"Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story

  1. "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story

    The whole of Wigan & England hit a stand still as news spread of Roberto Martinez's sacking late Wednesday night. This coming as a great surprise to many, especially after Roberto took them to a great escape the previous season.
    Chairman Dave Whelan had this to say, when questioned on the whole situation.
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-dave-whelan-chairman-wigan-athletic-manager-roberto-martinez-.jpg
    *Former Wigan manager Roberto Martinez (left) & owner Dave Whelan (right) after survival last season.

    "I would like to thank Roberto Martinez for all his hard work & effort he put in at this football club. This is simply because we need a change & I feel Roberto couldn't take us any further than the team who just avoids relegation every season, we want to be challenging the top 8 or even trying to get into Europe. I refuse to stay back & watch my club stay in the same place all the time. I read a report on the BBC website late last season where Wigan fans commented saying we are mediocre at best. That hurt me, that's when I knew what Roberto's fate would be. As for the new manager, I can confirm we have appointed just half an hour ago, Sam Wilson. he will meet the players later today & the press tomorrow."
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-481601_175990355875096_1960172158_n.jpg
    *New Wigan manager Sam Wilson (left)*

  2. Good luck will be following. Enjoyed managing Wigan but it was so inconsistent for me!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MWEST94 View Post
    Good luck will be following. Enjoyed managing Wigan but it was so inconsistent for me!
    Thanks pal. Got a few good targets in mind so hopefully will be fine....Emphasis the word 'hopefully' ha

  4. *New Wigan manager is standing by, ready to speak to Sky Sports News reporter, Ed Chamberlain*
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-20100823122306.jpg

    Ed Chamberlain
    Sam, thanks for joining us in what I'm sure is a very busy schedule at Wigan. So far, how are you finding it?

    Sam Wilson
    Not a problem Ed. It's great actually, the staff, players & fans have made me feel so welcomed from the moment I came in.

    Ed Chamberlain
    Well that brings me to my next question, are you surprised that they welcomed you straight away, given the relationship the players & fans had with previous manager, Roberto Martinez?

    Sam Wilson
    Yes & no, obviously if you've grown attached to something or someone, you don't like it when people take it away from you, so in that respect, I'm very surprised. Also I think the fans knew it was time for a change & the players know this is a fresh start for them, so no.

    Ed Chamberlain
    Finally Sam, what can we expect in the transfer market? If anything...

    Sam Wilson
    You can expect arrivals, and you can expect departures, like at any other club. Thanks Ed, been a pleasure.
    Ed Chamberlain
    Well I guess we can expect something then...thanks Sam, hopefully speak to you again soon.
    *2 hours later, at the Sky Sports News broadcast*
    Ed Chamberlain - "You remember a couple of hours back, we briefly spoke to new Wigan boss, Sam Wilson. He said you can expect arrivals & departures...We have three new arrivals at the DW Stadium! Free agents Ferrie Bodde, John Mensah & Anthony Vanden Borre have all joined the Premier League outfit.
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-john-mensah-sunderland.jpg"Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-vdb.jpeg
    *John Mensah & Anthony Vanden Borre, two of the three new signings at the DW*

  5. *Official statement from the Wigan Athletic website.*

    "We are delighted to confirm that Wigan Athletic centre-backs, Antolin Alcaraz & Maynor Figueroa have both penned new deals to keep them at the club until longer than the end of the 2012/13 season.
    This is what both players had to say regarding their new contracts, Maynor stated that it was never an intention of his to leave Wigan as he's grown such a strong bond with the club, players & supporters. Antolin was also delighted to have penned the deal as he feels this is a club on the rise."
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-maynor-figueroa-y-antolin-alcaraz-marcan-jamie-o-hara_480_311.jpg

    *We go now to Ed Chamberlain at the Sky Sports News studio*
    Ed Chamberlain - "More activity on the Wigan front. This time regarding 3 departures! Shaun Maloney moves to Nottingham Forest for £3.1 million, Albert Crusat joins Premier League rivals Reading for £2.2 million & Mauro Boselli joins Premiership side Fulham for a fee reported around £5 million. Sam Wilson sure is raking in the money at the minute."
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-164885_231x264.jpg"Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-275107_231x264.jpg"Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-1315838636-albert_crusat.jpg

    *The following day, back to the Sky Sports News Studio*

    Ed Chamberlain - "We mentioned yesterday the money that Wigan had made from the sales of Shaun Maloney, Albert Crusat & Mauro Boselli. Well today they have strengthened with 2 new signings! Charlie Austin joins from Championship side Burnley for a fee of £4.2 million & Wellington Nem signs from Brazilian side Fluminense for £3.5 million. Two highly rated individuals coming to this impressive looking Wigan side."
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-895622594.jpg"Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-n_20120129205935_wellington_nem_marca_primeiro_gol_pelo_fluminense_e_e_elogiado.jpg

    *One hour late....back to the studio!*
    Ed Chamberlain - "I can't believe this. Another signing for Wigan! This time a striker from Celta Vigo, Iago Aspas joins for a massive £9 million fee! Although he is highly rated by manager Sam Wilson."
    "Room for potential" - The Wigan Athletic Story-1958101_full-lnd.jpg

    *A quote from the clubs website on the three signings from Sam Wilson.*
    "Huge deals for the club, we lost Maloney, replaced him with Charlie (Austin) & we lost Albert Crusat & replaced him with Wellington Nem. But we also lost Mauro (Boselli) & even my own assistant questioned me on this one but, I feel we got a great price for him & replaced him with someone much better, very highly rated by Celta, Iago Aspas. I'm excited for the future here."

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