Well Well Folks, My name is Thiago, i was born in brazil and moved to the US about 13 years ago, so yeah i do love soccer and have been playing FM on and off.

Recently purchased FM13 and oh boy is it a whole different world and way more involving then the cm03/04 where you used to play the Diablo tactic and win it all, or even the FM12 tactics with the 3 strikers, i found myself using up 80% of my time messing with the training and tactics, which prior to this version have always been a plug and play and never touch them again kind of thing.

Well anyways, i have played with Man UTD and won it all so i decided to give it a crazy challenge, My new save is made up of the top 4 English divisions and the 3 Brazilian leagues.

So i Chose a Brazilian Team from the third division called Luverdense, they were predicted to finish in 10th place and a budget of around $20.000, Main team was composed of the first 11 and 5 extra subs.

As i always do, i started up by setting up my tactic, usually i played 2cb,2wingers, 2mc, amr/aml and 2 strikers, with this team i cannot since i dont really have a great defense i opted for 2fb,2cb, 3mc, amr/aml and 1 striker trying to keep back a bit so i wont give up too many goals.

I was able to bring in six new players, all on a free transfer of course, having to adjust my budget from the transfer money and roll it over into the weekly payroll so i could afford these players.

Currently Playing the first State Championship game, results will be coming soon, throughout the pre-season i had the ass. man. take care of match prep and i set training to tactics with very high intensity, hopefully they will be all ready to go with the new tac.

My goal is to climb all the way up to the first division, get myself in the Libertadores and hopefully win it so that i can play the WCC, and win . Then i will proceed onto the English league, most likely a 2nd Div team so once again i can climb up to first and take the CL someday.

I will post results every 5/10 games and more info on what i have been doing and will be doing throughout this challenging career, if there are any comments, advices, opinions or whatever it may be, please let me know as it will be welcomed .