Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi

  1. Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi

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    Ludere Causa Ludendi or for the sake of playing is the motto of Scottish 3rd Division Team Queen's Park. This basically means that all there players are on Amatuer Contracts and there players don't get paid. The main downside of this though is any club can offer a contract to a player and if they accept they move for no fee. This has been hard coded into the game as well so even if you move up the leagues you will still as an Amatuer Team. With this is mind I am going to try and takle the club as far as possible. I can only do this though by getting free transfers as I am pretty sure you can't buy players. It will be a tough challenge but one I am looking forward to.

  2. Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi-150px-queens_park_fc_logo_svg.png
    After a busy pre-season where nearly all my players were wanted and a few left we are now at the start of the season. Virtually every day I had an email to say that a club had offered a contract to one of my players. Thankfully not all players that were offered contracts left, and we also strengthened our side with a number of signings.

    Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi-transfers%5D.png

    We played 2 matches as well. Both were in the cup, first up we played Berwick in the Challenge Cup then we faced Cowdenbeath in the League Cup.

    Berwick Rangers 0-2 Queen's Park
    Raofat, Shankland

    Queen's Park 0-3 Cowdenbeath

  3. Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi-150px-queens_park_fc_logo_svg.png
    It was the month of August and we kicked off our league campaign with a couple of games. We also played Raith Rovers in the 2nd round of the Challenge Cup.

    Queen's Park 1-1 Annan AthleticG
    Gary Smith

    Challenge Cup
    Queen's Park 3-4 Raith Rovers
    Alex Williams (3)

    Stirling 1-2 Queen's Park
    Gary Smith, Alan Urquhart

    We had a couple of decent results in the league and we almost caused an upset in the Challenge Cup. I would love to get promoted in the league but my main aim is not to finish bottom, so I can then get a lot of good freebies at end of the season and then push on.

    Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi-league-table.png

  4. Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi-150px-queens_park_fc_logo_svg.png

    After a fairly good start to the season I wanted us to maintain the good form we started off with. Even though no one can get relegated I didn't want to be fighting for the wooden spoon. James Brough signed for Cowdenbeath on deadline day but I managed to sign 2 defenders to cover for his loss.

    Queen's Park 3-1 East Stirilingshire
    Alex Williams (2), Gary Smith

    Berwick 1-1 Queen's Park
    Michael Keenan

    Queen's Park 3-3 Elgin City
    Sean Burns (2), Lawrence Shankland

    Scottish Cup
    Queen's Park 2-0 Newton Stewart
    O.G, Sean Burns

    We had a decent month. We remained unbeaten and progressed in the cup but we should have really beaten Berwick. Our good form has seen us rise to 2nd in the league behind Rangers. It would be nice to stay there but I can't see it happening at the moment.

    Queen's Park - Ludere Causa Ludendi-league-table.png

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