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    Hi guys, I'm currently doing my Everton save but it feels like nobody is watching it, as I have received no likes or comments telling me wether its good or bad...so I'm thinking of trying a new save, in the poll tell me what to do, stay with Everton or try a new save, if you voted for a new save then tell me what team in the comments below, thanks guys!

  2. I'm playing with Everton too,can you post a link please?

  3. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Maybe try shaking things up a little. For example, there are places where the text is far too large. Add some pictures in it too, like club logo, player pics that sort of thing. I use Tahoma font as it makes mine look neater and gives it a neat appearance. Too much text and nothing else can put people off. Quality always outweighs quantity. Although you may not have comments or anything, people aren't neccessarily not reading it. But changing it would probably attract more attention

    Hope that helps

  4. Okay thanks mate, I have to start a new game cause of a stupid crash dump! I raging, I'm gonna try and make it as near to the old save as possible, I'll ad pics and screenshots in too, thanks for the help mate!
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  5. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Here's some examples to have ideas from (though wouldn't recommend making it TOO similar lol)

    The Return of Aitor Herrera - The Boss of Bilbao

    Football Manager 2013 Manager Stories

    Football. Bloody hell!

  6. Okay I'll have a look at them and change a few things about, thanks for the help mate, I really appreciate it!

  7. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    No probs bud-though I did post a wrong link-wasn't meant to post a forum link lol

  8. Haha that's okay, thanks anyway!

  9. Anyone have any ideas what to call the new Everton/Scotland save?

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