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Taking Norway to the Top
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  1. Taking Norway to the Top

    A little background: I live in the US, but my dad is from Norway and I still have relatives that live in the country so I have always maintained an interest in Norwegian football and I've always enjoyed playing the Norwegian leagues on Football Manager. I have decided to take a Norwegian club and attempt to make it into a top side in the world as well as building the Norwegian National Team into a contender. Started this on FM 12, but started too late and decided to wait until FM 13 came out to play a longer game. Hope you all enjoy!

    Game Specifics
    Leagues Loaded: Norway (all levels) Australia (all levels) Brazil (all levels) USA (all levels). Large database w/ all players of Norwegian and American Nationality loaded.

    *no FMRTE or cheating

    Team: Lyn Fotball (Norwegian Second Division Group 2)

    Team History: Lyn is only remaining team that helped found the Football Association of Norway in 1902. As one of the oldest teams in the country, Lyn has a rich history that includes two Norwegian Premier Division Titles and eight Norwegian Cups. The team also became the first and only Norwegian team to reach the quarter finals of the Champions Cup, losing to Barcelona on aggregate.

    Among the club alums are players like Wigan ’keeper Ali Al-Habsi and Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel.

    In 2010 Lyn FK, following confusion and dispute over Mikel’s transfer to Chelsea, declared bankruptcy and ceased to exist professionally. Fans and players decided to support the club’s amateur department. The club has risen from the sixth division all the way to the second division (third tier).

    In real life the team just won promotion to the second division, but in the game Lyn is listed as a lower-league side. Using the editor I put the club in the second division (replacing a team relegated in real life) and will attempt to lead them back to the glory days.

    Here are the info screens for the club:
    Taking Norway to the Top-club-general-info-screen.pngTaking Norway to the Top-club-facilities-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-affiliated-clubs-.png

    You can see the history we have to live up to. Facilities and Junior Coaching are bad, as expected, and I'll need to work on upgrading them to eventually supply players for the national team. The affiliations we have are with lower-league clubs and don't really provide any benefit, but they don't cost anything so I decided not to cancel them.

    Backroom Staff:
    Taking Norway to the Top-coaching-team-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-brian-mcbride-screen.pngTaking Norway to the Top-eddie-pope-screen-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-joe-max-moore-screen.png
    Understandably, I have a soft spot for my fellow Americans, especially NT legends like McBride, Pope and Max-Moore. All three are decent coaches and their attributes should improve thanks to a high determination ratings. Finances are currently tight and with board restrictions, I'm holding off hiring more staff for now.

    Taking Norway to the Top-club-transfer-history.png

    The squad that came up from the Third Division wasn't good enough (outside of several players) and with finances not looking so healthy, big changes were always in the works.

    Notable Players:
    Taking Norway to the Top-christoffer-dahl-attributes-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-christoffer-dahl-ppm-screen.png

    Christoffer Dahl was the club's biggest signing. The veteran playmaker will bring leadership and composure to our midfield. His PPMs fit well with the system I want to play. He's far too talented for this level of football and he should be a fixture on the team sheet for years to come.

    Taking Norway to the Top-marius-lundemo-attributes.pngTaking Norway to the Top-marius-lundemo-report-screen.pngTaking Norway to the Top-vajebah-sakor-attributes.pngTaking Norway to the Top-vajebah-sakor-report-screen-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-vajebah-sakor-ppms.png

    These are two amazing youth prospects I found during extensive preseason scouting. Both were step transfer fees, but they're both worth it. At this level, both are first choice players for the club and have shown flashes of immense potential. Hopefully they'll continue to develop well as both should be premier division quality eventually. Currently working on additional PPMs for both.

    Taking Norway to the Top-diego-barria-attributes.pngTaking Norway to the Top-diego-barria-ppms.png

    Signed Barria on a free at the beginning of the season as a backup/hot prospect, but he started outperforming my expected starter so he has taken over as first choice on the team sheet. His attributes are developing nicely and with the "tries to beat the offside trap" PPM he's deadly as a poacher in my system.

