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The Chris Barber Journey
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  1. The Chris Barber Journey

    I have decided to do a story with Spurs..i am in march and am 2nd in the league and am in Europa league Quarter this is going well at the moment i want to turn it into a story so her goes....

    Villas Boas Resigns

    After a Verbal argument with a tottenham fan whos was angry at harry redknapp leaving the club Villas boas has left by mutual consent after making the club look bad to the football community...

    Levy: We had to act on this and thought it best for the club that he go and we get someone else in and we listend to the fans who asked for Harry back but he was taking a short break so we asked him who he would reccommend and he went for a young coach who he had seen when he was helping out at the football coaching academy and he is Chris Barber..

    Barber: Hello my name is chris and i am pleased to be here i kno some will be very annoyed but i will be hoping we can work together to take this club forward and challenge for silverware. I will be taking advice from Harry from time to time and i hope to go up against him when he gets bk into football...

    Europa League
    The Chris Barber Journey-tottenham-hotspur_-fixtures-schedule.png
    Domestic Cups
    The Chris Barber Journey-tottenham-hotspur_-fixtures-schedule-2.png
    Premier League table and results

    The Chris Barber Journey-tottenham-hotspur_-fixtures-schedule-3.png

    I will Do to the end of the season for the next update..then after that i will do monthly updates...i hope you guys follow this and enjoy
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Chris Barber Journey-english-premier-division_-overview-profile-2.png  
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  2. Europa Legaue Quarter/semi Final draw...

    TOTTENHAM vs Celtic

    Semi Final

    Spurs or Celtic vs Atletic Bilbao or Spartak Moscow

  3. End of season review
    * won Europa League beating leverkusen 4-0
    *Finishing 2nd in the Premiership
    Also we are getting a new stadium which will be called Hoddle Park

    The Chris Barber Journey-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.png
    The Chris Barber Journey-chris-barber_-news-inbox.png

    The Chris Barber Journey-european-champions-cup_-overview-profile.pngThe Chris Barber Journey-euro-cup_-overview-profile.png

    The Chris Barber Journey-mathias-bossaerts_-overview-profile.pngThe Chris Barber Journey-mattia-destro_-overview-profile.png

    These are my the regens that came through my youth intake

    The Chris Barber Journey-richard-williams_-overview-profile.pngThe Chris Barber Journey-james-warner_-overview-profile.png
    These are the are the regens i am signing

    The Chris Barber Journey-lenny-griffiths_-overview-profile.png
    The Chris Barber Journey-joshua-oshea_-overview-profile.pngThe Chris Barber Journey-dominic-smart_-overview-profile.pngThe Chris Barber Journey-martin-smith_-overview-profile.png
    The Chris Barber Journey-mike-stanley_-overview-profile.pngThe Chris Barber Journey-graeme-taylor_-overview-profile.pngThe Chris Barber Journey-nigel-willis_-overview-profile.png
    The Chris Barber Journey-gerd-m-ller_-overview-profile.png
    i love this guy tho as i have the bayern legend in my coaching staff so i had to sign him

    As of now i will only be signing british players so from Scotland, Wales N/Ireland and England..i had already signed Muller and the young belgium player before i decided hopefully u guys will follow me on this journey...also i will now be doing monthley updates. i will hopefully be taking over an International side if one allows me to

    so i hope to see those nice comments soon
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  4. Will be interesting to see the signings you make now you've declared that. Will follow for sure

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TicTactition View Post
    Will be interesting to see the signings you make now you've declared that. Will follow for sure

    Thanks mate..i not gonna be easy..i am currently trying to sign rodwell...and my head of youth deveolpment signed a young frenchmen so i have taken him off the recruting side...i may go for Butland as my keeper to challenge Lloris

    Pre season update will be tomorrow i hope..but maybe friday as virgin are coming to put wi fi in my house

  6. August

    Spurs 2 Monoco 2
    Sevilla 3 Spurs 2
    Olympiakos 1 Spurs 6

    This month was one i thought we could do OK in as we had a tricky away game against stoke. Then Man city which i thought we would lose heavily as i decided to go for the Super cup and rested a few player

    Stoke 0 Spurs 0

    we played well in this game but just could not break down a stubborn defence

    Spurs 1 Man City 2

    The Back ups did not disgrace themselves at all as Huddlestone thumped in a 35 yard shot that not even Hart could get near and we could have Snatched a draw late on but Joe hart is a world class keeper and a double save won them the game.....i probs made wornd choice to rest players tho

    European Super Cup

    Spurs 2 vs Porto 0

    Great win and a debut goal from a player my director of football signed 18 year Enock Kwaka and then a fantastic goal from Bale won us the trophy

    Player of the Month
    Tom Huddlestone--1 goal ave rating 7.56.
    " he played very well and broke up a lot of play in midfield"

    Young player of the month
    Enock Kwaka- 1 game 1 Goal
    " just for his super cup performence he had a great debut"


    I will Put the League table in the next update which will be tomorrow
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  7. ok slight problem guys i had not saved my game abd my comp crashed so i had to play the man city game and the super cup again...i lost 2-0 to city and lost on pens against sorry guys...but dont worry i am carrying on and wont give up games in september will include a london derby, 1st champions league game of the season as well as capitol one cup game.. hope u guys are still interested

  8. September update

    Champions League Group draw and predictions

    Lyon(win at home,Draw away)
    Rubin kazan(Win both games)
    Haken (Win Both games)

    A mixed mpnthe with 2 wins 1 loss and 1 draw

    Spurs 1 vs Chelsea 0

    Great win Destro was amazing all game and could have got more but cech was in good form

    Champions League Game 1

    Spurs 5 vs Rubin 2

    A great return to the Champions league and showed we could be a force in the group

    Capitol one Cup

    Man City 3 vs Spurs 2

    Disapointed as out at this stage for 2nd season running despite playing well.

    West Brom2 vs Spurs 2

    Not happy at this but i was trying a new tactic out as i felt teams were getting used to mine recent ones

    if there is anything u want me to change or include just ask
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  9. nice mate, i will follow for sure! can you upload some images of your team and tacticts?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Ramiza View Post
    nice mate, i will follow for sure! can you upload some images of your team and tacticts?

    The Chris Barber Journey-tottenham-hotspur_-tactics-overview.png The Chris Barber Journey-tottenham-hotspur_-squad-players.png

    Here you go my squad and starting tactic
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