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    Roman Abramovic Gets His Man

    It seems that not even winning the Champions League can safely secure a manager his job these days, as Chelsea have swiftly removed Roberto Di Matteo. The shock departure comes only months after he won Europe's biggest prize and seems puzzling to the rest of the footballing world. The fans voiced their displeasure and had even planned to boycott their teams opening Premier League games of the season to show a sign of their anger towards the removal of the clubs former manager and Chelsea icon. Di Matteo chose to remain quiet on the situation but did however speak to Sky Sports News and admit that he had felt "let down and sacrificed" by his former employees. He did however state his love for the club and that he would always hold it in such high regard.

    The Chelsea fans had been bemused for only a few days before their worlds lit up again. Chelsea FC had made a statement of intent to the world and promised to cause shockwaves through Europe with a major announcement which would be due imminently. Chelsea's training ground, Cobham Training Centre had been prepped and was now home to many members of the media. Sky Sports News was running wild with many different news stories and speculation over what the excitment would be over. Many speculated that the announcement would unveil who Chelsea and Roman Abramovic had chosen to be the clubs new manager. "Mourinho, Guardiola and even John Terry" had all been names tossed around on the Sports channels.

    Finally the time had come, Chelsea fans held their breath, their hearts jumped into their throats, had Mourinho seen sence and finally returned home, was John Terry about to become a player/manager and take his place as Chelsea manager much earlier than expected. Or was it bad news, was Harry Redknapp coming to take over or was Scolari coming back, a man no Chelsea fan will want to remember.

    Roman Abramovic walked into the room where the worlds media had gatherd. His smile seemed to almost tease everyone who was watching. He slowly waltzed over to a table which had been set up with at least eight microphones and two cups of water on. He pulled his chair out, sat himself down and gazed at his audience. Obviously revelling in the intrigue and attention he winked and said only six words, six words which will certainly change English football... "I give to you Josep Guardiola".

    With the whole world silent Guardiola was left to explain his decison to return to managing so soon after having made the decision to taken a year out. He also explained his reasons as to why he had taken the Chelsea managers job. He started off by admitting that he had felt out of touch with himself throughout the start of the summer and that he was uncomfortably bored without the game. He spoke highly of his family and explained that although they are his priority and his main love, he just can't leave football for so long at the moment. He explained that at Barcelona he had enjoyed such success' that it had left him questioning what his next chapter and challenge would be. He thought time out would help him decide but after only weeks of being unemployed, it was too much for the Spanish mastermid. A phone call from Roman Abramovic soon after Chelsea's decision to remove Di Matteo added fire to the pan and re-ignited Guardiola's passion of the game. He explained that after having many discussions with Abramovic and after hearing about the Chelsea philosophy, it was something he wanted to challenge himself with now. The club which has lost it's way slightly in the Premier League recently and finished sixth last year, have only qulified for the Champions League this year due to their epic win in the competition last year. Guardiola was keen to voice his concern about the league position and promised that he will do something about it.

    The whole world had been in awe of Guardiola's speech, it wasn't perfect English but it was understandable and clear enough. As the unveiling ended Guardiola shook Roman Abramovic's hand and then they both exited through a nearby door. Their was no interaction with the media due to the new Chelsea manager's busy schedules but further news was promised to be unveiled soon.

    Guardiola Makes Chelsea His Own As Philosophies Start To Appear

    The first thing picked up on by Chelsea's new boss and former Barcelona sensation Pep Guardiola was the fact that the backroom staff lack the cutting edge and ability to transform Chelsea into a combative force, both domestically and in Europe. After having discussions with the current backroom staff it was clear what Guardiola had to do. They say the game can be cruel and that cerainly seems the case for the outgoing staff who have had their contracts either terminated or withdrawn through mutral consent. Those leaving are as follows...

