Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!

  1. Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!

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    Pearson Leaves the Foxes!

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    Nigel Pearson, who brought Leicester City from League 1 straight back into the Championship and turned them into promotion contenders has left due to personal reasons as he has this to say:

    "I have had an amazing time at Leicester City, everyone here is great and they have a great bunch of lads who I believe can make it into the Premier League, but, due to personal reasons I have as of this moment, resigned from the club, whilst doing so I have informed the owners of who I believe has the ability of getting the club back into the Premier League."

    Due to what Pearson said, the rumours surrounding Leicester's Vacant Managerial Post have gone into overdrive as there are rumours of people such as former manager Martin O'Neill, who is not having the best of times at Sunderland, returning to try and achieve what he previously did last time at Leicester City.

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  2. New Foxes Manager To Be Announced!

    We are here at the King Power Stadium, home of Leicester City Football Club, where Chairman Vichai Raksriaksorn is about to announce the new manager of the club.

    "Welcome everybody and thank you for joining us here on this eventful day for the club, I, Vichai Raksriaksorn, have only been at this club for just over a year, but in that time, it has allowed me to learn a lot about the club, as well as its former club legends, which, after careful consideration and deep talks, we are glad to announce that the new manager, we hope will guide us to the Premier League, is none other than former Foxes and England legend, Gary Lineker!"

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-lineker.jpg

    Gary Lineker, who began his career at Leicester City, where he played over 200 games scoring 103 goals for the Foxes, had this to say during his very first interview as Leicester City Manager:

    The Guardian:
    "Gary, you sit here at the club which you began your career at as a player and now you sit here as manager, what made you want to return?"

    Gary Lineker:
    "Hello, well obviously without this club, I would not have had this career I have had, and I was here for over 10 years, so I believe this is my chance to give something back to the club."


    BBC Radio 5 Live:
    "So Gary, how were you offered this chance?"

    Gary Lineker:
    "Well, around 3 days before Nigel resigned, I got a phone call from him saying that he believes I am the man who should take charge after him, as he believes I will be able to be the person who can get them back in to the Premier League and hopefully onto more glory."


    BBC Leicester:
    "What are your short term and long term plans for his club?"

    Gary Lineker:
    "Obviously, I want to help get this club back into the Premier League and I want to do this within 2 seasons, then after that I was to establish us a regular Premier League team and hopefully push on for ever more glory."


    The Sun:
    "So how much transfer activity do you believe you will have this summer?"

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "I'll take this one, obiovusly we have many players, with the likes of Schmeichel and King, who are very important to this club and Gary will try to hold on to, but we have also given Gary a budget of around £3 Million to improve the squad in any way he likes"

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "That will be all the questions today, we need to get Gary integrated into the club and we need to get prepared for Pre-season. Thank you for coming out today."

  3. Beginning of Pre-Season

    Meeting with the owners

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-getty.king_power.jpg

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "So Gary, first of all we would like to welcome you to the club and also we hope you lead this club to glory. Now, down to business, here we have the list of our fixtures for our pre-season and would like to know how you think you will be able to perform in them?"

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-pre.png

    Gary Lineker:
    "Well looking at these fixtures, its obvious that we should easily dominate the first 2 games, and should win them easily, but the last 3 are going to be very hard as they are very good clubs, but I believe we will be able to give them a good match and even potentially come away with a draw in them atleast."

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "Well thats good to hear, we think the squad are capable of getting a good result against the harder teams, as we have been able to do in the past. Now, after looking at the squad reports, have you decided what positions you will want to improve?"

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-leicester-city_-squad-players.png Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-leicester-city_-squad-players-2.png

    Gary Lineker:
    "Looking at the reports, it is evident that we do really need a back up goalkeeper, either someone who has a good potential, or someone with experience and is a good backup, as well as also needing a left back who can come in and challenge for the position as Konchesky is starting to age now, but think that is it as we do have a enough players who are able to play in other positions as cover."

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "Okay, that sounds good, we are going to give you a transfer budget of £3.2 Million and available wages of £45k, so we hope you are able to bring in the players you need and are able to have a good pre-season, if you need us, please feel free to come see us.

    Gary Lineker:
    "Okay thank you very much, it was nice to have this meeting, see you soon."

  4. End of Pre-Season


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-pre.png

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "Well Gary, we are very pleased with these results over pre-season and if you manage to get our team to perform this well throughout the season, then it will be obvious you are the main to get us back into the Premier League."

    Gary Lineker:
    "Thank you Vichai, I am very pleased as well, especially the result against Fiorentina where the lads just dominated a team which should have easily beaten us, and I agree that if we perform this well in the season, we will be able to get back into the Premier League, which is my main aim for this season."

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "Well its not hard to see the lads really want to play well under you and we hope you really were the right choice, which so far seems right, we shall have a meeting again at the end of August to review the fixtures of the start of the season, and you will also be having a press conference in regards of your transfer activity. See you soon."

