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Rebuilding the Roman Empire - A Bath City story.

  1. Rebuilding the Roman Empire - A Bath City story.

    So this is my first attempt at a story on these (or any) FM boards.
    I finally got round to ordering FM 2013 and I expect it to arrive next week so the story will start properly then.

    Bath City are my local team and so it seemed natural to choose them to take my FM story cherry.
    Here is a brief introduction to the club:

    Rebuilding the Roman Empire - A Bath City story.-150px-bath_city_fc.png

    Formed in 1899 as Bath AFC, their nickname is the Romans (hence the title - clever eh!). They have spent their entire history in non-league football. This season is their first back in the Conference South after 2 seasons in the top flight of non-league football.

    They play at Twerton Park which has a capacity of 8,840 of which just over a thousand is seating. Twerton Park is a classic English non-league stadium which for the 2012/13 season will be known as the Mayday Trust Park.
    Rebuilding the Roman Empire - A Bath City story.-1525.jpg

    The Romans play in black and white stripes, while their away kit this season is yellow shirts and blue shorts.

    Manda Rigby is their current chairwoman and the mascot is a pig called Bladud (named after the king who discovered the healing properties of the local spring water on his pigs).
    Rebuilding the Roman Empire - A Bath City story.-63197_125964764133702_1758740_n.jpg

    So that's a brief history of Bath City. Now it's just a waiting game until I can start...
    ... in the meantime, any advice etc would be gratefully received.
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  2. how often are you gonna do updates etc.?

  3. I'm thinking monthly. Seems the easiest to remember to do if anything!
    No experience of this really though so i guess that could change if it turns out to be too frequent/infrequent.

  4. Ok so in the demo Bath were missing several key players. At least 2 of these are in FM 2012 and i'm tempted to add them to FM13 becuase really they should be in it. What do people think?

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