    Eddie Newton - (Assistant Manager)
    Steve Holland - (Coach)
    Matt Birnie - (Fitness Coach)
    Chris Jones - (Fitness Coach)
    Ivan Orgega - (Fitness Coach)
    Neil Bath - (Head Of Youth Development)

    It can definately be assumed that Pep didn't think the players fitness was up to scrath after having sacked every fitness coach. Eddie Newton would make way for Guardiola to choose his own assistant and Steve Holland was also removed and told that his future lies elsewhere, Neil Bath Chelsea FC's Head Of Youth Development has also seen his contract revoked at the club and it is understood that Guardiola want's to oversee this side of the club with his own choice of Youth development employee.

    With Chelsea losing six key members of staff and having so few coaches at the club anyway, Guardiola would have to make sure that he could cover the quality that had been removed and that the club already lacked. He would also have to see if he could do it without affecting the squad and club harmony. He himself described the work being done as that of a renaissance and explained that to further Chelsea, he would have to break a few hearts. Days later Guardiola's plans were starting to come to light as staff members from all over not just Europe but the world arrived at the Cobham Training Centre to start work as one of Guardiola's backroom staff.

    Name:  De Moraes.png
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    Valdir de Moraes Signs As Chelsea Assistant Manager

    Valdir De Moraes (Assistant Manager)
    Elio Carravetta (Fitness Coach)
    Valter Di Salvo (Fitness Coach)
    Bernhard Peters (Head Of Youth Development)
    Paulo Cesar Batista Dos Santos (Coach)
    Anselmo Sbraglia (Coach)
    Rodolfo Borrell (Coach)
    Gianpiero Ventrone (Coach)
    Flavio Trevisan (Coach)

    Johan Cruijff (Coach)

    Guardiola has now given Chelsea a huge boost by enforcing the club with a wealth of experience and coaching talent. Johan Cruijff another Barcelona legend will be on hand to offer his experience and along with Gianpiero Ventrone and Valter Di Salvo he will be one of the most experienced coaches at the club. Valdir De Moraes who is in his Eightieth year has been persuaded to be Pep's right hand man and Guardiola has referred to him as being one of the Brains in football. Liverpool will feel aggrieved as Rodolfo Borrell deserted them and took a place alongside Guardiola and with Chelsea. The other Premier League teams will have certainly been watching the Chelsea reinvigoration and will be concerned as to just how much talent they now possess coaching wise.

    Chelsea Formations

    ♦♦...Chelsea Uprising...♦♦-chelsea_-tactics-overview.png♦♦...Chelsea Uprising...♦♦-chelsea_-tactics-overview-2.png
    Chelsea Controling Mentality - Chelsea Attacking Mentality

    Much of his time at Barcelona was applauded and looked on with envy from other managers around the world due to his ability to get his team controling the ball and retaining possession. Although Chelsea's tactics differ to his Barcelona prefernces it seem's Guardiola is keen on not straying to far away from his Spanish ideas. He has Chelsea training two different tactics. The Controling tactic has the players moving and passing the ball hopefully beautifully accross the pitch and providing the team with the lions share of possession. This should and with Chelsea's quality players give them enough chances to dominate most matches. Guardiola has understood the difference between Spanish and English football, opting to give his team strength when a corner and a freekick are delivered into the box. Barcelona were akin to taking short corners and freekicks. Guardiola wants Chelsea to power the high balls that come in from set pieces into the box. The Attacking tactic has been employed to give Chelsea the edge when in certain perils. It gives Chelsea the freedom to run with the ball and push foward whenever possible. If Pep thinks his team will dominate an opposition, he may be more inclined to use this formation. This see's the full backs act more attacking, although they will not overlap with the wingers. It seems the Chelsea manager see's his fullbacks as too defensive with not enough about them to act as wingers.


