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The adventure's of John Gallagher...

  1. The adventure's of John Gallagher...

    Hello and welcome to my adventure into the magical and hectic life of a football manager.

    Let me give you some information on my career so far; first of all, I started unemployed with professional footballer reputation. After this I then simulated into December so that more jobs became available. One job that stood out to me more than any other was the Aberdeen job because i like playing in the SPL as you may have guessed by my name i am a Hibernian fan.


    When I joined Aberdeen they were languishing in 9th place, however this wasn't anywhere near as big a problem as the debt. They were in 1.19M debt and were paying back just under 200k per month in loans, this was crippling the club so I set about trying to help with the finances.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-aberdeen_-transfers-history.png
    Very quickly I decided to get rid of a few players I didn't need including Peter Pawlett and Michael Paton. I also sold Chris Clark as he was on 2.7k a week and just wasn't worth it. The only player I signed was Meite as the other two were already signed when I joined. I also re-negotiated the contracts of most of my first team so that the wage bill would be further reduced.

    In the end I managed a 6th place finish which for the state the club was in was smashing. I started the new season with some new found optimism found in the players I had signed...
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-aberdeen_-transfers-history-2.png
    I thought that with the experience of Kieron Dyer and Tomas Cywka mixed with the talent of the younger players such as Ryan McGivern, Dale Carrick and the regen Greg Coupe who my scout had found playing for Colwyn Bay in Wales that I could really muster a decent European challenge.
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-greg-coupe_-overview-profile.png

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-aberdeen_-fixtures-schedule.png
    The season started quite well with 7 points out of a possible 12 then a rot kicked in, we lost 4 on the bounce and were very inconsistent, the fans were getting on my back and I was under pressure so I changed my tactics at the Hibernian game and we had a very good run which we went up to 3rd. However the Celtic game was to be my last as Aberdeen manager.

    On the 2nd January I was offered the Wolves job. The objective for the season was to get promoted and the team were sitting in 10th, 6 points behind the play-offs, with a budget of £5.5M I set out to improve the team and I did just that...
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves_-transfers-history.png
    I blew nearly my whole budget on the one and only Ademilson for £5.25M which is a bargain for him. I also signed Santa Cruz as a player/coach and Nicky Shorey for 24k for WBL and Victor Anichebe in March for 3 months.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-2.png
    My first game in charge was a difficult cup game against EPL Norwich which we could only manage a 2-0 loss. However in the league we went on a 5 game unbeaten run which put is in the play-off hunt. We had a very hit and miss season with a great 1-0 win against table topping Aston Villa then a poor 2-1 loss to Bolton however we managed to scrape a play-off position and beat Leicester 3-0 on aggregate. In the final we played Bristol City who we had lost to 2-1 on the final day of the season but in the final we got sweet revenge with a 2-0 win thanks to Barry Bannan and Frank Nouble.
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves-v-bristol-city_-overview-overview.png

    This Season
    I started this season knowing I had to improve for the EPL and with the board giving me £10M I had to spend it wisely.

    I decided that the best way to spend the money was to soend big on a few first team starters so I bought Buttner, Chamakh, Dos Santos and Le Fondre for large fees. I decided to bring in a few promising Brazilian regens such as Alan and Riva, added to this was selling fringe players who were on large wages so players like Zubar, Griffiths and Sako were gone. Doyle and Ebanks-Blake were sent out on loan as I don't want/need them. Strengthening the team was a few loan singings and a couple of free transfers.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-marouane-chamakh_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-jonathan-dos-santos_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-adam-le-fondre_-overview-profile.png
    Big players ^
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-riva_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-mauro_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-frank-van-dijk_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-alan_-overview-profile.png
    Promising regens^

    I'm most excited about Van Dijk as he has the potential to turn into an outstanding player and he is already on the bench and he is getting the odd game here and there already.

    Season so far;
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-3.png
    I started very very poorly with some very high scoring losses which led me to think that we just weren't going to stay up but we turned it round with a 5-0 win against Sunderland which gave me hope. A decent run was to follow and now we sit 16th however we've lost our last two league games so we need to improve there.

    Best player so far:
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-roger-johnson_-overview-profile.png
    He's been a rock at the back and is captain, what more could you ask for?

    So now we are up to the point which I'm currently at. I will try to keep it at a monthly update but it might have to be every two months. If you want any other screenshots that I've missed then don't hesitate to ask. Comment on how you think I can improve and I know this has been a long post but there was a lot of information to get across so if you're still reading then well done haha! Thanks for reading!

  2. November/December 2014

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-fm-story-december.jpg

    Some brilliant upsets
    Some mediocre results
    Ademilson back on form

    Wolves 1-0 Liverpool

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves-v-liverpool_-overview-overview.png
    It was a brilliant win for us and a brilliant start to the month with some of the best plays of the match coming from us. The only goal of the game came in the 32nd minute of the match with a wonderful side footed shot into the bottom of the corner from Chamakh.

