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    DNIPRO dnipropetrovsk

    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-dnipro-dnipropetrovsk-logo.png

    Reasons i chose Dnipro, they have some very good youth prospects and are not a selling club so i should be able to build something great here, i played as the in FM 2010 when the likes of Gladkyi and Selezynov smashed goals in for me, they have both moved on since then but i have noticed Selezynov has come back!
    I really dont want to play in the premier league for a while as after 3 different saves at different levels in the english leagues i have found im not interested much anymore

    The goals;

    I want to get champions league football on a regular basis and take over as the top team in the Ukraine.

    I want to do this with a majority Ukrainian side as the likes of Shakhter Donetsk have very few players from the Ukraine in their side.

    First month in charge will be up dreckly . . . . .

  2. June 2012

    There is not much of a history with Dnipro, they have never won a major trophy they have been runners up in the Ukrainian Cup 3 times and even when getting promoted to the top league they did it in 2nd place.
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-dnipro_-history-overview.png

    The Key Players

    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-eugene-konoplyanka_-overview-profile.pngDNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-giuliano_-overview-profile.pngDNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-ondrej-mazuch_-overview-profile.png

    Konoplyanka is the new star of Ukranian football, he is by far my best player in the squad at the moment, Guliano is another young brazilian who will do wonders in this league, hopefully i might pick up some more as the league is full of brazilians!

    Youth Prospects
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-artem-filimonov_-overview-profile.pngDNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-roman-zozulya_-overview-profile.pngDNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-ruslan-babenko_-overview-profile.png

    These are some of the youth prospects who have not quite reached there potential yet, i say this as the likes of Kono and Guliao are only 22 so cant be considered as older players.

    My season expectations were to get into europe again and we were given a healthy £10 million to achieve this, the main problem in our team is a GK

    Transfer History So Far
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-dnipro_-transfers-history.png
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-olexandr-bandura_-overview-profile.pngDNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-wellington-nem_-overview-profile.png

    And finally the league odds . . . .
    Not bad as the board expect a top four finish and we are predicted 4th, i would like to think we could push Metalist out of 3rd place but i doubt we stand a chance against the big two for a few seasons.

  3. I guess your going to focus a lot on homegrown players and developing your youth system, as Ukraine limits you a bit? It's definitely interesting. I'll be here to see your progress. Are you going to do some invests in Brazilians? I would recommend either Adryan or Wellington Nem if the economy is fine Maybe Sime Vrsaljko aswell?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Fish Hunter View Post
    I guess your going to focus a lot on homegrown players and developing your youth system, as Ukraine limits you a bit? It's definitely interesting. I'll be here to see your progress. Are you going to do some invests in Brazilians? I would recommend either Adryan or Wellington Nem if the economy is fine Maybe Sime Vrsaljko aswell?
    Yes i will certainly be looking to making my own players through the youth system, we actually do have some decent money but the likes of adryan and ademilson didnt even consider coming to us,

  5. July 2012

    A very good start to the new season winning both of our away games and managing a draw in the home game.

    First off i signed one more player, i wasnt originally going to sign anyone else but 2 injuries to some key defenders really showed our frailties, we only have 6 defenders overall!
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-olexandr-volovyk_-dc-signgingoverview-profile.png
    He is not going to set the world on fire but he has already doubled his value since signing for £400k, he is also versatile which is very important for our small denfesive squad.

    Volyn A 3 - 1
    Zozulya 5, 35 Boateng 41
    ATT : 7,056

    A very good way to start the season and we had it all wrapped up before half time, the best part was Zozulya had an amazing game and hes not really seen as a key player for the team so was a suprise for me.

    Metalurg Zp H 1 - 1
    Strivic 33
    ATT : 20,899

    A huge crowd turn out for my first home game in charge but we drop points, i was not impressed we were winning for the majority of the match but they managed to equalize out of nowhere with a few seconds to go!

    Zorya A 2 - 0
    Giuliano pen 49 Konoplyanka 65
    ATT : 14,079

    A good result, we didnt do a lot in the first half but Konoplyanka and Kalinic both came on at half time and changed the game for us with Kalinic winning the penalty and Konoplyanka with an amazing solo run to seal the victory.

    Ukrainian League Table

    Shakhter have already dropped points but that was to Dynamo Kiev.

    Player of the Month
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-giuliano-july_-overview-profile.png

  6. August 2012

    Still unbeaten as we pick up 4 wins out of 6 and manage to qualify for the Europa League group stages, both our draws were the other team getting last gasp equalizers so i will need to look into my teams fatigue as half of them are knackered by 6o mins.

    Arsenal Kyiv H
    3 - 0
    Seleznyov 23 Konoplyanka 71 Zozulya 88
    ATT : 17,183

    A brilliant win to start the month which was a bit nervy until Konoplyanka came on and sealed the match.

    Karpaty A
    2 - 0
    Kalinic 73, 92
    ATT : 12,546

    Another win but we didnt get started til Kalinic came on, the subs seem to be doing everything at the moment, it was nervy til the end but the GK cocked up and Kalinic had an easy finish.

    Metalurg D H
    1 - 1
    Selezynov 16
    ATT : 16,987

    A poor result as we lead for the whole match and concede 5 minutes towards the end, it has been something i have worried about for the last 2 games as we really drop of for those last 15 minutes and the opposition pepper our goal with shots.