    Josep Guardiola had been expected to make wholesale changes at Chelsea to kickstart his revolution and it seems he has done just that. The Pragmatic manager likes his side to be crammed with talent and is not afraid to make a big call when he feels a player isn't performing. With Chelsea already having a good squad at their disposal the likes of Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Oscar, John Terry, David Luiz, Petr Cech and Frank Lampard will all be key men for Guardiola. Torres who so far has endured a torrid time at Chelsea may get time to prove himself to Guardiola or the manager may have already seen enough.


    Marouane Fellaini | Age: 25 | Nation: | Former Team: Everton | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £200,000 | Cost: £20 mil + Add Ons |
    Isco | Age: 20 | Nation: | Former Team: Malaga | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £77,000 | Cost: £17.5 mil |
    Luke Shaw | Age: 17 | Nation: | Former Team: Southampton | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £4,000 | Cost: £3.5 mil + Add Ons |
    Zakaria Bakkali | Age: 16 | Nation: | Former Team: PSV Eindhoven | Contract: 2015 | Wages: £55 | Cost: £2.5 mil |
    Ademilson | Age: 18 | Nation: | Former Team: Sao Paulo | Contract: 2017 | Wages: £5,000 | Cost: £5.25 mil |
    Wellington Nem | Age: 20 | Nation: | Former Team: Fluminense | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £21,500 | Cost: £3.5 mil|


    Ross Turnbull | Nation: | New team: Manchester City | Cost: £500.000
    Hilario | Nation: | New team: Everton | Cost: £150,000
    Paulo Ferreira | Nation:
    | New team: PSV Eindhoven | Cost: £975.000
    Daniel Sturridge | Nation: | New team: Everton | Cost: £10.25 mil

    Oriol Romeu | Nation: | New team: Valencia | Cost: Loan

    Some well thought out wheeling and dealing by Guardiola who has tried to clear out some deadwood in this window. Ross Turnbull and Hilario both leave after having less than successful spells at Chelsea. Daniel Sturridge was the highest calibre player to leave as he joined Everton in a ten million pound deal. Oriol Romeu who worked under Guardiola has now for the second time been cast out by Pep, he left to join Valencia on loan, however he can be recalled at any time.

    Marouane Fellaini and Isco are the real eye catching transfers for Chelsea this season. Fellaini who has strength in abundance has been bought to sure up the midfield and offer powerful runs through the middle. Guardiola has described him as Chelsea's Yaya Toure. Isco has been signed and while Pep was in charge of Barcelona he admitted to having scouted him there and that he was pleased that he finally landed his man, albeit at a different club. Young Brazillian Prodigy Wellington nem also signed. Guardiola realeasing him on a three and half million pound buy out clause. He had been scouted by many clubs around Europe but Chelsea won his heart.

    Name:  Fellaini.png
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    Marouane Fellaini ---------------------- Isco ----------------------- Wellington Nem

    With Guardiola now setting up his own dynasty at Chelsea it shouldn't be long now until wecan see his team in action. His side will have alot of bonding to do. Coaches, Players and even Pep will have to adapt to a new slim line, well oiled Chelsea team. The Premier League may see Chelsea fall short early on as the squad learn to link up and play well together. Having said that the old Chelsea spine is in there aswell so perhaps adjusting can be made to be a little less painful and a little more comfortable. With Pre-Season friendlies on the horizion it has yet to been discovered if Pep can transfer his Barcelona credentials over to England or if he will only ever be considered great for his Cataln heroics.

    Watch This Space.

    Pre-Season Tour - America

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  2. Chelsea, Stevenage and Dagenham + Redbridge Modern Day Legend
    Am a Chelsea fan so will follow good luck

  3. Loving the deatail good luck

  4. Fantastic read so far mate. Agree the detail is superb. Some good signings and some good staff on board... I'm following.

