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Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club
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  1. Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club

    Hello there!


    My name is Joa
    o and I came from Portugal (sorry for any bad English). As our league doesn't have much quality, my favorite days of the week are Saturday and Sunday because it's when I can see the best football in Europe (Premier League). One of my favorite clubs in England is Tottenham, mainly for 2 reasons: I like the environment when they play at home and they have a good team (besides the top 3, I think it's one of the strongest). With this been said I decided to take on them in FM and try to make them a top team. (I think AVB can do soooo much better with this team...)


    So, as I've already said I think Tottenham have a pretty good squad, with no need to make deeper adjustments. Maybe get rid of some older players and loan youth players who need to play or simple don't q
    uality to play in the first team. So, here you have my transfers for this season:

    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-transfers.png

    I think a good replacement for Lloris is needed and Kameni is perfect for that. He will play in Europe League and in the Cups to develop as well. Wellington Nem is to provide some depth in wider positions and play in the centre if needed. Bennett was my youth director who signed him, but of course he is a good player for the future.


    Here are my staff adjustments. Tottenham doesn't have a good staff in the beginning. I think some improvements are well needed.

    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-transfers_staff.png


    Here I show who I intent to play and the shouts that I use. Was fully made with TC and I just make some tweaks here and there. I'm fan of the counter-attack style but it's not the only style. I want to control this with some combo of shouts.

    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-tottenham_tactic.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-shout_1.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-shout_2.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-shout_3.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-shout_4.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-shout_5.png

    Aims for this season
    • Top 6 is the minimum. If we could get the Top 4 it will be great.
    • Reach the Quarter-finals of Europe League
    • Reach the Quarter-Finals of FA cup
    • Try to develop the young players, allowing them some taste of first team
    In the next update I will show my pre-season matches and the games that I've already played (in the game I'm already in October)
    Feel free to comment, suggest things, request SS, etc. It's better when all participate in debate.
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  2. As I promised here are the results of the games played until now. Except the pre-season (used only to find the right approach and give minutes to all the players) I want to talk about each game.

    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-jogos_outubro.png


    Premier League
    West Ham (Home): 0-0
    I choose to play a control based game but can't score. I was satisfied with my team perfomance although didn't score. It was the first game and rather don't score than loose by 1-0 or something...

    Premier League
    Everton (away): 0-0
    I choose to play a cautious version because they're a good middle team too. Again, I managed to control the game but can't score. And, as I said, rather don't score than loose...

    Europe League draw: Stuttgart, Lazio and Feyenoord. Not the best of the draw's...


    Premier League
    City (Home): 3-0
    Ekotto, Kaboul, Defoe
    I choose the same approach as with Everton. A cautious and slow game, prioritizing not suffer over get in counter-attacks or being out of position. This time things has going very well. Very satisfied with the team's perfomance!

    Premier League
    Villa (away): 1-0
    Again, with a cautious approach. This time we've managed to secure a good win and we deserve some more of the game. But it's a victory and that's what counts!

    Europe League
    Stuttgart (away): 0-0
    As I don't know what to expect of this game, again start with the cautious one. As it's the first game, I took the 0-0 and return satisfied.

    Premier League
    QPR (away): 0-2
    Two stupid conceded goals. One from a set-piece and one from a long run of Fabio (!). We tried to get back to game but they've some chances too. Defeat is one of the possible results on football and this time was our result.

    Capital One Cup
    Chelsea (away): 0-1
    I choose a very young squad but it's not an excuse. Chelsea deserved the win but I was satisfied with the behavior of my players. This was a cup that was planned to give time to young players.

    Premier League
    Sunderland (Home): 3-0
    Adebayor (2), Kaboul
    Very good perfomance of the team. Good possession and take all the chances to win. Deserved some more goals.

    Summary: good results and good perfomances in the team until now. from now on the presentation will be more detailed! this is just to actualize quicker.
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  3. Good luck mate, I will be following! Lloris is top keeper in the game so I wouldn't dismiss him too quickly.
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  4. Thanks! Lloris is the keeper for the League games. As I, at least in this first matches, want to use the Europe League to give minutes to some players, is perfect for Kameni. When playing in Champions League the story will be different

  5. As I like Tottenham and think they deserve better i'll be following. One request would be the colour of the font because it makes my eyes squint while reading
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  6. Hahaha ok mate I'll change. Update come in the next minutes with some surprising results. Stay tuned
    Thanks for following

  7. October

    The team make some great performances this month. I'm very pleased with the response of all the players, since I tried to give minutes to all. So let's not wasting more time and presenting the matches...

