Treble Winning Stars Shown the Door by Boss - Board Deny Rumours of Financial Crisis
June 24th 2015

Little over 3 weeks ago, Liverpool tore down Barcalona in a second half performance that has come to be known as the Second Miracle of Istanbul. The victory demonstrated their dominance of British football over the past 3 seasons, few would deny this was Liverpool at their very best. The 3 nil victory was the conclusion of Duggan's finetuning of a small, but experienced and well drilled squad.

But in a bizarre turn of events, rumours have emerged from Anfield today that several of Liverpool's treble winning team of 2015 have been told they have no future with the club. The list of players is rumoured to include Luis Suarez, Miroslav Stoch, Martin Skrtel, Jose Enrique and Mame Diouf, but a series of ambigous tweets made by boss Duggan could suggest several more of the treble winning team will be moving away from Merseyside in the coming weeks.

Undoubtedly their will be no shortage of potential suitors for the stars should the club push ahead with what has already proved to be an incredibly unpopular move with the fans. Rumours behind the move are rife, but inside sources from the board have denied that the club has once more fallen into financial hardship. A potential showdown between the board and Duggan has been predicted, as contract talks seem to have come to a total standstill in recent weeks.

It will certainly be an interesting few weeks in what is looking like a radical reshape of the Liverpool team, which in the eyes of many are as good as the all conquering Reds of the 70s and 80s.

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This is my first attempt at a FM story, going to go for a crossover of screenshots and both, in-game and my own news articles.

Background: managing Liverpool from the start, while very inconsistent at first we've managed to pick up successive titles and other trophies along the way, now at the start of my 4th season I'm going to make things a little more interesting! At this point we're 42 league games unbeaten, but undoubtedly my radical reshape is going to put a lot of pressure on that.