  5. Sumner_05's Avatar Sumner_05
    Spurs and Ian Holloway Star Player
    great start mate

  6. Your storys are always amazingly detailed and well written, keep it up Tobe.

  7. Pre-Season


    Pre-Season Tour Uncovers Team Strengths, Weakness' And Shows There Is No Place To Hide For Torres

    Chelsea jetted off stateside for their Pre-Season tour where they would play, Sporting Kansas City, Colorado Rapids, Houston Dynamo, FC Dallas and The Seattle Sounders. Guardiola would get to see his team in action for the first time in these games and along with his backroom staff could start to make plans for the Community Shield and the upcoming Premier League campaign.

    Chelsea will be looking to Fernando Torres once again this season and will hope that with the influence of Guardiola he can put behind him what has been a torrid time at the club so far. He has looked far weaker and inaffective than his £50 million transfer fee commands. This will be the most important season so far for him in his career and he will be looking to start this season well. Another player who the team will look to is John Terry, often described as the heart of the club he will be looking to lead his men back to the top of the Premier League table after their recent short comings domestically. A role model on the pitch and looked up to by many Chelsea players, he will however be looking to keep his actions on the back pages rather than the front pages of the tabloids, something which has dogged him too much in recent times.

    Reliable Frank Lampard will be looking to be a big part of Guardiola's plans as he now enters the twilight of his career. Still as potent as in previous years and with his eye for goal just as good too, there is no reason he can't be as good as ever. However with age does come the risk of increased injuries and fatigue. Frank will hope that Guardiola still rates him highly and will be using Pre-Season to impress.

    Name:  104551.png
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    Pre-Season Friendly

    Thursday 26th July 2012
    Livestrong Sporting Park
    Attendance: 18,336
    Name:  1906.png
Views: 1022
Size:  1.9 KBSporting Kansas City 0 - 1 ChelseaName:  630.png
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    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilcueta, Luiz
    Name:  goal.png
Views: 1472
Size:  453 Bytes, Terry, Cole(45), Oscar, Fellaini(45), Isco, Hazard, Mata(90), Torres(45)
    Subs Used: Lampard(45), Bakkali(45), Shaw(45), Moses(90

    Sporting Kansas City: Nielsen, Lampson, Colin, Cesar, Convey, Aiyegbusi(45), Nagamura, Espinoza, RossellName:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes(77), Kamara, Dwyer(77)
    Subs Used: Calvano(45),
    Symonds(77), Cepero(77)

    Man Of The Match - Name:  star.png
Views: 2349
Size:  365 BytesDavid Luiz (8.1)

    It wasn't a particuarly spectacular managerial debut by Guardiola and his team but it was a win. The game was sloppy, it was frantic and a bit all over the place. You could tell Chelsea were struggling to adapt to the Guardiola way, passing went astray, positioning was awry and Chelsea's play never flowed. It was the total opposite of what Guardiola's former team Barcelona do, week in, week out.

    Through all the negativity of Chelsea's play they still managed to scrape a win. Juan Mata crossed a decent ball in from a corner which fell to David Luiz who powered in over the Kansas keeper Nielsen's head. The goal came in the sixty-sixth minute but never really energised Chelsea who afterwards went back to plying poorly.

    After the game Guardiola admitted that his team had struggled to adapt to his new regime but that he was confident that after more training and game time that his team would soon be able to cope with the tactical change.

    Name:  104551.png
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    Pre-Season Friendly

    Saturday 28th July 2012
    Dicks Sporting Goods Park
    Attendance: 15,903
    Name:  1903.png
Views: 985
Size:  1.6 KBColorado Rapids 0 - 1 ChelseaName:  630.png
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Size:  1.4 KB

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz
    Name:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes(45), Cahill, Bertrand(45), MikelName:  goal.png
Views: 1472
Size:  453 Bytes(87)Name:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes, Fellaini(58), Moses(58), Isco(58), Piazon(58), Bakkali(87)
    Subs Used:
    TerryName:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes(45), Shaw(45), Lampard(58), Mata(58), Oscar(58), Hazard(58), Ramires(87), Torres(87)

