Weltherrschaft - World Domination, a Dortmund story...

  1. Weltherrschaft - World Domination, a Dortmund story...

    "Joachim Low steps down from Germany post"

    articles all over Germany as the shocking news spread across the globe rapidly, Joachim Low has been in charge of the German national team for six years, and has quit the post telling German reporters "I miss being in charge of a club, I mean my time as Germany manager has been great, but as a club manager you are able to win more trophies, there are more opportunities, more responsibilities, and that is why I am resigning as the manager of Germany, and I look to take over a club in the near future, maybe in Germany, but I will keep my eyes out for any managerial positions available, but for now, I thank everyone who has supported me as manager of the national team, and I wish the next manager the best of luck."
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    The Decision of Joachim Low left German citizens confused, not knowing who the next manager was a real headache for the whole nation, with the World Cup only round the corner, and the World Cup Qualifications currently pending many Germans did not favour this decision of Joachim Low.

    There was only one question in the minds of Germans, who will be the man to replace Joachim Low at the helm?

    Sources believe Jupp Heynckes of Bayern Munich is the favourite for the job with Jurgen Klopp coming in second place for the job.

  2. It took the German Football Association several days to decide who will be the man that will lead Germany to glory, but this decision would hurt a lot of Borussia Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp, the man who led Dortmund to Bundesliga glory two years back to back, had Signal Iduna Park Stadium in favour of the whole country, telling both reporters and fans that he has done all he could of for Borussia Dortmund and now feels it is time to do the same for Germany, he said "I'm very sad to leave Dortmund, but I know feel that I have to lead my country, our country to glory, the World Cup is fast approaching and in my time as manager of Borussia Dortmund, I have built my knowledge of German football, and German footballers, and I believe it is time to do my country proud, and not just the city of Dortmund, of course after my time as the manager of the national team is over, I will not hesitate to return to Signal Iduna Park Stadium, that is if they need me, but for now I'd like to thanks my assistant, my squad, and the whole of Dortmund for the support week in week out"

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    Many Dortmund fans were gutted, but Jurgen Klopp couldn't leave the club like that, before leaving, Klopp and Buvac sat down and thought of a few managers who could continue Klopp's work here at Dortmund they recommended three managers to the board before Jurgen Klopp left Dortmund for Berlin, where the national teams training ground was to meet his new team.

    But who are the three recommendations..!?

    Thomas Tuchel - Who is currently the manager of Mainz

    Jens Lehmann - A man who is well known among Germans and is currently the goalkeeping coach for the under 18s of Birmingham City F.C

    Jake Thompson - A young manager who Klopp worked with a while ago...
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  3. Borussia Dortmund board expresses their fury after Jurgen Klopp departs from Signal Iduna Park Stadium!

    The clubs Director, Hans-Joachim Watzke, announced that today the manager of Borussia Dortmund will be announced if the negotiations are successful and the man is happy to work here in Dortmund...

    BREAKING!: Ex-English Striker Alan Shearer has been given the Dortmund job, the negotiations were successful and Shearer cannot wait to begin!

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    *Signal Iduna Park Stadium*

    SkySportsNews: "So Mr Alan Shearer, you sit here today as the manager of the current German champions, how does it feel?"

    "Well, it was quite unexpected, I would have never thought of managing in the Bundesliga, but I guess its a good thing, gives me an opportunity to explore the worlds footballing talents,"

    TheGermanTimes: "What do you think you can bring to this Dortmund team?"

    "When I first received the offer, I had to think what I could do with a team like this, and I knew with the likes of Reus, Gotze and Lewandowski, I could only offer fast pace attacking football for the fans."

    TheGermanTimes: "Will anyone be leaving Borussia Dortmund and are you planning on bringing anyone in?"

    "Yes there will be some departures for sure, I will be making changes in the backroom staff and I will most definitely be bringing in some more attacking players. That's all for now thanks."

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