    Man City 0-4 Wolves

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-man-city-v-wolves_-overview-overview.png
    Once again a brilliant end to the month with 4 very important goals coming from Roger Johnson,Abou Diaby and 2 coming from Ademilson. All 4 of the goals where as good as each other and i was even more pleased because that means we go in to the 3rd round of the fa cup against Chelsea on a high.

    These where the rest of the results;

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-fixtures.png

    Some very good results like 4-1 against Fulham and Norwich but some terrible results against teams we should of bet but we will still take were we are in the table;

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.png

    Player of the month

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-adem-lson_-overview-profile.png
    Brilliant 2 months for him with 9 goals in 10 games can ask much more from a striker!

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  3. ncie well done at aberdeen considering where they were and gd luck with wolves
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by White army View Post
    ncie well done at aberdeen considering where they were and gd luck with wolves
    Thanks bud! Yeah I'm really enjoying Wolves and I'm going to grow the club slowly spending money on potentially great players rather than already developed good players

  5. The adventure's of John Gallagher...-article-0-0b4b142b000005dc-132_468x301.jpg
    January 2015
    3 join with 2 leaving
    Excellent month but ends on sour note
    I sign a new contract until 2018

    Wolves 2-2 Man Utd
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves-v-man-utd_-overview-overview.png
    A great draw against title chasing Man Utd. The substitute Santa Cruz scoring the late equaliser after Wayne Rooney got himself sent off for diving.

    Wolves 4-0 Arsenal

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves-v-arsenal_-overview-overview.png
    What a result! Didn't expect it at all and the performance was also outstanding so a great win and a hat-trick from loanee Tomas Necid.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-2.png
    The month went well going unbeaten till the final day but it was a disappointing loss in the derby!

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves_-transfers-history-2.png
    We had a relatively busy transfer window with three new faces in Micah Richards(loan) Christian Benetti and Mauro. Micah Richards is great cover for WBR and CB especially with the sale of Kevin Foley. Foley and Henry both asked to leave and I decided to let them go as neither were first team starters.
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-micah-richards_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-mauro_-overview-profile-2.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-christian-benetti_-overview-profile.png
    Mauro and Benetti were sent straight out on loan to gain match experience and so was Yaya Sanogo as he hadn't featured in the first team as much as I thought he would. Brett Whittaker has the potential to be a great player and the loan move for him will hopefully improve his attributes.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-english-premier-division_-overview-profile-2.png
    We're sitting in 10th position which is great however we're still only 8 points clear of the relegation zone so hopefully we can win a few games and increase the margin. With a bit of luck we can easily move into the top 8 in February.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-john-gallagher_-news-inbox.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-adem-lson_-overview-attributes.png
    As you can see Ademilson came second in young player of the month and he's improving drastically which is great for us. He can easily be in the strike force for 10 years which is just great knowing I don't need to worry about signing a player for his position.

    Player of the Month
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-tomas-necid_-overview-attributes.png
    Tomas Necid wins this month despite Ademilson winning an award. He came in for Chamakh who left for the African cup of nations and he's been brilliant. Some very important goals against Man Utd and Sunderland and a hat-trick against Arsenal. So he deserves his player of the month and has made me think about who starts up front when Chamakh returns.

  6. February 2015

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves-v-chelsea_-overview-overview.png
    Yet another brilliant upset! Was a little worried when they pulled it back to 2-1 as they looked liked they were going to grab another but when we grabbed the 3rd we never looked like losing!

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule.png
    We keep beating teams we shouldn't be beating then lose games to the ones we should with a 3-1 loss to QPR and a draw with Everton. The liverpool game was gutting as we went to 2-0 up then were pegged back to 2-2 then regained the lead but conceded two to lose 4-3.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-kamaal-fiorotto_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-dyego_-overview-profile.png
    I'm hoping to sign these two youngsters subject to work permits. They both are already fantastic players and will be excellent back up and could easily turn into fantastic players for the champions league in the future. Dyego is costing me £1.4m plus 45% of profit of next transfer and Fiorotto is 600k plus 10% of profit of next transfer.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-john-gallagher_-news-inbox-2.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-adem-lson_-overview-profile-3.png
    Ademilson does one better this month and wins young player of the month and it was fully deserved. He isn't just scoring goals he's also setting a lot up which is fantastic as we need that.

    Player of the month
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-danny-batth_-overview-profile.png
    Danny has been exceptional all season and with Roger Johnson being injured for most of the month he was captain and he done brilliantly and as you can see from the stats he's turned into a brilliant centre back and he's been touted for an England call up.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves_-boardroom-finances.png
    The club is looking rosy! The finances are in great order with £2M profit almost every month! With an increase in the junior coaching I'm hoping that some promising youngsters can start being produced. Alan made his debut for the club against Chelsea and looked solid!