    Europa League Playoff 1st leg
    Atromitos A
    3 - 1
    Kakiousis o.g 2 Giuliano 46, 56
    ATT : 8,460

    A good win and i hope to qualify for the group stages easily, i will use a few reserve players in the return leg back in the Ukraine.

    Illichivets H
    3 - 1
    Selezynov pen 11 Zozulya 24 Kalinic 63
    ATT : 18,345

    A very good win which has meant we have kept pace with the big two early on but if we get third i will have to be happy.

    Europa League Playoffs 2nd leg
    Atromitos H
    1 - 1
    Giuliano 21
    ATT : 20,604

    We win it comfortably 4-2 on aggregate and i wasnt too dissapointed as the likes of Selezynov, Nem and Zozulya were given the night off.

    Europa League Group Stage


    We are the 4th seed in this group but as there is no standout team i would like to think we could sneak into the next round.

    Ukrainian League Table
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-ukrainian-premier-league_-overview-stages.pngDNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-ukrainian-premier-league_-stats-player.png

    Player of the Month
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-giuliano_-overview-profile.png

    Another decent month for the young brazilian everything goes through him and he has really outshone Wellington Nem

  7. September 2012

    Only 3 wins out of 6 this month and i really expected 5, we finally faced one of the big two and they showed the gap in talent as they completly destroyed us, i reckon we have 3rd place practically sown u already but wont stand a chance of any higher for a while.

    Tavria A
    2 - 1
    Selezynov 32, 41
    ATT : 6,991

    A good result with Tavria scoring first but Selezynov then firing in a quick double but then the rest of the match went by in a flash with no further key highlights.

    Chornomorets H
    1 - 0
    Giuliano 6
    ATT : 19,524

    A good win but yet again we score early but then nothing happens, it is the opposite to last month were we didnt score until much later in the matches.

    Sporting H
    1 - 1 H
    Kalinic 15
    ATT : 20,910

    What should be seen as a good result against top seed in the group feels like a poor one as they equalized in the last minute after we dominated the game for so long.

    Vorskla A
    3 - 1
    Giuliano 4 Wellington Nem 29 Rotan 50
    ATT : 7,254

    A good result as Wellington Nem finally gets on the scoresheet for his new club and rotan scores a wonder free kick from 40 yards that hits the crossbar and smashes in
    Ukrainian Cup 2nd round
    Naftayk A
    0 - 1
    ATT: 4,721

    A complete shock we had 4 reserves in the team but i expected the team to have enough to beat a team in the league below us, i cant believe my first defeat as Dnipro boss came against them!

    Dynamo Kyiv H
    2 - 4
    Selezynov 17 Kalinic 86

    This really showed the difference in class with them being 2-0 up after only 10 minutes and then 4-1 after only 50 minutes.

    Ukrainian League Table
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-ukrainian-premier-league_-overview-stages.pngDNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-ukrainian-premier-league_-stats-player.png

    Player of the Month
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-eugene-seleznyov_-overview-profile.png
    A good month for Selezynov as he bangs in 3 goals and manages so wonderful performances along the way
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  8. October 2012

    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-dnipro-dnipropetrovsk-logo.png

    An unbeaten month along with 3 victories was not too bad the best result coming against Shakhter.

    Europa League Group Stage
    Levante A
    4 - 1
    Selezynov 3 Konoplyanka 16 Wellington Nem 25, 65
    ATT : 14,321

    A brilliant result against a good team and we wrapped it up before half time meaning i could rest a few players after the break.

    Goverla A
    3 - 0
    Selezynov 26 Zozulya 79 Fedestskyi 89
    Sent Off Wellington Nem 10

    I thougt we were screwed after Nem got sent off so early but it shows how poor a team Goverla are, i didnt realise Wellington Nem was such a dirty bugger! He got sent off for a really bad tackly and got banned for 3 matches and the media were going nuts!

    Shakhter H
    2 - 2
    Boateng 22 Rotan 89
    ATT : 23,909

    An amazing result for us as Shakhter have been brilliant up until now but they are not in the same league as Dynamo this season, We scored first but they smashed two in before half time but a Ruslan Rotan super goal got us the point all the better for him being the local Dnipro star.

    Rubin H
    2 - 2
    Giuliano 43, 46
    ATT : 19,869

    Giuliano scored some brillaint goals either side of half time but there star striker Rondon smashed two goals in in 2 minutes with only 10 minutes to go, he looked like he was going to get a hat trick but i took the front three off and put on 2 DC's and a DMC.

    Kryvbas A
    2 - 1
    Selezynov pen 24 pen 32
    ATT : 7,338

    A good win as Selezynov bangs in 2 penalties, he actually missed the first one meaning he missed out on something i have never seen before a penalty hat trick!

    Because Nem got the 3 game ban and there are so few games it will feel like an age before he is back already missing 2 games. We face big rivals Metalist next in an important game which will mark the half way point of the season already.

    Ukrainian League Table

    Player of the Month
    DNIPRO DOMINATION A UKRANIAN STORY-vitaliy-mandzyuk_-octoberoverview-profile.png

    He has been a rock at the heart of our defence this year, the Gk has had some poor games recently so we were lucky he has been on form.

  9. Good story keep it up.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by tommyoar1 View Post
    Good story keep it up.
    Thank you, i hope to keep it going for a while!

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