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-ketering.png
    'Schlupp coming on for Waghorn vs Kettering'

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-waggy.jpg
    'Waghorn and team celebrate after he scores his 1st of 2 against Fiorentina'

  5. August and Transfers

    August Meeting

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-aug.png

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "Welcome Gary, Tpday we would like you to talk through how you think the games went, and then you shall a press conference regarding your transfers."

    Gary Lineker:
    "Okay sounds good to me."


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-score-4.png

    Capital One Cup 1st Round

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-scorers-4.png

    MOTM: Anthony Knockaert (Leicester City)

    Gary Lineker:
    "Well as you can see from the result this was a very easy game for us and this was probably due to me playing one of our stronger sides to ensure we got through, which I believe made it possible for us to dominate them from start to finish."


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-score-3.png

    Npower Championship

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-scorers-3.png

    MOTM: John Flanagan (Derby County)

    Gary Lineker:
    "Well as you can see this was a very close game, and in all honesty, it probably should have been a draw, but this shows that we are able to take our chances, and in a close game we are able to grind out a win. What makes it ever better is that it was against our rivals! Great way to start off the league campaign."

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-futcas.jpg
    'Marko Futcas celebrates after scoring the winner against rivals Derby County'


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-score-2.png

    Npower Championship

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-scorers-2.png

    MOTM: Scott Wootton (Leicester City)

    Well this was obvious that we we completely the better team as we dominated them from start to finish and only let them have 3 shots and 38% possession, so yet another win to continue the good start to this season."


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-score-1.png

    Npower Championship

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-scorers-1.png

    MOTM: Paul Anderson (Bristol City)

    Gary Lineker:
    "Playing a weaker side and not rotating in the first few matches really did come back to bite us as we were the 2nd best in this entire match and really could have lost, but the boys dug deep and grounded out the draw."


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-score.png

    Capital One Cup 2nd Round

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-scorers.png

    MOTM: Andy King (Leicester City)

    Gary Lineker:
    "Well as you can see my team of younger players played brilliantly as we beat a Charlton side who fielded a full strength squad, which of course means now that its going to give me problems when deciding who to play in the next month."

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-schlupp.jpg
    'Jeffrey Schlupp celebrates with team mate Martyn Waghorn after Schlupp scored Leicesters 3rd goal against Charlton to secure their place in the next round of the Capitol One Cup.'


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-npower-championship_-overview-profile.png

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "Well Gary, its going to be obvious that we are pleased with the start you have made with the club, and even though we only managed a draw against Bristol City, the younger squad did well and so far we are glad that our choice in appointing you was right as we are in a good position straight from the start of the season. Now it's for the press conference regarding your transfer activity."


    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-transfers.png

    BBC Leicester:
    "So Gary, here you are with your new signings, and I think everyone wants to know why you have brought them in, and also why you have let some good players leave on loan?"

    Gary Lineker:
    "Well there is no doubt, that the players I have brought in are good, and do have the ability to develop into great players, and I saw these players as suitable players to help improve the strength of the squad.

    With Mikael Andersen becoming a new contender for the starting spot, as I felt that Conrad Logan was just not up to the standard of this squad so I let him leave. I also saw Scott Wootton, James Tavernier and Adam Smith as great cover in defence, with the ability to challenge for starting positions.

    Also Anthony Wordsworth and Thomas Drage being great players to bring is as they have the ability to go straight into the tea, whilst also having bright futures ahead of them at this club.

    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-adam-smith_-overview-profile.png Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-anthony-wordsworth_-overview-profile.png Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-james-tavernier_-overview-profile.png
    Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-mikkel-andersen_-overview-profile.png Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-scott-wootton_-overview-profile.png Gary Lineker - Return to the Foxes!-thomas-drage_-overview-profile.png


    Sky Sports News:
    "Well it's good to know that from the sounds of it you have the clubs future in mind with bringing in some great talents, but what about letting Jermaine Beckford and Jamie Vardy, to good players for the squad, out on loan?

    Gary Lineker:
    "To be honest, I know that they are good players, but I just don't see a chance for them to get into the squad as I think that Jamie Vardy would not be able to cut it at this league, whilst I don't think Jermaine would get in due to some of the great young talents such as Schlupp and Waghorn that we have coming through, but just to make sure, after talking to them, they both agreed their futures were else where, and we sorted out a way for them to get first team chances elsewhere."

    BBC Leicester:
    "Okay, well its good to know that you handled the situations well, which is a sign of a good hands on manager, and thank you for seeing us.

    Vichai Raksriaksorn:
    "Thank you for coming and we shall contact you in the future if there any more announcements we need to make."


    Other Transfer News

    Marek Hamsik (Napoli) - Manchester United
    £25.5 Million

    Stevan Jovetic (Fiorentina) - Chelsea
    £19 Million

    Leighton Baines (Everton) - Manchester City
    £18.75 Million
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  6. good luck hope u go up

  7. Quote Originally Posted by White army View Post
    good luck hope u go up

    I really think that the current players have the ability for us to do that, just gotta hope that our brilliant start of the season form continues

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