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-ondrej-mazuch_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-daniele-rugani_-overview-profile.png
    Another piece of good news is that I've agreed the signings of 2 CB's on pre-contracts. Mazuch will replace Johnson as Batth's partner hopefully and Rugani will replace Stearman and Berra as back up and will get appearances in cups to hopefully improve him as he's only 20 year old!

    Everything is looking great at the moment and hopefully I can push up the table to get some added money at the end of the season! THE FUTURE IS ORANGE

  7. March 2015

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolverhampton-wanderers_-fixtures-schedule-3.png
    An okay month with 4 points out of a possible 9 against clubs round about us. We played awful against Newcastle so the loss wasn't surprising really and the Swansea game was slightly disappointing as we did enough to win the game.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-john-gallagher_-news-inbox.png
    Ademilson won another award and this month it was Player of the Month doing one better than last month. He scored in every game in the month scoring 2 against Reading! So it was well deserved in the end and he's signed a contract extension meaning if he's sold it won't be on the cheap.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.png
    Sitting 13th with 6 games to go which is a good return. We can move up at least a couple of positions with a couple of wins in the last 6 games and we have some easier games against Norwich, Blackburn and Wigan so wins against them are definitely possible.

    Player of the Month
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-adem-lson_-overview-attributes.png
    It could only go to one man and that's Ademilson. He's single handily won the 4 points of the month and he has signed a contract extension which makes me even happier with him. His attributes are always increasing and the mental stats will improve with age so he will turn into one of the best in the game and with his value always increasing we won't have to sell him for cheap which means we can get at least £25M for him at the moment and that will only increase with age.

    I want to have a little time to talk about staff has I have neglected it so far...
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves_-staff-members.png
    I do have a lot of staff but you need that to make your players better and further enhance the club. I really want to start producing great players through the youth system so I have concentrated on that. I've signed younger staff members that will improve quickly so I have Ronaldinho and Santa Cruz managing the U18's with Steve Weaver doing the reserves and he is a great coach will improve youngsters quickly and my head of youth development is great! He should really help them and my assistant is also decent and should stick by me which is important as I don't want to have to keep replacing him! I have a 3 scouts that are just dedicated to finding 5 star youngsters to sign so I've already seen a few players that I can sign and will turn into brilliant players.
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-steve-weaver_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-roque-santa-cruz_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-ronaldinho-ga-cho_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-kevin-thelwell_-overview-profile.pngThe adventure's of John Gallagher...-graeme-stewart_-overview-profile.png

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wolves-under-18s-v-wolves-youth-candidates_-overview-overview.png
    This is some game between the U18's and the youth candidates that finished 9-5! Which shows that they can at least score goals haha
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  8. Im also playing as Wolves on my Mick McCarthy story and its amazing seeing how good Ademilson is for you when he has been so poor for me, keep up the good work Ross Barkley and Will Hughes have been good buys for me

  9. Ye Ademilson is doing brilliantly and i have just finished the season and i am in the middle of writing the update and has i looked over his season stats i was amazed to see him having the most assist in the premier league. I might just check out those two guys see if i can sign them.

  10. April and May 2015

    Very pleased at the end of the season
    Hennessey performing unbelievable good
    Ademilson scoring for fun

    These where the fixtures and results of these two months:

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-april-may-fixtures.png

    Some very important wins such as 5-1 against Blackburn and the win that secured us 9th place in the Premier league, 3-2 against Stoke. most of these games where started of by Ademilson scoring, who was once again a goal scoring machine scoring in every game he played in during these months until he got injured in the 2nd last game against Tottenham. Although i did think i would just sit here talking about how Ademilson was this and that but actually i would say the best player during these months was Mr Wayne Hennessey.

    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-wayne-hennessey_-overview-profile.png
    Hennessey completely dominated his penalty area pulling saves out left, right and centre and then eventually making a very important penalty save right in the top left hand corner from Di Santo's penalty which then stopped wigan from taking a lead in our game which we eventually won 3-1 and helped us secure our finishing position in the league.

    Player of the season

    3rd: Jonathon Dos Santos
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-jonathan-dos-santos_-overview-attributes.png

    Jonathon Dos Santos has been a very important player for us this season and he has helped us keep out quite a few goals. We signed him from Barcelona 'B' for £1.5m and I defiantly think that it was money well spent because without Dos Santos we would of conceded many more goals.

    2nd: Danny Batth
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-danny-batth_-overview-attributes.png

    Well what can I say about Danny Batth, he has been the backbone of the team helping to keep clean sheets and also chipping in a few goals. This potential has been seen by many including England with Batth getting his first England cap and minor interest from Arsenal.

    1st: Ademilson
    The adventure's of John Gallagher...-adem-lson_-overview-attributes-2.png

    No need to even consider anyone else. Nobody was a contender for 1st place spot because Ademilson has been the best player by far scoring goals for fun and also setting others up. He has been so good of late he has been in the media for being a contender to become the premier league player of the season. Its hard to describe how good he has been this season with his overall record finishing at 37 games played and 20 goals scored. This seasons performance is what any striker would want from their debut season in the EPL
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