Stephen Who? An Arsenal FC Story
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  1. Stephen Who? An Arsenal FC Story

    Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal
    Arsene Wenger has left Arsenal after sixteen years in charge. Arsenal have not won a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup but this is not believed to be the reason of his resignation. Wenger has released a statement saying;
    '' I feel the time is right for me to leave. I have spent many years in charge and I feel it is time to move on. I love Arsenal and it is upsetting for me to leave but I reiterate that I feel it is time to move on. I wish Arsenal the best in the future and I hope the club appoint a new manager who has fresh ideas and can lead the club to glory. I would like to thank the fans for their support and the players for their dedication.'

  2. robbo9292
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    good luck with this mate, i'll be keeping up with it as i do have a soft spot for wanting arsenal to actually get back up there and win some trophies again

  3. Arsenal appoint Stephen Gibbs as manager until the end of the season
    Similar to his predecessor's appointment, Stephen Gibbs is not the name anyone thought of to manage Arsenal after the departure of the previous manager. Gibbs is an inexperienced coach from North West London but is understood to be a massive supporter of the club who shows dedication and a thirst for success. Peter Hill-Wood released a statement saying that "Arsenal are glad to appoint Stephen Gibbs who despite his inexperience has tactical skill and the knowledge of players to help the club win trophies. He knows what he has to do and is fully aware that a more experienced manager can come in at any time. We answer fans who will be unhappy with this appointment with this, Arsene Wenger was unknown and look what he did. We wish him the best of luck and we wish Arsene Wenger the best of luck." More to follow.

  4. Cheers mate,

  5. Arsenal unveil new kit with new star Marouane Fellaini
    Stephen Who? An Arsenal FC Story-fellaini.png
    Arsenal have opened the cheque book to sign Marouane Fellaini from Everton for an undisclosed fee. Fellaini is very happy to have joined Arsenal stating his admirtation for the club and his ambition for trophies and Champions League football being a key factor in his choice to join the club. He confirmed he rejected an offer from Chelsea because Chelsea have many players he didn't want to sit on the bench and Arsenal had promised him frequent football. Manager Stephen Gibbs is delighted to have signed Fellaini and said he will fit in well and he will be one to look out for this season.

  6. I'm going to subscribe to this. Look forward to reading this.

  7. Arsenal Complete Triple Signing
    Cesc Fabregas has returned to Arsenal on a free transfer from Barcelona. (I have absolutely no idea how FM generated this. He was transfer listed offered out on a free and I got him back. I'm stunned at how ridiculos the FM Database is but Cesc Fabregas on a free transfer is my coup of the summer.) Will update in a bit

  8. I cant believe you got Fabregas for nothing?!?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by coolmcool View Post
    I cant believe you got Fabregas for nothing?!?
    My Football Manager Games have glitched a few times, but Cesc Fabregas on a free transfer is unbelieveable. I could sell him in January but I have a lot of respect and admiration for the ex-skipper. He had a good re-debut and he will link up with Santi and Mikel. But yeah, a free transfer is unbelievable. Considering we let him go to Barca for about £35 million.

  10. Analysis on Arsenal's summer spree - Dan Smith
    Hi, I'm Dan Smith. I work at Arsenal for their magazine and I've been asked to write a column on Arsenal's summer spending spree. (At last). And I have a lot to say. As you can see, with the fees disclosed. Stephen Gibbs has spent more then Arsene Wenger probably did in 16 years, in 12 weeks. I spoke to him before the Stoke game and he said, "Looking back, I spent a bit much and now we will be called the new Manchester City or Chelsea or United but they've done it for years and won the league. We don't spend much and we've qualified for Europe for how many seasons? I believe that Arsenal will do well with these players after the 'Adaptation Period
    Stephen Who? An Arsenal FC Story-deals.png I believe he has done well to sign these players but with the amount of players already there, is it a bit too much? No. Backup is essential for when players are fatigued (tired for the novices) if you have a small squad and there all tired, kiss goodbye to the win, the three points or the progression in the cup. These players will adapt to their new environment and play well with hardly any pressure. Arsenal haven't won anything in years and that pressure will be on them but if they hit the ground running which they have with three straight wins and a 100% record in the league then once they pick up a cup, there will be no pressure. Stephen has signed top midfielders, good defenders and two world-class strikers. Will Arsenal win a trophy this season, yes. Will they win the league, who knows. Will they qualify for the Champions League?, without a doubt. - Dan Smith

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