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The Sir Bobby Robson challenge
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  1. The Sir Bobby Robson challenge

    Hey guys, I am going to try to complete the big Sir Bobby Robson challenge, will post updates in here.

    Here's the challenge:

    Starting status:
    Team: Fulham
    Past experience: International footballer
    Database size: Any

    Leagues selected:
    England: Npower League 1+
    Holland: Jupiler League+
    Portugal: Second League+
    Spain: BBVA

    1st step, Fulham:
    8th place in the Premier League.

    2nd step, Ipswich:
    Win the FA Cup and Europa League/Champions League.

    3rd step, PSV:
    Win the Eredevise back to back, make it to the quarter finals in Champions League.

    4th step, Sporting:
    Win the Premier League, the cup and Europa League/Champions League.

    5th step, Porto:
    Win the Premier League back to back, the Super Cup, Europa League/Champions League and the Europe Super Cup.

    6th step, Barcelona:
    Win the BBVA, the Spanish Cup, the Super Cup, Europa League/Champions League and the World Championship.

    7th step, PSV:
    You return to PSV and win the Eredevise, the Dutch Cup and Europa League/Champions League.

    8th step, Newcastle:
    Win the Premier League, the FA Cup and Europa League/Champions League.

    At some point of your save you have to win the World Cup/Europian Championship managing England.

    This is a massive challenge and if completed, it will most likely take around 100 years in game. Stay tuned!
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  2. good luck mate

  3. Sounds interesting. Following.

    good luck!

  4. August is finished and I think I have done some good business in the transfer window. I didn't sell anyone, but I let Simon Davies go for no transfer fee to Middlesbrough cause of his 30k wage per week. I bought three players and got two on free transfer. These are my ins:

    Angel Rangel 3.7m
    Wellington Nem 3.5m
    Jermaine Jenas 3.1m
    Alex free
    Royston Drenthe free

    The Sir Bobby Robson challenge-alex.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-angel-rangel.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-drenthe.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-jenas.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-wellington-nem.jpg

  5. I am now nearing the end of January and things are going pretty bad. I am now sitting in the 18th place, 10 seats away from my target. I have 24 points after 25 games.

  6. 8 very hard games left and I am 2 points off non-relegation zone. Will be interesting if I fall down to the Championship.
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  7. The Sir Bobby Robson challenge-deild-1.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-hangeland-1.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-hughes-1.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-rangel-1.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-riise.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-transfers-1.jpgThe Sir Bobby Robson challenge-wellington-nem-1.jpg

    End of 1st season!

    Finished the season in 14th place, which is very pleasing given to the position I was in mid-season. I won 7 out of the 10 last games, ending the season on a 5 game winning streak, which is pretty awesome because it increases the player values to be playing well.

    The Cups are irrelevant in this step of the challenge, but I got to quarter finals in Capital One Cup, and to the 5th round of the FA. In both cases Liverpool knocked me out.

    I'll post screens of the final league standings, transfers for this 1st season and the players who performed the best, which was all my defensive line haha, screenshot of Wellington Nem is also there.
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  8. Think the 2nd season will also be a tough one, only 1.2m to buy players for. Managed to secure Wilfried Bony and Michel Vorm before the 1st season ended for 9m combined tough.

  9. Just finished my transfers for the 2nd season. Will post a screenshot of it.

    The Sir Bobby Robson challenge-transfers-2.jpg

  10. My record is now 0-1-6, I am at the bottom of the table, let's just hope I manage to turn things around before I lose my job.

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