    Fixtures and League Table
    Taking Norway to the Top-fixtures-friendlies-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-fixtures-second-half-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-league-table.png
    I'm already almost finished with my first season (sorry for the late start with the story) so here's what the year has looked like. Currently on a great run of form, but the league is extremely tight with just five games remaining. Our schedule doesn't do us any favors either. I'm not worried about Tromso or Stabaek, but we play both our promotion rivals. Hopefully we can get the job done!
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  2. gd luck i will follow as this is something different

  3. Taking Norway to the Top-league-table-last-two-games-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-new-unbeaten-record-.png
    A decent run of form, but disappointing considering the race for promotion is so tight. The Follo match was crazy. Right before the match, this popped up in my inbox:

    Taking Norway to the Top-bajram-ajeti-concerned.png

    This is the striker I thought would be my first choice, but was replaced by Barria. With the latter serving a suspension for card accumulation, I promised Ajeti he would get his chance in the first team. As you can see, he didn't disappoint.

    Taking Norway to the Top-ajeti-form.pngTaking Norway to the Top-ajeti-show-delights.png

    Providing two of the three goals and assisting on the other. A pretty decent game if I do say so myself.

    We also announced our new Youth Intake.
    Taking Norway to the Top-youth-intake-announcement-.pngTaking Norway to the Top-youth-candidates-.png
    Both central defenders look very promising and I hope they'll develop well. With the facilities as mediocre as they are, I'm actually surprised we had that decent of youth crop.

    Also helping for the future:

    Taking Norway to the Top-junior-coaching-board-discussion.pngTaking Norway to the Top-junior-coaching-imporvements-.png

    Finally got the board to approve an upgrade. Now junior coaching is at an average level.

    Here's the situation with two games remaining:
    Taking Norway to the Top-league-table-24-games.png
    We still control our own destiny, but we can't afford a slip-up against Asker. A win all but guarantees promotion, a draw and I still like our chances.

    Next Update: How the season ended. Did I managed to get the club promoted?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Taking Norway to the Top-barria-rounds-goalkeeprs.png   Taking Norway to the Top-sakor-central-dribbling-role.png   Taking Norway to the Top-fixtures-second-half-.png  

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  4. Taking Norway to the Top-final-two-games.pngTaking Norway to the Top-final-league-table.png

    It went down to the final day, but we managed to pull it off! I feared the worst when we went down 0-1 in the Asker match, but the team rallied to score just minutes later and we escaped with a draw. After that, the result was never in doubt against Stabaek. A brilliant hat-trick from Barria was a great way to close out the season. Turns out a draw would have been enough as Asker was held scoreless in its final tie.

    Now on to the off season. Plenty of work to be done upgrading the squad to compete in the First Division.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by White army View Post
    gd luck i will follow as this is something different

  6. looks interesting will keep an eye on this

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kandersson View Post
    looks interesting will keep an eye on this
    Means a lot coming from a Swede!

    Love your San Mario story! It inspired me to try this one.
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  8. Also been keeping an eye on this as I don't know much about Norway but always been fascinated after my love for J.A. Riise

  9. Quote Originally Posted by TicTactition View Post
    Also been keeping an eye on this as I don't know much about Norway but always been fascinated after my love for J.A. Riise
    Awesome! Aalesunds FK (J.A. Riise's original club) is my favorite in Norway and Fulham is the team I follow in the EPL so I've always liked him as well!

  10. 2012/13 Preseason

    New Contract
    Taking Norway to the Top-1lyn-offer-new-contract.png Taking Norway to the Top-2contract-terms.png
    Soon after the season ended and I managed to get the team promoted, I was offered a 2-year contract extension by the board. I’ve never worried much about salary as it counts for nothing in the game, but $71,000 isn’t bad. More interesting is the new “Philosophies” section. I absolutely love this new feature and fortunately, the board put forward the incentive to invest in our youth academy and play attacking football.

    Obviously my goal is to eventually generate players for the national team so developing players from the academy is a priority of mine. I don’t know how much success I’ll have in the next two years with poor facilities, but there are three decent prospects currently part of the U19s so that should help.

