Nil Satis Optimum - Nothing But Good Enough, A LewisDevlin97 Story...
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  1. Nil Satis Optimum - Nothing But Good Enough, A LewisDevlin97 Story...

    Everton FC
    "Nil Satis Optimum"
    By Lewis Devlin

    Hey guys I'm Lewis and this is my Everton FC story... Hope you enjoy it and feedback is much appreciated, August update follows shortly...

    June 31st 2012, The English FA released a statement which stated the following

    "Due to Roy Hodgson's surprising heart attack recently, the FA have announced that
    Everton Manager, David Moyes has been appointed England manager, indefinitely.
    We wish Roy a very speedy recovery and our thoughts are with him and his family."

    June 31st 2012, Shortly after this, Everton FC released a statement which read

    "As some of you may know, England manager Roy Hodgson, suffered a heart attack a few days ago. As a result, the FA have appointed our manager David Moyes as care taker manager of The England National Team, in their attempts to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. As this is the case, we have decided to relieve David of his duties as Manager of Everton, to pursue his duties as Caretaker Manager of England, at this time we have no more information.
    We are very grateful for all he (David) has done for our club and we wish him all the best in this new step in his Managerial Career."

    July 1st 2012, Statement from

    "We are very happy to reveal our new manager of Everton FC following David Moyes' reign here for over 10 years. Our new manager is Moyes' fellow Scotsman and Everton First Team Coach, Lewis Devlin, who has had a glittering playing career with spells with teams such as Celtic FC, Everton and The Scottish National Team, at this time we have no more information and we wish Lewis all the best in his position as Manager of Everton FC"

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  2. Pre-Season/August 2012 Update From Everton FC.

    Friendly Matches;

    Everton FC v Everton FC Reserves (W 2-1, Pienaar, Mirallas)

    We had a pre-booked Tour of Germany Facing lower-league teams.

    Everton FC v Klausdorf FC (W 4-1, Jelavic, Jagielka, Naismith, Vellios)

    Everton FC v FC Nomads (W 9-1, Jelavic (3), Naismith (3), Pienaar, Amanatidis, Mirallas)

    Everton FC v Kaiserslautern FC (W 2-0, Vellios, Jelavic)

    Everton FC v Braunschweig FC (W 3-0, Jagielka, Barkley, Mirallas)

    Everton FC v Münster (W 5-1, Mirallas, Albiol, Pienaar, Jagielka, Amanatidis)

    Everton FC v Kiel (W 2-1, Fellaini, Pienaar)

    a very successful tour of Germany ended.

    Everton FC v Preston FC (W 3-0, Jelavic, Amanatidis, Jagielka)

    Everton FC v Vicenza FC (W 3-1, Jelavic (2), Jagielka)

    Barclays Premier League Fixtures;

    Everton v Reading (W 3-0, Hunt o.g, Jelavic, Fellaini)

    Everton v Southampton (W 4-1, Jelavic (3), Albiol)

    Capital One Cup 2nd Round;

    Everton v Brentford (W 3-1, Jagielka, Ademilson (2))

    Transfer Update;


    Ioannis Amandatidis
    Paddy McCourt
    Raul Albiol
    Jack Butland
    George Boateng
    Tim Cahill
    Landon Donovan
    Ryan Gauld
    Yann M'Vila


    Luke Garbutt
    Jake Bidwell
    Magaye Gueye
    Bryan Oviedo
    John Heitinga
    Jan Mucha
    Tony Hibbert
    Victor Anichebe

    Yet to Join:

    Florent Malouda (1.1.2013)
    Christian Wilhelmsson (1.1.2013)

    Extra Info:
    Club Taken over by Rich Business men consortium, explains the transfers
    As we all know Craig Leven made a pigs ear of the Scotland Job so I have decided to take that up as well as Everton, so in this game I manage both Everton and Scotland, quite a challenge, if you would like Scotland updates please let me know in the comments below!

    hope you enjoy,
    if so please tell me if its good,
    or not so good
    and I'll keep you posted, thanks guys!


