Arsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene
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  1. Arsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene

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    Arsene Wenger has left his role as manager of Arsenal after over sixteen years in charge. The board of directors and Wenger mutually decided that the club needed fresh ideas and Wenger would be promoted to club ambassador and would remain at the club to help and find the new manager. The club have released this statement:
    Arsenal would like to thank Arsene Wenger for his services to the club as manager and we are glad he will stay with the club and help us find a new manager with fresh ideas. The club announced the person would not be a world class manager but a young manager who would be given one season to see what he could do.

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    Arsenal have appointed unknown manager Stephen Gibbs as boss on a one year contract. All we know is that Gibbs is a lifelong Arsenal fan who intends to take the club back to the top and alongside Steve Bould who will remain at the club, he has said he wants the fans to be his no.2 Gibbs has released this statement:
    I know Arsenal fans will be unhappy an unknown has been appoined and they would of wanted someone like Guardiola or Mourinho and had this opportunity not come for me I would of felt like that but I want the fans to know there voices will be heard. I will always meet fans who have problems and I will do my best in the provisional one season I have as manager. I will be bringing in key players who can help the club take the top four and who knows maybe even win the league title. I can guarantee that Arsenal will win a trophy this season and if we don't I will leave the club so the fans get someone who will.

  3. Arsenal have appointed Chief Scout Steve Rowley as Director of Football
    His replacement for Chief Scout is Rosario Argneto

  4. Any relation to Kieran Gibbs?

  5. i like the begginig....hope you continue!

  6. No relation to Kieran Gibbs but he is the name I get on the shirt, at least if he leaves I can keep them.

  7. Cheers mate


  9. Press Conference: Before Game With Newcastle
    REPORTER: So Stephen, first competitive game in charge, how do you feel?
    STEPHEN: Well, nervous, excited. Hoping to get the 3 points and say money so far well spent
    REPORTER: Yes, speaking of money you did spend quite a lot this transfer window, do you feel the money had to be spent?
    STEPHEN: Well, some money did of course but I bought for the present and some for the future and I feel the sums will be worth it.
    REPORTER: Today's game marks the return to the old club of Demba Ba. How does he feel?
    STEPHEN: Demba is glad to be back in Newcastle. He loves the club and the fans and misses the club and always talks about his times there and said he would like to go back in a few years but he is committed to Arsenal and he says he will do his best and if he scores he won't celebrate.
    REPORTER: Any more signings this summer?
    STEPHEN: That's for me to know, and you to find out.

  10. Arsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-02-95.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-10-92.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-18-73.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-25-43.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-33-18.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-39-91.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-47-71.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-41-56-07.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-42-02-66.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-42-10-49.pngArsenal Football Club - Life Without Arsene-fm-2012-12-15-11-42-24-93.png

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