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European Hangover? A Chelsea Story
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  1. European Hangover? A Chelsea Story

    European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-download.jpg
    Chelsea Sack Di Matteo in hope to lure in Pep Guardiola
    Chelsea have sacked manager Roberto Di Matteo just hours after his Chelsea side lifted the trophy Roman Abramovic had wet dreams about for years! Will he be able to draw in Guardiola?

    European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-download-1-.jpg
    Guardiola snubs Chelsea!
    Pep Guardiola has rejected the offer from Abramovic, stating that the Russian is a cold hearted b*****d! So Who will be the next Chelsea manager? Bookies are tipping ex Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez to take the helm!

    European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-images.jpg
    Raaa Benitez in meltdown after being beaten to Chelsea job by new kid on the block
    The Chelsea job today was taken by a unknown new manager named Steven Stuart, causing Rafa Benitez to spiral into a meltdown. Sources close to Benitez claim that he went on a drinking binge until 4 in the morning before falling asleep in the streets of London. The big story is however, who is this new manager? and why has he been trusted with the new Chelsea role?

  2. European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-318332_10150286979194933_77091_n.jpg
    New Chelsea manager revealed! Is he up to the task?
    Steven Stuart today was revealed as the new Chelsea manager outside Stamford Bridge. "Steven promised Chelsea fans that his main target was to retain the Champions League and get the best out of Fernando Torres". So after many attempts to satisfy the ruthless owner, will this young new manager be the one to silence the Roman Empire?

  3. Personal Targets for the Season

    Premier League- 3rd
    FA Cup- Semi-Final
    League Cup- Final
    Champions League- Quarter Final
    (even though i said previously i aim to win it, it was just to help the story, this is a realistic target)
    Champions Shield- Winner
    Super Cup- Winner
    Club World Championship-Winner

    Ins and Outs
    European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-chelsea_-transfers-history.png
    Some strong signings just to help strengthen areas were we lacked numbers. My favorite signing is Jovetic who has been amazing in previous saves, and the Southampton midfielder and the Porto winger look great signings for the future
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  4. Ahaha! The stuff on Rafa! Poor fella gets a bad rap.
    And the manager pic with a Barca shirt on, picturing that at the press conference going down a storm. Good Luck!

  5. Pre Season

    Chelsea 3-1 Werder Bremen
    Mata, Torres (2)

    Guangzhou 1-3 Chelsea
    Torres (2), Sturridge

    Shandong 2-3 Chelsea
    Torres (2), Sturridge
    (Torres injured for 4-5 weeks)

    Hangzhou 1-2 Chelsea
    O.G, Hazard

    River 2-1 Chelsea

    Pre-season looked to have set Fernando Torres off with bagging the goals, and when he was injured the goals were harder to find. Confident performances though apart from the River game which was again a case of not being able to find the net! I hoped the goals would start flowing again for the champions shield against City.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Slimchap View Post
    Ahaha! The stuff on Rafa! Poor fella gets a bad rap.
    And the manager pic with a Barca shirt on, picturing that at the press conference going down a storm. Good Luck!
    Cheers mate, and i know, only picture of me on my laptop! haha, nothing like a bit of controversy to start a new job

  7. 2012 Champions Shield Final
    Chelsea vs Manchester City
    This was a game i had hoped to win to get something in my very empty trophy cabinet however, after pre-season performances, i knew that the goals had to come from somewhere unexpected... if the goals would come that is.

    Team Line ups:

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Terry (87), Luiz, Cole (45), Lampard, Vidal, Oscar, Hazard, Sturridge, Jovetic (45)
    Subs used: Bertrand (45), Ramires (45), Cahil (87)

    Man City: Hart, Maicon, Lescott, Kompany, Clichy (85), Fellaini, Silva, Toure, Aguero, Nasri, Tevez
    Subs used: Kolarov (85)

    Score: Chelsea 0-2 Manchester City
    Goal Scorers: Tevez (2)
    Man Of The Match: Tevez

    My prediction came true. We had 10 shots in the match and only hit the target once. Both of Tevez's goals could of been avoided, the first being passed to him by Terry, and the second a freak goal, in which he headed it on the edge of the box near the throw-in line, Cech ran out and dived over the ball and the ball trickled into the net (very realistic...)

    European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-download-2-.jpg

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  8. August Update
    Chelsea go unbeaten in there first two games!
    The goals start to roll in!
    Super Cup Final Drama!

    Wigan 1-4 Chelsea
    Lampard (2), Ramires, Jovetic

    Chelsea 3-1 Swansea
    Luiz, Hazard, Rodriguez

    A Great start to the Premier League! 7 goals in 2 games shows that we can get goals from other area's! Good too see the two new boys getting in on the score sheet! Only problem is that we are yet to keep a clean sheet since i took over which could come back and haunt us if it is not corrected

    Player of the Month:
    European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-download-3-.jpg
    Hazard was the main man in the first two games, being involved in nearly every goal and chipping in with a goal as well Great start from the young Belgium.

    League Table:
    European Hangover? A Chelsea Story-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.png

    2012 UEFA Super Cup Final
    Chelsea vs Athletico Madrid
    Team Line-ups:

    Chelsea: Cech, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Ivanovic, Bertrand, Lampard, Ramires, Rodriguez (84), Mata, Hazard, Jovetic(45)
    Subs used: Sturridge (45-73) Moses (73), Oscar (84)

    Ath. Madrid: Courtouis, Aitor, Diaz, Godin, Filipe, Tiago, Belozoglu (57), Adrian(68), Turan, Rodriguez (40), Falcao
    Subs Used: Santos (40), Juanfran (57), Silvio (68)

    Score: Chelsea (1)1-1(4) Ath. Madrid (p)
    Scorers: Chelsea - Rodriguez
    Ath. Madrid - Falcao
    Man of the Match: Mata

    We got so unlucky in this game! we had 15 shots compared to Athletico's 2! Are loaned out goalkeeper proved he has a future at Chelsea once Petr Cech has hung up his gloves with a number of top class saves
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  9. James Ward-Prowse for £25m your mad
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Sam91 View Post
    James Ward-Prowse for £25m your mad
    Star of the future! and its 5 million upfront and 20 million after so many league games, so ill only pay it if he turns out decent haha

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