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    The Rise Of Angelo Sebastiao

    The name Angelo Sebastiao will not be too familiar with many people in Brazil, only those however of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande Do Sul may have heard it. Sebastiao was an up and coming young sensation shining in Brazil during the adolescent years of Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Cafu and Roberto Carlos' generation. He had been touted as a future star and was deemed on par with his fellow compatriots. He was certainly making a name for himself and he looked like he was about to carve himself out an illustrious playing career but it wasn't to be...

    Angelo signed his first professional contract with Porto Alegre aged just seventeen and impressed enough in his debut campaign to earn a much deserved transfer to Alegre's famous neighbours SC Internacional. Sebastiao played twenty-eight games for Porto Alegre and scored twelve goals, not bad for a central midfielder who was still at the very beggining of his career. The move to Internacional or the Colorado (Reds) as the club is affectinately known as didn't seem to faze Sebastiao and in his first season he played twenty-nine games and scored fourteen goals. Now in Brazil's Under 20's team aswell he was gunning to make his third professional season his best yet. A full international debut and a championship with Internacional beckoned but it never happened.

    On a night out with fellow Internacional players Sebastiao was hit by a car in central Alegre. At first many who witnessed the accident thought that the youngster wouldn't have survived what looked like a certain deadly incident. However after some fantastic medical work from doctors, nurses and specialists Angelo did survive. His career however was dead! He had lost the use of both his legs and was paralysed from the waist down. It was a sad day for not just the player, his club and Brazil's future but for the game itself.

    Angelo himself admits that he saw some dark times during his paralysis, he turned to drink to numb his disappointment and feed his deepening depression. Now in a wheelchair and unable to physically be involved in the game Internacional still viewed him as a staff member and never severed ties with their former protegee, he was now an honorary staff member something he didnt get involved with at the time.

    Five years later, a marriage and a new lease of life ran through the veins of Sebastiao. He had overcome his depression and his battle with alcohol. His wife Tazmin had changed him into a fighter and injected his spirit back into his body. The news also came to light of an expensive risky procedure which had the possibility of curing his paralysis. Angelo knew he couldnt afford to miss this opportunity and having finally taken a position with Internacional a few years earlier as an Under 18's Tactician coach he had enough earnings to pay for the procedure.

    It seemed the darker days were a thing of the past, it took a few weeks but the procedure worked and Angelo could now walk again, years after he was told that he'd almost certainly never be able to do so again. He quickly began a career back in football after having missed so much time away from the physical side of things. The Colorado offered him a full coaching contract which he gladly accepted and after a few years he was promoted to Assistant Manager working under
    Dorival Júnior since August 2011. After Dorival's sacking in December 2012 the club sensationally turned to the man that thought his career in football had died. They offered him a contract as manager which he gratefully and tearfully accepted.

    Sebastiao Thrives In New Role

    Angelo Sebastiao seemed comfortable in his role and looked professional throughout his day to day routines. He did however have his own ideas and their were a few casualties staff wise which provided the new Colorado boss with a few uncomfortable meetings where he told three members of staff that they would no longer be required in his vision for the club. It seemed The new man in charge wanted to bring his own right hand man in and ensure that the medical department was top notch, something he knew all about from his past.

    Josué Teixeira (Asssistant Manager)
    Paulo Rabello (Head Physio)
    Rodrigo Rossato (Physio)

    Only days had passed and Internacional were already welcoming two staff recruits to replace those who had left. first in was Paulo César Batista Dos Santos who was appointed as the clubs Assistant Manager and Angelo's right hand man. The second in was the widely respected Filé who would take his place in charge of the medical facilities as Head Physio.

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    Paulo César Batista Dos Santos (Assistant Manager)
    Filé (Head Physio)

    Sebastiao seems to have taken his team by the scruff of the neck as he has also installed a new philosophy into the team. They now have two basis of play which are a wide wing attack form and a narrow controlling one. Angelo wants his team to attack from the off and will watch to see if their is a benefit of this wide play against a cultural narrow play of football in Brazil. However he doesnt want to drift too far away from the Clorado's instrinct and has included a narrow form of play but a more possession based tactic. He will hope that this tactic will see his team dominate possession and increase their chances of a win.

    ♦♦...Inter Brazil And Along The Way...♦♦-sc-internacional_-tactics-overview.png♦♦...Inter Brazil And Along The Way...♦♦-sc-internacional_-tactics-overview-2.png
    Internacional Winger Play - Internacional central Play


    With the club now seemingly ready to commence Pre-Season, Internacional and their new manager Sebastiao wanted to utilise the transfer market. The team which has a big squad and a large reserve and Under 20 team would want to sure up it's squad with the right kind of players that the new man in charge wanted. There also so seemed to be those at the club who Angelo wanted to move on and out of the Colorado.


    Romário| Age: 19 | Nation:
    | Former Team: Vitória | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £2,000 | Cost: £1.2 mil |
    ória | Age: 18 | Nation: | Former Team: Botafogo | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £9,250 | Cost: £525,000 |
    Dudu | Age: 21 | Nation:
    | Former Team: Dynamo Kyiv | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £7,000 | Cost: Loan |
    Wellington Nem | Age: 20 | Nation:
    | Former Team: Fluminense | Contract: 2016 | Wages: £27,500 | Cost: £3.5 mil |


    Indio | Nation:
    | New team: Atlético Paranaense | Cost: £220.000
    Josimar | Nation:
    | New team: Flamengo | Cost: £325,000
    Guiñazú | Nation: | New team: Benfica | Cost: £1 mil
    Fabricio | Nation:
    | New team: Sporting (POR) | Cost: £1.5 mil
    Juan | Nation:
    | New team: Flamengo | Cost:£2 mil
    Mario Bollati | Nation: | New team: Sao Paulo | Cost: £4.7 mil

    Some decent signings for Internacional who seem to have strengthened but let some key experienced men go. It's now certain that Sebastiao is hoping to build a team here with all his signings under the age of twenty-three. He will have to prove that his team don't lack to much though now they have sold Mario Bollati, Juan and Fabrico.