    Taking Norway to the Top-3asker-sack-ramberg.png
    While I was rewarded with a new contract, my fellow manager at Asker wasn’t so lucky. I actually found this funny as Asker was our promotion rival and apparently beating them out for the title was the last straw for an ambitious board.

    Financial Concerns
    Taking Norway to the Top-4undersoild-heating-announcement.png
    Undersoil heating is a requirement for teams in Norway’s first and second tiers so I knew this was coming. However, the financial hit is cringe-worthy and with finances already in the red, I was a little concerned until this happened:
    Taking Norway to the Top-5board-cash-injection.pngTaking Norway to the Top-6new-sponsorship-deals.png

    The money really helps the club out. We’re still in the red, but the cash injection and sponsorships should allow me to balance the books by the end of the year.

    Taking Norway to the Top-7top-spot-norway.png
    No surprise as Norwegian powerhouse Rosenborg retains the top spot in the country. Our stature increased thanks to promotion, but I’m hoping a deeper run in the Norwegian Cup this year will help the reputation even more. Thanks to its history, the club already has a good reputation within the country.

    Season Awards

    Taking Norway to the Top-8fans-player-year.pngTaking Norway to the Top-9best-11.png
    Captain and club legend Mads Dahm won a very deserved Fans’ POTY award. I’m counting on him to again be a rock in the center of defense for this year’s campaign.

    No surprises in the best 11. The defense allowed a league low in goals, which definitely helped the promotion effort. Barria scored 14 league goals, good for second on the scoring charts in Second Division Group 4.

    Hands off my Backroom Staff!

    While in the middle of the off season, I had this message pop up in my inbox:
    Taking Norway to the Top-10approach-helland.png
    I was furious. Why you ask? Take a look at this guy’s screen:
    Taking Norway to the Top-12helland-attributes-.png

    He’s not currently interested in being a coach, but I’m hoping he’ll eventually come around. In the meantime, he’s one hell of a scout and constantly brings back outstanding potential signings. So I sat him down to have a little chat.
    Taking Norway to the Top-11helland-conversation.png
    Fortunately he saw the light and decided to snub the offer from the Premier League side. I later had to fend off another offer for him from another Premier League team, but so far Helland remains a scout for Lyn Fotball.

    Budgets/Season Expectations

    Taking Norway to the Top-13board-intial-budged.pngTaking Norway to the Top-14season-expectations.png
    The board is ambitious, that’s for sure. Giving me a huge wage budget lets me adjust to create more transfer money and possibly bring in some players. I set the season expectations at “avoid relegation” only because the difference in budget for “mid-table finish” or “top half finish” was negligible. Secretly my goal is to make the promotion playoffs and I don’t think we’ll struggle to stay up, but no reason to let the board know and become disillusioned.

    New Tactic

    Taking Norway to the Top-16new-tactic.png
    Last year I mainly used a 4-3-3 that featured the wingers cutting in as the main playmakers and a lone striker up top. It worked okay, but was too inconsistent for my liking and didn’t get Sakor enough touches. I built this new tactic around Sakor and so far the returns have been excellent in friendlies:
    Taking Norway to the Top-20-friendlies-.png
    Sarpsborg and Nybergsund were two good teams in the First Division last season so to perform well against both is encouraging. Against Sarpsborg we led 2-0 after the first half before playing a second-choice 11 in the first half so I’m not too worried about drawing. I think we got too complacent against Oslo City, hopefully that won’t happen in our league opener on national TV.


    Taking Norway to the Top-transfers.png
    I only made one big-money signing, but he should be worth every penny.
    Taking Norway to the Top-17amundsen-attributes-.png
    My assman thinks he’ll be a good Premier Division player and he’s a star at this level.

    Here’s the best of the rest:
    Taking Norway to the Top-18totland-attributes.pngTaking Norway to the Top-19suka-suka-attributes-.png
    Totland takes over as my first-choice left back at only 19 years of age. He’s on loan, but I’ll keep on eye on his career and maybe look to sign him in a few years. Suka Suka should provide good depth in the midfield.
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