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  3. I forgot here's my normal Squad I play with:








    CAHILL (Injured)
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  4. September Update From Everton FC


    Barclays Premier League;

    Everton FC v Swansea FC (W 4-2, Jelavic, Cahill, Fellaini, Vellios)

    Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur FC (L 4-1, Naismith)

    Everton FC v Manchester City FC (D 0-0)

    Captial One Cup 3rd Round;

    Everton FC v Coventry (W 2-0, Mirallas (2))

    Everton FC have Drawn Tottenham FC in the 4th Round...Looking for revenge from the BPL 4-1 Defeat...

    Barclays Premier League;

    Everton FC v Q.P.R FC (4-2, Baines (3), Fellaini)

    Player of The Month;

    Raúl Albiol, Rock at the back, keeps us in most games.

    Extra info; if you want to know the Scotland story info in this game, then leave a comment and I'll add it in to the October update thanks guys!

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  5. October Update From Everton FC

    Barclays Premier League Fixtures;

    Everton FC v Fulham FC (W 2-1, Jelavic, Fellaini)

    Everton FC v Aston Villa FC (D 2-2, Donovan, Fellaini)

    Everton FC v West Ham FC (L 4-2, Ademílson, Cahill)

    Capital One Cup 4th Round;

    Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur FC (L 2-0)

    Extra Info: we're going through a very bad patch at the moment...I'm hoping it can only get better...

    Everton FC Players In The Team Of The Week;


    Player Of The Month;
    Marouane Fellaini, solid DM, scores lots of goals, knows when to get forward and when to track back, everything you could want in a Midfielder, class...

    We're currently lying in 6th place in the Barclays Premier League

    if you want Scotland updates or like how the save is going please leave a comment, any feedback/suggestions are much appreciated thanks guys!

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  6. November Update From Everton FC.

    Barclays Premier League Fixtures;

    Everton FC v Newcastle United FC (W 3-1, Jagielka, Ademilson, Fellaini)

    Everton FC v Stoke City FC (D 1-1, Ademilson)

    Everton FC v Arsenal FC (L 1-0)

    Everton FC v Wigan Athletic FC (D 1-1, Naismith)

    Barclays Premier League Table;

    After 13 games...

    1st Manchester City 30pts
    2nd Tottenham 28pts
    3rd Arsenal 27pts
    4th Chelsea 26pts
    5th Stoke 24pts
    6th Manchester United 23pts
    7th Everton 22pts
    8th West Ham 21pts
    9th Liverpool 18pts
    10th Aston Villa 16pts
    11th Wigan 15pts
    12th Newcastle 12pts
    13th Q.P.R 12pts
    14th Fulham 10pts
    15th Norwich 10pts
    16th West Brom 10pts
    17th Sunderland 8pts
    18th Southampton 7pts
    19th Reading 6pts
    20th Swansea 2pts

    Everton players in Team Of The Week;

    Player Of November;
    Ademilson, only because he scored 2 goals in 2 games, which isn't even very good...

    still going through bad patch....I hope we come through soon...or else I might get sacked...oh well, see you in December!

    If you want Scotland updates, or like how the story Is going then leave a comment, or even have a suggestion for me on how to make it better,it's much appreciated guys!

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  7. December Update From Everton FC

    Barclays Premier League Fixtures;

    Everton FC v Manchester United FC (W 1-0! Jelavic, who scored on 30mins! We kept the lead for 70 mins!)

    Everton FC v West Bromwich Albion FC (L 1-0)

    Everton FC v Liverpool FC (D 1-1, Jelavic)

    Everton FC v Sunderland FC (W 3-2, Jagielka, Fellaini (2))

    Everton FC v Norwich FC (W 1-0, Fellaini)

    Everton FC v Reading FC (D 0-0, Yann M'Vila sent off)

    Everton Players in Team Of The Week;

    Marouane Fellaini (CM) & Kevin Miralllas (RM)

    Managers Player Of The Month;

    Nikica Jelavic (ST)

    League Position;

    currently lying in 5th place in the Barclays Premier League going into the transfer window, next update I'll have all the news on transfers! Bye guys!

    Remeber an leave a comment or like, or a transfer suggestion as I'm playing through January now, or if you want to see how I'm getting on with the Scotland national team in this save as well as Everton FC then comment below!

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  8. This might be just my personal taste,but I find it easier to see screenshots.

  9. Okay, by screenshots do you mean of everything or match results?

  10. Probably match results, transfer history each season, maybe a league position once a month.

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