    Colorado Rapids: Alexander(78), Mastroeni, Rico, Turnbull, Nolz(45), Castrillon, Edu, Thomas, Rivero(90), Mawson, Morgan
    Subs Used: Casey(45), Ledezma(78), Norkiss(90)

    Man Of The Match - Name:  star.png
Views: 2349
Size:  365 BytesUziel Rico(7.7)

    In what proved to be another unconvincing game for the Blues they still managed to secure a dubious win the second in only a matter of days. Chelsea looked out of sorts once again and if the fans though Guardiola was about to bring euphoria and glory to Chelsea they may have to wait a while at this rate. Fernando Torres looked about as useful as a chocolate teacup and rarely looked in the mood to play football throughout the match. Ryan Bertrand looked lively in place of Ashley Cole who had been rested for this game.

    The only goal of the game again came midway through the second half just as it did in Chelsea's first Pre-Season game. The scorer however was different as was the setup which would have pleased Pep. Bertrand came steaming down the left, cut the ball inside to Mikel, who played a fantastic one, two with Oscar before unleashing a shot which nestled into the bottom right of the Colorado goal.

    Chelsea assistant manager Valdir De Moraes after the game came to speak to the press instead of Guardiola who was otheriwse occupied with his squad. De Moraes stated that the team had played well and were now starting to understand not only each other but the staff and their philosophies too. He praised Mikel and offered encouragement to the misfiring Torres during his talk with the media.

    Name:  104551.png
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Size:  2.0 KB
    Pre-Season Friendly

    Monday 30th July 2012
    BBVA Compass Stadium
    Attendance: 20,088
    Name:  72000112.png
Views: 999
Size:  1.2 KBHouston Dynamo 0 - 2 ChelseaName:  630.png
Views: 1125
Size:  1.4 KB

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz
    Name:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes(65), Cahill, Shaw, Ramires(65), Lampard(65), MosesName:  goal.png
Views: 1472
Size:  453 Bytes, Hazard, Piazon(45), TorresName:  goal.png
Views: 1472
Size:  453 Bytes
    Subs Used:Mata(45), Fellaini(65), Terry(65), Mikel(65)

    Houston Dynamo: Woods, Thompson(45), Clarke, Seema, Wilson, Garcia, BakalName:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes, Camargo, Kandji(50), Ching, Murray
    Subs Used:
    Falco(45), Pettee(50)

    Man Of The Match - Name:  star.png
Views: 2349
Size:  365 BytesFernando Torres (8.6)

    Finally Torres is off the mark under Pep Guardiola, The striker was the main talking point of the match after having displayed such a mature performance which mirrored some of his best days at Liverpool. The Spaniard set up Victor Moses in the first half with a sublime through ball which fell perfectly to the Chelsea winger. Moses tucked the ball down to the keepers left and into the goal to put his team into the lead. The Chelsea team looked more at ease with the formation and looked to be playing a more attcking game.

    Juan Mata came on at half time for the young Lucas Piazon and linked up well with Torres. The Spanish duo tore apart the Dynamo defence and time after time looked to score but unfortunately the Dynamo goalkeeper Lance Woods was either equal to the shot or able to parry it away. Guardiola for the first time on this tour looked comfortable and happy to show off a smile. He will be pleased that Torres has played well and that his team have given a great performance using the tactics he has devised.

    Name:  104551.png
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Size:  2.0 KB
    Pre-Season Friendly

    Thursday 2nd August 2012
    FC Dallas Stadium
    Attendance: 15,006
    Name:  1905.png
Views: 987
Size:  2.0 KBFC Dallas 0 - 1 ChelseaName:  630.png
Views: 1125
Size:  1.4 KB

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz
    (65), Cahill, Shaw, Ramires(67), Moses(67), HazardName:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes(67), Fellaini, PiazonName:  goal.png
Views: 1472
Size:  453 Bytes(67), Torres
    Subs Used:Mata(67), Mikel(67), Oscar(67), Bakkali(67), Isco(67)

