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The Maldini Revolution - Associazione Calcio Milano
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  1. The Maldini Revolution - Associazione Calcio Milano

    As my agent swiftly turned to look at me and glanced down at the contract lying on the mahogany table in the boardroom, his facial expression meant the terms on the paper were acceptable. As i dragged it along the table, i looked down to find quite a hefty salary, not as much as when i was captain but still enough to pay the bills.

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    Job title - Head Coach
    Name - Paolo Maldini
    DOB - 26.6.1968
    wage - 52,000 euros per week.
    Duration of contract - 1.7.12 - 30.6.13
    Philosophies - Play attacking football
    Develop players using the clubs youth system

    As my face lit up with excitement, Mr Berlusconi handed me a pen to finalise the deal.

    It was done, I was returning home. I was the new manager of AC Milan. I shook hands with the dodgy ex prime minister and my agent and I left sharing a quick hug before hand.

    I couldn't wait to get started. Walking towards the main entrance to exit the stadium, a familiar face in Massimo Ambrosini was up to his usual tricks in hitting on the secretary.

    "What are you doing here" he asked confused.
    "I'm your new manager" i replied with a huge grin across my face
    A huge hug followed. "congratulations, i look forward to it"
    "thank you, I must go."
    "I'll see you"

    As i waddled out of the stadium, i was greeted by a parade of photographers hungry for a picture of the new AC Milan boss, Walking down the steps, my eyes were stunned by the thousands of flashes from the cameras, it was all to familiar from when i was a player. I had always hated the media, but i suppose i'll have to get on with it.

    I headed home to relax, before the start of an incredible career in football management.

    The Maldini Revolution - Associazione Calcio Milano-1099.png

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  2. Will be following this.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Quasit View Post
    Will be following this.
    thanks mate, update in an hour or so.

  4. Niceeeeee. Maldini is a god!

    P.S I'm a Milan fan - don't f**k it up no pressure
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    Niceeeeee. Maldini is a god!

    P.S I'm a Milan fan - don't f**k it up no pressure
    haha, I won't let you down.

  6. Interesting story! Follow

  7. Waking up the next morning felt rather surreal. I had ordered all of the newspapers from around the country last night to see what the media had to say about my appointment. As i sat down with some freshly ground coffee along with some golden brown toast, i scoured across the papers, some stating i'm the perfect man for the job and have the drive and determination that is needed to get the club back to the top of European football. Others claim my lack of managerial experience will hinder my chances of success and my tactics will be negative because of the position i played. I aim to prove those journalists wrong and shall set my team out to play attacking and attractive football.

    After a delicious breakfast, I got a shower, got ready and put my new suit on and set off to the stadium for the first press conference of my new career. On the way, lots of cars beeped horns, fans waved and shouted from the pavement. It was nice to be back, 20 minutes later i found my self in my own parking space, under the stadium. I walked up to the main entrance, a wave of nerves hit me. I was greeted inside the stadium by the press officer, Who told me I was already late and the journalists where getting rather impatient, he led me to the press room and already sitting round the table was the president and vice-president. I sat down and the journalists applauded me, and instantly fired me with questions.

    The Maldini Revolution - Associazione Calcio Milano-paolo-maldini-ac-milan-training-press-conference-q5msu1tlh4pl.jpg

    "hello Paolo and congratulations on getting the job, how does it feel to be back?"
    "Thank you, i can't describe the emotions i'm currently feeling, it's overwhelming."

    "Paolo, Do you feel ready for the huge challenge that lies ahead?"
    "I think so, AC Milan are my club and i believe i can lead the club i love to glory"

    "The squad currently needs a major clearout with lots of ageing players, will you be looking to sell a few players?"
    "Most definitely, There are players in the team who don't deserve to wear the famous colours of red and white"

    "You currently have a huge background staff, Will you be bringing in your own or keep the staff currently available?"
    "I'll probably bring in some of my own staff, but there's a lot of experience there that I'd like to keep."

    "You probably won't have a lot of cash to spend on players, But is there any players you'd like to bring in to strengthen the squad?"
    "Myself and the chairman haven't yet discussed transfer targets or the budget i'll have but of course there are players i have been taking a close look at."

    "What sort of tactics will you drill into the players throughout the course of pre season.?"
    "I want the player to play with a fluency, an arrogance. I want the ball on the floor at all times, I want a sharp tempo, players with flair, but i also want players who have a dirty side to their game and are street wise. I want to entertain the fans, that's what football is all about"

    "Juventus beat Milan to the league by 4 points last season and Barcelona knocked Milan out in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League, do you believe you could improve on last seasons results?"
    "Most definitely, Last season was a blip and a forgettable one, but i'm confident in my ability to lead the club to serie A glory.

    The press officer then intervened, "That will be all questions for today."

    After the press conference, I had a meeting arranged with the president .....

    The Maldini Revolution - Associazione Calcio Milano-1099.png
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  8. Hope you get to the Champions League final and play Liverpool
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  9. I left the press room and the secretary escorted me to Mr. Berlusconi's office. He sat there, in his big chair, looking as if he was a mafia boss. "Sit down Mr. Maldini" he opened with

    "Hello, Mr. Berlusconi."

    "So first of all, I'd like to welcome you to AC Milan once more, You already know the philosophies i want you to apply to the club, I just want to discuss today, the transfer budget the board has set for you"

    "Ok, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me. So how much money will i have available.?"

    "You will have around 3.5 million euros at your disposal."

    "Is that all, that's ridiculous! I was expecting around 40 million."

    "hahahah, Paolo, the club is in 341 million debt, we simply cannot afford to give you a lot to spend. But every penny we make from sales of players, all of it will go straight into the transfer budget."

    "That seems acceptable."

    "Now that's settled, You have a meeting with the assistant manager scheduled for 4pm today over at the training ground, i expect you'll be there."

    "Of course. I look forward to meeting him."

    "Before you leave for the training ground, Ms. Rannochia here will escort you to your new office." he finished, winking at the 19 year old.


    I stood up, and left with the beautiful young lady. Following her round the stadium, staring constantly at her bulging arse, she stopped and opened a door, a big silver plate state spread across the door

    Paolo Maldini
    Head coach

    I gazed into a dream, A huge mahogany desk, My own Imac, and most breath-takingly, a view of the pitch from my office, and a balcony. It was sensational. I stood there, and took in the scenery, 80,000 seats under one roof.

    The breath taking view from the balcony in my office.

    The view only lasted a few minutes as i had to leave for the training ground ....

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  10. Are you sure Ms Rannochia is truly 19 years old. Old geezer likes them young.
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