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Mick McCarthy: Legend
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  1. Mick McCarthy: Legend

    Mick McCarthy : Legend

  2. This story will be like many others recently and will be through the eyes of a living legend!
    I will only take charge of clubs that Mick has been involved with which are actually quite numerous including Celtic, Man City, Sunderland, Millwall, Ipswich, Lyon, Barnsley and Republic of Ireland!

  3. Michael Joseph McCarthy
    Mick McCarthy: Legend-mick.jpg

    DOB 7th Feb 1959

    POB Barnsley, England

    Mick McCarthy was a commanding CB in his time playing over 500 league games for various clubs including Celtic, Lyon and Millwall.
    His main club was his boyhood heroes Barnsley playing 272 games and his other Man City playing 140 games.
    McCarthy was a fiery player who left everything on the pitch and never backed down from a fight and most importantly could grow a fine moustache.

    Due to Mick's dad being Irish it meant he could represent the Republic of Ireland at international level playing 57 games and scoring twice. His debut was a goalless draw against Poland in 1984.

    Find out who he takes charge of soon .....
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  4. I like real-life stories haha not to mention that Mick McCarthy looks like Sam the Eagle.

    Mick McCarthy: Legend-genk.jpg

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TicTactition View Post
    I like real-life stories haha not to mention that Mick McCarthy looks like Sam the Eagle.

    Attachment 289980
    The fun part will be acting like Mick in interviews!

  6. Mick McCarthy takes over at Local Club

    Barnsley FC
    Mick McCarthy: Legend-bfc-logo.jpg

    Mick McCarthy to meet the Media

    Media; Mick as a local lad and former player you must of dreamt of this moment for years.

    MM; Of course i have what a stupid question.

    Media; Will long term friend Terry Connor be involved with your backroom staff?

    MM; It is my first goal to get Terry into the assistant managers positon he knows what hes doing.

    Media; Will you be spending big to stay up, you already have the likes of Marlon Harewood and Mido on big money?

    If your willing to give me some money im happy to spend it but the club will be giving me pitance and i will be surviving on loans and frees just the way i like it.
    Media; What will your tactical aproach be?

    I have only just signed so i do not know.

    Media; Will you play with an attacking approach?

    As i have already said i have only just signed, i have only met the players briefly yet you want an in depth analysis of what each player had for breakfast this morning!
    This interview is done.

  7. July 2012 Pre season

    Npower Championship Promotion Odds
    Mick McCarthy: Legend-champs-odds.png

    New Assistant Manager
    Mick McCarthy: Legend-terry-connor.png

    New Affialiation
    Mick McCarthy: Legend-arsenal-link.png

    Barnsley Managers Monthly Press Conference

    Mick McCarthy: Legend-images.jpg

    So Mick what do you think of the odds that your favourites to go down this year?

    We all know that isnt going to happen, i havent come here to get relegated ive come here to go the other way.

    Thats a very confident reply considering you have very little money to play with in the transfer window, What effect if any do you think your signings will have on your team?

    Why would i have signed them if not to improve the team! Malaury Martin is a future star and Suazo and Lee Naylor give us amazing experience in the squad.

    Do you think Mido's long term injury will hurt your early season form?

    It hasnt helped but Suazo can easily fill in for him its shame he still gets paid his big wages while being injured.

    What made you decided to replace your assistant manager?

    Well as everybody knows theres only one Terry Connor!

    Finally do you think your affialiation with Arsenal will help you stay in the league.

    Well that depends on whether they give us some good prospects or all there deadwood so far they havent given us a thing.

  8. Transfers

    Attachment 290129

    Key Players

    Attachment 290130Attachment 290131Attachment 290132

    Youth Prospects

    Attachment 290133Attachment 290134Attachment 290135

    Opening Day of the Npower Championship Season Press Conference

    So Mick who do you think will be the key to your success this season?

    Everything will go through Jacob Mellis hes young so still has a lot to learn but after Mido's long term injury hes the main man

    Can you tell us any more about Mido's injury?

    He got injured in pre season training and will be out til the new year i think i dont want to get into it, hes not in my mind until hes back to match fitness.

    Can you shed any light on reports of unrest between you and Tom Kennedy?

    He has gone on loan now so it does not matter.

    Some say you fined him for not showing up to training? Is this true?

    Aye it is, some nobody defender in the reserves doesnt show up and when he gets fined complains to me, hes lucky Terry was there or he would be in the hospital next to Mido!

    How do you feel about playing all 3 of the relegated teams in the first month?

    It will be difficult but if we can get through it we know there will be some easier games on the horizon.

  9. Micks first 15 games in charge will be up tonight

  10. Enjoying the story so far, will be interesting to see how you are progressing. However....

    Quote Originally Posted by coolmcool View Post
    The fun part will be acting like Mick in interviews!
    You haven't achieved that yet!

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