    Europe League
    Stuttgart (Home): 4-0

    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-sttutgart_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-sttutgart_stats.png
    It was a good match made by the team. Although an early sent-off took the things easy for us, Stuttgart made a very good response. Our counter-attack and patience bring us the deserved win.

    Premier League
    Fulham (Home): 1-1
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-fulham_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-fulham_stats.png
    Although we didn't create any CCC, clearly the luck wasn't with us in this game. We tried in all different ways (patient possession game, deeper d-line, Overload their defence, etc) but can't score more goals. Ekotto made a silly penalty and was a superb goal from Bale who save us. I was happy with the boys performance but a bit disappointed about the result.

    Premier League
    Reading (away): 3-1
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-reading_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-reading_stats.png
    A solid performance by our team. In this first half we easily control the game with our possession game and Lennon with two good off the ball movements score the 2 goals. In the second half, they tried to react and score their goal. After that we took the control again and Defoe "kill" the game.

    Europe League
    Lazio (home): 3-0
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-lazio_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-lazio_stats.png
    After a nervous first-half, but with the control of the game, I've just tell the boys to continue their work that eventually the goal would came up. And that's what happen. Again, a solid performance with some less used players in order to save for the next game...

    Premier League
    Arsenal (away): 5-1
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-arsenal_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-arsenal_stats.png
    The best game until now. Although Arsenal have suffer many goals in this season, I totally didn't expect this result. We've always managed to create danger and put Arsenal away from danger. Very very happy with the performance of my boys.

    Conclusion: Well, that's it for now. Some good performances but I think it's just the potential of this team. Let's see what the upcoming fixtures bring to us. Thanks for the support!

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  8. November

    Again, some good performances from the boys. Maintaining the same basis of rotating the players in all competition we've managed to achieve good results in this month. The big challenges is still to come. December will have 10 games in 30 days. But that's another story... Let's see the results? Here we go:

    Premier League
    Wigan (Home): 5-0
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-wigan_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-wigan_stats.png
    A solid win. There's not much to say about this game. We've managed to control the game and don't let Wigan play. The only CCC they have was in final minutes when the game was more than decided.

    Europe League
    Lazio (away): 3-1
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-lazio_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-lazio_stats.png
    Lazio put us some difficulties in the first minutes. A goal from Vertonghen helped the boys to reassure themselves and we took the control of the game. Almost reached the qualification here. Good work again.

    Premier League
    WBA (Home): 5-0
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-wba_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-wba_stats.png
    As with Wigan we took the control of the game early in the game and with a game of patience we've managed to secure another good victory. Of course that the sent-off helped us but I'm happy with boys. Bale scored some very nice goals in this match. Guess that is IF role as managed to bring out the best of him. Let's see what happen.

    Europe League
    Feyernoord (home): 5-0
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-feyenoor_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-feyenoor_stats.png
    With some less used players the boys again manage to win in a very good way. I think the stats show that as we reduce Feyernoord to 1 shot to target. The qualification was grabbed here in the first place. This means that the last game will probably for the young players. Let's see...

    Premier League
    Newcastle (Away): 3-2
    Spurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-newcastle_overview.pngSpurs Story - Attempting to make them a top club-newcastle_stats.png
    In my opinion, our best game so far since the season begin! It was a great game from both sides. Newcastle was the only team in this season that don't let play our game and I had to try in vary different ways to grab the victory. Very very satisfied with the boys in this game! Our last goal was celebrated by me like Mourinho against City at Bernabeu! Haha. Remember here:

    So, to summarize it all, I think it was a good month to us. Although it was with less quoted opponents, the boys did perform a good month. Let's see what December brings! Thanks for following.

  9. good luck i have a spurs story too and in my 1st season i beat arsenal 5-1 too
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  10. Thanks man. Glad for your comment.. Hope you continue to follow

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