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The High Flying Dutchman: A Return to Football
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  1. The High Flying Dutchman: A Return to Football

    The High Flying Dutchman: A Return to Football

    Sitting at the Clarion Hotel in Trondheim, capital city of Norway, sipping a 20 year old Glenlivet single malt with my wife Candyce and our 9 month old daughter Kayleigh, overlooking the majestic harbour at dusk, the smell of freshly ground coffee lingering in the cool nights air.

    Only a year ago was our life the complete opposite of this, we were in danger, we had constant death threats and hate mail from all over Amsterdam and the country as a whole, there were allegations of a match fixing scandal that swept the country that I did not want to be a part of, hence the sudden termination of my contract with the Dutch giants Ajax.

    Some reports had suggested that due to my abrupt resignation and the fact that I left the country shortly afterwards with my family, that I was the main suspect in the this whole mess due to the success I achieved in a relatively short space of time with the club coming in as a rookie manager with no experience..

    After several months of interrogations from the FA and numerous other associations it was declared that the entire scandal was just a rumor and there was no concrete evidence implicating anyone involved, especially me!

    "Fucking tabloids" I thought to myself taking another long sip of my whiskey, looking at my beautiful wife, smiling as we she turns to catch me staring. "I cannot believe we ended up here"

  2. please feel free to read the first story that I was given the idea by [email protected] to carry on for my new save I decided to start today and decided to start a story to go along with it, I hope you enjoy the read!

    The High Flying Dutchmen: An Ajax Amsterdam Story
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  3. Ajax legend returns good luck mate
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by pokerjoker_num10 View Post
    Ajax legend returns good luck mate
    shot dude I hope it does go well hhahaaha

  5. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Good to see the highflyer back. Good luck!

    Least you'll have better luck than I'm having right now lol
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  6. thanks ajt, I saw you started one, did not check it out though, was busy at work today, send me the link here and I will check it out on Monday

    have a good weekend everyone
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  7. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    The Journey Is The Reward

    There you go bud-don't be surprised if I'm sacked though by Monday lol. Though I live a charmed life at times though lol

  8. Buzzed to see this back!
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  9. your team is waiting Raikan!! pack your things and return to Amsterdam!!
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  10. The High Flying Dutchman: A Return to Football

    Norway was one of the countries that my wife Candyce and I had always wanted to visit one day before we were too old, the majestic landscapes, rich history and the snow were some the main reasons we had in visiting on holiday, however today, we were here for a completely different reason...

    Sitting in the Radisson Blu, Trondheim, the glass exterior a magical gateway into the soul and heart of this wonderful city, the noise of guests checking in and out reverberating through the glass like bee's droning, with my Ipad laid out on my lap, trying my hand at the latest installment of SI's Football Manager 13, the wife setting next to me, rolling her eye's at my childish obsession, waiting for the real estate agent we had contacted earlier that week...

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