So guys i am going to start doing FM13 AND FIFA 13 VIDEOS

    but first i want your ideas so post down below or on youtube what team you want me to go with and a goal to achive/challenge

    so here is the first video which is my channel update all the info will be in there

    Channel Update - Fifa 13 and FM13 - YouTube

  2. come on guys it ends tomorrow

  3. Why dont you try my Local team in Scotland Hamilton Academical,Scottish first division.

  4. BUMP

  5. guys you got 2 hours left before i start need some team that u want me to be

  6. going to give it another 12 hours i need the team u want me to be you can post on here or on the youtube video

  7. How about instead of asking us all the time, just do one yourself? That way, you're sure to like the team you are as you chose them yourself. Also I've checked your channel, you really should wait until you have more than 20 subs, before you're asking them for what they would like to see, you will not get enough feedback as you can see here.

    Wait until at least 100+ before you start asking you're subs for feedback. Take this advice on board and I'm sure you will get on a lot better and remember these things don't happen over night. It's take, effort and commitment. So stick to it!!
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