    FC Dallas:Sanchez, Jackson, Lamb, Kramer, Williams, Lumsden(88), De Guzman, Ferreira(67), Guarda(45), Jara, Whitfield
    Subs Used:
    Goode(45), Parson(67), Greer(88)

    Man Of The Match - Name:  star.png
Views: 2349
Size:  365 BytesDavid Luiz (7.5)

    It had all gone so well in the match against the Houston Dynamo's but it seemed Chelsea had reverted back to their stagnant selves during this match. Luke Shaw started his second game in a row and looked pretty ok deputising for Ashley Cole who has been carry a slight knock and Ryan Bertrand. The young Englishman will be pleased that his manager trusts him enough to make the position his own, even at his tender age of just seventeen.

    Another youngster to earn some good reviews was Brazillian Lucas Paizon who scored the games only goal. Again Chelsea came down the left which they seem to be doing alot of in recent games, Fellaini had sprayed the ball out wide to Piazon who skipped past two defenders whilst cutting inside
    and then slid the ball past the FC Dallas keeper and into the net.

    The Chelsea fans will be pleased that their team contain such depth and that the younger players are being given the chance to prove themselves by Guardiola who has always used youth throughout his management career.

    Name:  104551.png
Views: 1405
Size:  2.0 KB
    Pre-Season Friendly

    Saturday 4th August 2012
    Centurylink Field
    Attendance: 35,562
    Name:  72014006.png
Views: 1000
Size:  1.6 KBSeattle Sounders 0 - 3 ChelseaName:  630.png
Views: 1125
Size:  1.4 KB

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic(60), Luiz
    Name:  yellow.png
Views: 1079
Size:  258 Bytes, Cahill(60), Cole, RamiresName:  goal.png
Views: 1472
Size:  453 Bytes, Moses(60), HazardName:  goal.png
Views: 1472
Size:  453 Bytes, Fellaini, Piazon(60), Torres(60)
    Subs Used: Azpilcueta(60), Terry(60), Oscar(60), Bakkali(60), Isco(60)

    Seattle Sounders:Hahnemann, Wagenfuhr(45), Hurtado, Scott, Gonzalez, Rosales, Tiffert, Rivera, Freeman(60), Suazo, Montero
    Subs Used:
    Rose(45), Johnson(60)

    Man Of The Match - Name:  star.png
Views: 2349
Size:  365 BytesEden Hazard (8.0)

    David Luiz picked up his third yellow card in only five games which may be something that Guardiola will want to speak to the Brazillian about. His energy, commitment and desire sometimes get the better of him and he will just need to calm himself down in the future. He has however enjoyed a more positive Pre-Season.

    This game was all Chelsea and they never gave Seattle time to breathe, once again playing a more attacking tactic has worked out for Chelsea and their manager who seems to have found a good formula at the moment. Eden Hazard had a great game and really looked to take the match by the scruff of the neck. The talented Belgian took his goal well and even set up Ramires for Chelsea's second.

    Fellaini nearly got himself on the score sheet but the goal was considered an own goal by the officials as Marcus Hahnemann was ajudged to have knocked the ball past his own goal line. This match wraps up the American tour and it will please Guardiola that his team have played well here. Another positive to take away is that the team haven't conceded during the tour and that the yougsters have shone and all first team players have played at least a game.

    Next up for Guardiola as he prepares to take his team back home to London is the Community Shield which place his team against last years Premier League Champions Manchester City.

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  8. Chelsea, Stevenage and Dagenham + Redbridge Modern Day Legend
    Good pre season mate hopefully you can win the community shield

  9. Good so far man. Only one thing though, maybe make the font a lil bit bigger, just a lil bit hard to read thats all.

  10. Cheers for the feedback guys. @danirossoneri I have done it small as to not make each post so long. Still debating who to play against Man City in the community shield. Any ideas?

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