German Domination

  1. German Domination

    So, as my computer decided to delete the saves of my last two stories, I now have a new computer and I shall be doing a story with German Bundesliga team Wolfsburg, I will be doing it in the format of a monthly report/documentary of what happens. I hope you enjoy!

    (Was previously Schalke but due to problems with the squad and finances couldn't continue)

    Wolfsburg Bust Up!

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    There are reports coming in that there has been a clash between interim manager Lorenz-Gunther Kostner and club captain Diego Benaglio after the manager tried to strip the star of his captaincy, after a heated argument between the two, Lorenz is said to have attacked the clubs star goalkeeper and the man who is supposed to be in charge until next summer, had to be removed from the training grounds by security.

    German Domination-250px-lorenz-g-nther_k-stner.jpg

    As soon as the Chairman of Wolfsburg, Francisco Garcia, heard of the event, Lorenz-Gunther Kostner was sacked with immediate effect and banned from ever contacting the club in the future. This will surely destroy the former managers reputation and leave Wolfsburg witht the task of searching for his suitable predecessor.

    German Domination-120505_en_geburtstag_sanz_95eb65e6ea.jpg

    There have been rumours that former England managers Sven-Goran Eriksson and Fabio Capello are leading the race for the position, with surprise candidate, Adam Moore, a 1st team coach at Wolfsburg, also being considered.

    German Domination-fabio.jpg German Domination-sven.jpg
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  2. Risky Appointment at Wolfsburg?

    Wolfsburg Chairman Lorenz-Gunther Kostner is now in a press conference where he is about to announce the new Wolfsburg manager.

    Lorenz-Gunther Kostner:
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad you have joined us today where we shall be presenting the man who we will hope to take this club onto glory, and we believe that he has the ability to do."

    "I would like to present to you, former 1st team coach and now Manager of Wolfsburg, Adam Moore!"


    The Gelsenkirchen Football Chronicle:
    "Lorenz, surely this is a huge risk with putting a man with no managerial experience in charge of the club?!"

    Lorenz-Gunther Kostner:
    "I know it may seem like a risky appointment, but Adam Moore has been with the club for 5 years now, he is very well known around the club, and is also popular with the players, and due to him having coached them, he knows how they play and how they like to play, so he will be able to do well at getting the best out of them."


    German Football Daily:
    "Adam, what are your plans for this club, and do you think you, a man with no managerial experience, will be able to achieve these targets?"

    Adam Moore:
    "First of all, lets get it out the way. Yes, I have no managerial experience and Yes, it is a huge risk. But I know the squad very well and they know me well and we get along. Which in my opinion is important. I want to be able to turn this club into what it deserves to be, the best in Germany and then after that, I want to develop us into the best club in Europe and then the World. I want to bring it back to glory and regain the Bundesliga title we won in 2009.

    I believe this club has the capability to achieve this as we have some great talents in the likes of Diego, Simon Kjaer and Ricardo Rodriguez. I believe these players will be what will help us to do this."


    German Football Post:
    "What are your plans for the transfer market?"

    Adam Moore:
    "I plan on keeping hold of all our star players, who will only leave if we recieve an offer which is of great benefit to the club, but also good for player. I plan on getting my transfers done as early as possible to allow the players to get to know each other well and be able to learn how each other plays."


    German Football Gazette:
    "With the squad flying out to Austria for their pre-season training camp in just over a week, have you already decided on who will be going?"

    Adam Moore:
    "Yes, this will be the last question, as you can see from this screen behind me, I have chosen the players I believe will benefit most from the trip and will also help us to have a productive pre-season."

    German Domination-untitled.png

    Lorenz-Gunther Kostner:
    "Thank you everyone for coming, and we assure you, we believe appointing Adam will be a great decision for the clubs future."
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  3. i like the style of writing......hope you continue

  4. Beginning of Pre-Season

    So here I was, sat in the managers office of one of the biggest clubs in Germany. This opportunity coming from nowhere, but rumours that the players recommended me because they enjoy it when they train with me and try their hardest, and they think that with me as manager, they will be able to have this mentality on the pitch also.

    So as I sat there, in my big leather chair at my big modern wooden desk, I recieved an email from my assistant manager Bernd Hollerbach, where he had attached files of all the player reports I had requested. I decided that now I should look these over, decide on my squad, and then think about our future transfers to improve the squad.

    German Domination-vfl-wolfsburg_-squad-players.png German Domination-vfl-wolfsburg_-squad-players-2.png

    German Domination-vfl-wolfsburg_-tactics-overview.png

    As I looked over the team reports I had been given and decided on my preferred formation suitable for the squad, I realised that the only positions that would need improving for this season are the centre midfield and also the right midfield positions, because until my loan players come back next season, these positions are lacking quality.

    But in terms of the defence and the rest of the midfield and strikers, I is very pleased with the quality available to me, but would probably just need to bring in a few back ups, until next season when the loan players return.

    I informed my assistant manager and scouts of the positions I wanted to improve, so they could hopefully bring back some reports of players they think can help me to achieve greatness and glory at this great club.

    German Domination-ku-ja-cheol_-overview-profile.png German Domination-tolga-cigerci_-overview-profile.png German Domination-nassim-ben-khalifa_-overview-profile.png German Domination-ibrahim-sissoko_-overview-profile.png


    I also have a few very good youngsters with good potential who I will give first team games to, to try and improve their abilities.

