year i usually start my game as Portsmouth, being a fan and a season ticket holder 'n all. With our current financial situation it wasn't for me this year (maybe after this save). So i let the computer randomly select a team for me, luckily the dice landed on Newcastle (Seem to be overpowered in my favor)

    Note: First year (2012/2013) complete, this is how it went down :

    Newcastle United Transfer and Wage budget for the season 2012/2013

    Euro Cup qual. = 7.25m transfer - 850k wage

    Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00001.jpg

    My first task was to try and raise more transfer funds and get rid of any players i thought were dead wood, players like Guitierrez, Sylvain Marveaux, Collocini and Mike Williamson had to go. I was pleased that this task was easy and in particular recieving 10 million for Jonas Guitierrez. As you can see i managed to raise £39.5M on outgoing transfers which gave me a nice budget to bring in young talented players.

    I also had to strengthen my defence after selling two first team centre backs and right backs. I managed to capture Gokhan Gonul (Right back) from Fenerbache for £13M who my scouts reported to be a definite purchase and also Ryan Shawcross (Center back) who was reportedly only a Fairly good signing, how ever if he was anything like the FM12 Ryan Shawcross, i knew he would be a great signing.

    I then had to purchase young talented players for the future:

    Simon Kjaer - £3M - CB
    Wellington Nem - £3.5M - AMRLC/ST
    Andrea Poli - £7.5M - MC
    Ademilson - £5.5M - ST
    Adryan - £875K - AMC

    I also had to buy a few players to act as Cover for the first team:

    Carlo Cudicini - £10K - GK
    David Albelda - £650K - CDM/MC
    Michael Lumb - £100k - WBL/DL

    At the beginning of the year i chopped and changed my tactics and had a very inconsistent run of results, but you shall see a vast improvement after one particular shocking result, (Chelsea Away) after that we never looked back. i evaluated my players and chose a tactic i thought would best suit them, not a tactic i wanted but what was best for the team.

    After fairly inconsistent results and a horrible thumping by Chelsea i had to change up and went for a 4-1-2-1-2 tactic which i thought would best suit the players i had at the Club. (Especially as my only real Winger was Ben Arfa whom i wanted to play in behind the strikers)

    Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00006.jpg Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00007.jpg

    First set of results with a few different Formations/Tactics:

    Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00008.jpg

    We started off well being unbeaten in 9 games in competitive matches, but then a inconsistent run made me want to change the way we played, i changed to the tactic and formation pictured above and the next set of results were the outcome:

    Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00009.jpg Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00010.jpg Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00011.jpg

    As you can see we went on a massive unbeaten run in the league and in the cup competitions until unfortunately we lost in the 6th round of the FA Cup to QPR and we then finally lost in the league to Aston Villa which was disappointing. Also in January i had to bring in some emergency loans/signings as i had a lot of injuries and also key players missing due to the African Nations.

    Those players were:

    Oscar Ustari - £1M - GK
    Sully Muntari - Loan - MC/DM
    Guillaume Hoarau - Loan - ST

    The highlight of the season was doing a fantastic double in winning the Premier league and also winning the Europa league.

    Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00012.jpg Newcastle, a year in charge-2012-11-29_00013.jpg

    Very happy with how the first year has gone, looking to add to the squad with more young talent and perhaps if i have a good transfer budget i can sign players that can help me take the step into the champions league.

    Will be updating my second year in charge as i go along so keep a look out for updates and how i get on in my second season!

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  2. Unbeaten run was impressive with some nice looking results!! Some nice signings too!! Upload the tactic please?

  3. Cheers was particularly happy with the Shawcross signing, fans player of the year and also made the Team of the year, along with Ben Arfa and Cisse.

  4. will upload tactic if anybody wants to try it out.

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