Gary Neville.

  1. Gary Neville.

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    Gary Neville

    Gary Alexander Neville (born 18 February 1975) is an English former footballer. He is England's most capped right-back and wasManchester United's club captain for five years. Neville spent his entire playing career at Old Trafford, making him a rare one-club man. At the time of his retirement in 2011, he was United's second longest serving player in the squad, behind his long-time team-mate Ryan Giggs. He made his international debut in 1995 and was first-choice right-back for club and country for more than ten years.

    Playing career:
    Manchester United- 400 Appearances, 5 goals.
    England-85 Appearances

    8 Premier League Titles

    3 FA Cups
    1 Champions League
    1 Intercontinental Cup
    1 FIFA Club World Cup
    2 League Cups

    I've never done a manager story, so feel free to give me advise on how to get better if you feel i need to! I chose Garry Neville as i'm a united fan, and feel that he could go into management in the future. I'm looking to do things in a more realistic sort of way with the signings, and if you could suggest a layout for me please do, as i will be doing it on a monthly basis to start off with. Thanks for reading!
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    Job Offers

    Which Job did i take? Of course, Blackburn is the Biggest club of the three, but making a side your own in the lower divisions and watching them grow and progress through the divisions? You cant beat that. There's one thing that i did know though, that the job had to be in England, the country that i had lived and played in all of my life, where everything was, my house, family and friends. I would always want to be successful, and that may be easier with Blackburn, but the bigger the downfall aswell. I just knew i wanted to make my own history and become one of the greatest managers in the world, and not just some Monday Night Football Analyst. They're all great offers from terrific clubs, but a lot of thinking and sleepless nights were to be had. I knew i had to be a leader as a manager, fearless and concentrated.

  3. Hmm this layout looks very familiar!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TicTactition View Post
    Hmm this layout looks very familiar!
    dude i'm really sorry, i lacked inspiration and love your Raul one!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SFolio View Post
    dude i'm really sorry, i lacked inspiration and love your Raul one!
    No need to be sorry mate at all haha, glad you like it. Will keep an eye out for you!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TicTactition View Post
    No need to be sorry mate at all haha, glad you like it. Will keep an eye out for you!

  7. The Decision

    It was 6:30. It was Thursday the 19th of July. I knew it was early to call the Director of Football. But i was restless. I couldn't wait any longer. After many hours of deliberation i felt i was ready. I felt exited. This was what i wanted! I didn't want to be an Analyst. I wanted, no, Needed to stay in Football. It was my love, my passion. I picked up the phone, dialed the number pinned on my fridge, and spoke. "Hello, Gary Neville here. I wish to accept your job offer and become the manager of Blackburn Rovers." The voice of Shebby Singh replied "Delightful, we're ecstatic to have you on board and we cant wait to see what sort of job you can do in your first venture in management. I'll complete and send the paperwork over to you. Goodbye Mr. Neville."

    Gary Neville.-blackburn.jpg

    I craved this job. It provided a greater challenge than the respectable Wycombe or Bournemouth, and it provided an easier opportunity to become a respectable manager in the greatest league in the world. The sacred Barclays Premier League.

    I was bombarded with texts, emails and messages on social networking sites from fans, friends, and haters alike, wishing me luck, or to fail. I was determined to prove them wrong. It is a tremendously great club to start your career with, as they have an amazing history. I made it clear that it wasn't my dream job, and i feel that that was respected, as everybody knew my dream was to manage the side that made me the highest capped English Right-back. Ever. The side that gave me 400 league appearances. Manchester United.

    I knew i needed to strengthen up my squad. It was a great squad, but needed improvements. First off the right-back spot was weak. With Lowe able to play there, and a star for the future, i could tell that he was happier playing in center midfield, but i told him that he would rarely play there in his younger years, providing cover at right back.
    I also needed a holding center midfielder. I could use Etuhu, but i didn't like his passing ability, and he was getting on a bit, at 30. He'd still be back up, but i need a better player than him, to put it bluntly.
    A Right winger was also a problem. I have Kazim-Richards, but he's only on loan, so i need a back up, or even a player to pressure him for his spot.

    I'm looking to play a 4-2-3-1. I believe that this is a very effective way to use my players, as i have Jordan Rhodes, who is a brilliant talent and i can only give my up most respect to my predecessor for seeing the talent in him and buying him from Huddersfield.

    Gary Neville.-jordan-rhodes.jpg

    All in all, i cannot thank Blackburn Rovers enough for this opportunity.

  8. Good start mate, Neville is a good choice for coach and I guess you want to work your way to Man Utd? Have a look at my story bud please.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Tobe View Post
    Good start mate, Neville is a good choice for coach and I guess you want to work your way to Man Utd? Have a look at my story bud please.
    Yeah, i'm a United fan which helped me choose and wanted to do something worthwhile on this site! and i'll check yours dude

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