    Wellington Nem looks like the best purchase and will surely be a first team starter, the talent he possess' is fantastic and the Colorado fans will be itching to see him play. Exciting powerful centre back
    Dória has also signed and with his raw power he wiill be a quality rock at the back.

    Pre-Season awaits....

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  2. Interesting and I'll look out for this Tobe as I've wanted to start a save in Brazil.

  3. Very nice read... I'm liking the start.

  4. Internacional

    Healthy Pre-Season Puts The Colorado In Good Stead For The Season

    Angelo Sebastiao was keen to give his side an easier Pre-Season than the fans may have been expecting. It seems that the new Internacional coach is more interested in instilling team morale and ensuring that his team are tactically aware of how he wants them to play during the competetive campaign. Sebastiao has organised one three Pre-Season friendlies against nearby opposition but has included his boyhood club Porto Alegre into the Pre-Season fixtures.

    Some players Sebastiao will be wanting to look at in more detail before the season starts include the Brazilian International
    Leandro Damião who has been subject to transfer speculation recently but has been told not to even consider a move by his new manager. Another one he will want to watch is the promising talent which is Otávio. He plays just behind the attack and with talent in abundance at such a young age Sebastiao will want to ensure that he is capable of first team action and that he is ready for the pressure of combative football. Manchester United's former striker Diego Forlán will also be watched and with his experience within the game will be a key player for the club this season.

    Internacional look like they might start to become something special with some good talent at the club. With the experience of
    Forlán andDamião up front and the strength of Bolivar and Moledo at the back the club has some older heads to offer advice to the youngsters. With Renan and Muriel in goal they also have two solid goalkeepers who they know they can rely on.

    Their is a mix though at the club and with the older heads are the exciting youngsters who include Lucas Severo, Andrigo and the new signings of
    Dória, Romário, Wellington Nem and Dudu.

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    Leandro Damião ------------- Otávio ------------------- Diego Forlán

    Pre-Season Friendly

    Thursday 3rd January 2013
    Attendance: 4,946
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    Moledo, Nem, Humbertox2, Damião

    Man Of The Match - Thiago Humberto
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    Angelo Sebastiao's first ever game in charge of Internacional and in fact management ended with an incredible scoreline. The Colorado who were expected to comfortably beat Paulista ceratinly did just that. The fans who were watching from the terraces wore big smiles and looked jubilant as theur team tore into their opponent.

    The opening goal came from a corner which was swerved in by Andr
    és D'Alessandro onto the head of Rodrigo Moledo who thumped in a powerful header. The second goal came minutes later with new signing Wellington Nem showing some trickery to take the ball around two Paulista defenders before cooly slotting the ball home.

    After half time it became the Thiago Humberto show as the Brazilian showed off his goalscoring talents with not just one but two goals. The second of which was struck first time on the volley from a lobbed pass by Lucas Severo. Humberto ended his day with an assist after putting
    Leandro Damião through with a delicious through ball. All Damião had to do was calmly round the keeper and pass the ball into an empty net which he executed with ease.

    Pre-Season Friendly

    Thursday 8th January 2013
    Attendance: 4,952
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    Otávio, Forlán, Nem

    Man Of The Match - Otávio(8.7)Name:  326.png
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    Cerámico never looked like much competition for the Colorado and were duely dispatched within ninety minutes. Diego Forlán started this game and looked as good as he has ever been either at Manchester United or Inter Milan. Their was however a player who played better and that was the young Otávio who scored early in the first half and set up two in the second. The youngster looks at home in the first team and has even been touted as one of Brazil's next top players.

    Wellington Nem was also on the score sheet again and with Sebastiao in charge of a young talented squad it looks like the club might just be able to challenge for honours this year. Since losing Oscar to Chelsea last summer, it finally looks like the club has the players and finally have what it takes to be real title contenders.

    Pre-Season Friendly

    Thursday 13th January 2013
    Attendance: 4,945
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    Humberto, Forlán

    Man Of The Match - Vinicius(8.7)Name:  2108480.png
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    Somewhat of a bittersweet return for both Angelo Sebastiao and Porto Alegre who both hold each other in high regard and close to their hearts. It had been the first time that Sebastiao had returned to Alegre in a professional sence.

    The underdogs certainly impressed and looked lively, threatening the home side early on. Internacional however gained in confidence and it wasn't long before they seized on an opportunity which saw Thiago Humberto score a trademark goal from just outside the penalty box. The fans leapt to their feet but Sebastiao did not show any emotion out of respect for his former club.

    After half time all the play was for The Colorado and they could have scored two or three more goals but only got the one extra when Diego Forlán latched onto a Andrigo cross and headed into the Alegre goal.

    After the game Sebastiao went onto the pitch and saluted both sets of fans, it was an almost heavenly experience for the once disabled manager who owes a great deal to both clubs. After shedding a few tears and after the post match handshakes Sebastiao insisted he and his team were now ready for the campaigns imminent start.

    Onward Towards TheGaúcho State Chamiponship

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  5. Love your layout, so jealous

  6. Who is this Otavio fellow?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by meguel View Post
    Who is this Otavio fellow?
    He's a great young Brazilian in the Internacional squad.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Tobe View Post
    He's a great young Brazilian in the Internacional squad.
    Is it too much trouble to ask for a screenshot?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by meguel View Post
    Is it too much trouble to ask for a screenshot?
    ♦♦...Inter Brazil And Along The Way...♦♦-ot-vio_-overview-profile.png

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