    German Domination-maximilian-arnold_-overview-profile.png German Domination-francis-onwuzo_-overview-profile.png German Domination-julian-brandt_-overview-profile.png

    I am expecting that there is going to be a lot of transfer activity around here as I want to bring youthfullness to the squad, whilst also some of our players being sought after. The funding I have been given should also greatly help me achieve my aim of improving the squad in the way I want for the forthcoming season.

    German Domination-money.png

    After looking over my pre-season fixtures I realised that all off these games were capable of being won, but, I want to primarily focus on transfers this pre-season so I shall be letting my assistant manager take control of these friendlies, but he will be playing with the squad and tactics that I choose.

    German Domination-matches.png
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by samgenoa98 View Post
    i like the style of writing......hope you continue

  6. End of Pre-Season

    German Domination-shit-assistant-manager.png

    I decided to leave my assistant manager in charge of my friendlies, using my tactics, and well as you can see, he did absolutely shockingly, I decided to sack him just before the final game against Santa Clara as he really isn't good enough to be helping be in charge of these players if he cant beat these teams with the quality we have. I was in charge of the Santa Clara game myself which we dominated and won well.

    I have now hired Harry Redknapp's former assistant (his assistant manager at Spurs for 4 years) Kevin Bond.

    German Domination-kevin-bond_-overview-profile.png

    I now have a fellow Englishman with me at the club! Yay!

    Also quite a lot of transfer activity at the club as predicted, which you shall see in the next update!
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  7. August & Transfers


    German Domination-matches.png


    German Domination-scorers.png
    German Cup 1st Round

    - Bas Dost (42)
    - Lazar Markovic (49)

    MOTM: Lazar Markovic (Wolfsburg)

    Decided to play a strong team this game to help the squad to gel together and we really should have won by a lot more seeing as we had 22 shots. But still I will take this as it will help the squad and we shall be playing fellow Bundesliga team SC Freiburg in the 2nd round.


    German Domination-score.png

    - Wellington Nem (88)

    MOTM: Simon Kjaer (Wolfsburg)

    We got battered. They were all over us and we only got the win because of a great goal from Wellington Nem. Really should have taken control of the game in the 2nd half as they had someone sent off in first minute of the 2nd half. But still, a win is a win. Unfortunately we have lost Makoto Hasebe for 8 months with damaged cruciate ligaments.


    League Table

    German Domination-german-bundesliga_-overview-profile.png

    So as you can see everyone except Frankfurt and Hoffenheim (Played 2) have played just once so this means there really isn't much structure to the league at the moment. But still, glad we won our 1st game of the season.

    Best Player of August

    Well as we've only played two competitive games this month I cant really give it to anyone as I havent been able to see much from them yet.



    German Domination-transfers.png

    As you can see I was able to get rid of a lot of the deadwood from the squad as we did have a lot of players at the start of the season, and I have been able to bring in all the players I required, as well as a few others who I think we can benefit from.

    German Domination-timo-horn_-overview-profile.png

    So starting from the back is Timo Horn who I brought in because we really didn't have any back ups to Benaglio and would have had to rely on a very poor youngster if Benaglio ever got injured. I also think he has okay potential but I will have to look at bringing in another goalkeeper over the next few seasons as Benaglio is just about to reach his 30's and I dont think Timo will have what it takes to become our Number 1.

    German Domination-wallace_-overview-profile.png German Domination-jores-okore_-overview-profile.png German Domination-matthias-ostrzolek_-overview-profile.png

    For the defence I brought in very good back ups with Wallace and Okore having the potential to becoming starters for us, and I shall being giving them a lot of first team team experience this season. But Ostrzolek really was brought in as back up to Rodriguez because unless we get a very good offer for him, Rodriguez will be here for many years to come, and due to us not having a back up Left back, I saw Ostrzolek as a great choice.

    German Domination-sebastian-rudy_-overview-profile.png German Domination-adryan_-overview-profile.png

    In the midfield I brought in Rudy and Adryan where Rudy is going to become our new main central midfielder, and I am going to be training Adryan into becoming a better central midfielder to play alongside Rudy in the future because even though I know he has the potential to be a great Central attacking midfielder, with the likes of Wellington Nem and Diego in the squad, I don't think he would get much of a chance.

    German Domination-wellington-nem_-overview-profile.png German Domination-lazar-markovic_-overview-profile.png

    In the attacking midfield department I brought in the future stars Wellington Nem and Lazar Markovic who I believe will be able to make the centre attacking midfield and right attacking midfield positions their own over the next few seasons and I believe they are going to become amazing players for this club.

    German Domination-gianluca-caprari_-overview-profile.png German Domination-adem-lson_-overview-profile.png

    Upfront I have brought in Ademilson as one of our main strikers as he will rotate with Olic and Dost, but over the next few seasons I know that he will develop quickly and make that position his own very quickly. Caprari has been brought in as a back up striker, and I know he has good potential so if he impresses me this season there may be a permanent move available for him next summer due to Olic getting into his mid 30's and I really don't think Helmes will be the same when he comes back his damaged cruciate ligaments in 7 months.

    Other Transfer News

    Leighton Baines (Everton) - Manchester City
    £18.75 Million

    Benat (Real Betis) - Manchester City
    £17.5 Million

    Hatem Ben Arfa (Newcastle United) - Chelsea
    £12.75 Million
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